Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jesus Wonders Why Muslims Cannot Live With Muslims In Peace

sectarian hate
among muslims
destroys brotherhood
peace .. muslims
love killing muslims
men women babies
at the drop of a hat
if you please ..the
talibans wahhabis
salafis hate the
followers of ali
given the license
to kill ..desecrate
their holy shrines
dead bodies ..
the minarets
watch as the
plunder continues
beyond boundaries
jesus wonders ..
why this spiritual
hate anomaly
3 religions
born from one
womb of a desert
in a frenzy ..
on a road to
of all humanity
muslims love
killing muslims
even in ramzan
bombing hope
ancient cities

Ham Panchi Ek Dal Ke ..

ek dil
ek dhadkan
ek khwaish
ek khal ke

se gire
zameen par
machli ke
jal main
rehai ke
intezar main

Is Daur Main Ham Garibon Ki Sunwaie Nahi

zindagi kat gaie
bhik mangate
baki kat jaiegi
maut mangte
apke dar se
dusre dar
waqt itna
behram hai
jab nahi
bardasht hota
hai apne apko
phanke se tangte
jab maut nahi ati
hai maut mangte

When The Beggar Smiles

it seems like
an eternity
though it
was only
for a very
short while
the beggar
girl a
a moment
without fear
or guile
i shot
i shot

i told her
you look
like sonakshi
sinha .. was
the reason that
made this
i told her
your style

The Muslim Beggars of Hyderabad ..

khuda rakhe inhe abad
haq par jeena zindabad
sar uthake jeena khuda
na kare inhe barbad
garibi bhale hatao
lekin garibon ko
mat bhagaiye inki
dard bhari fariyad

The Muslim Beggar Of Mahim

The Hijab .. A Muslim Garment Of Modesty

wear it
dont wear it
your personal
choice i feel
hijab also called
the burka
a muslim womans
identity and seal
a garment of modesty
that heals only your
form your beauty
it conceals from
the public the
burkha haters jahil
owners envy
familys pride
a muslim womans
essence and ideal

Beggars Are More Comfortable Begging Outside Gods House Than Mans House

god may or not be
a miser i dont know
but he sees that
beggars get some
alms some help
sitting outside his
gates in rows
while man mostly
angrily on seeing
a beggar shuts his
ornate doors
for them beggars
are a nuisance
to be shooed away
like crows ..beggars
their eternal woes
to document their
angst a genre
of my photography
i humbly chose
i opted for pictorial
poetry instead
of stunted prose

Beggars Of Lucknow ,,,

in a winding
lane leading
to imambada
gufra map
i saw them
mother burnt
caught in
time wrap
people of
so used
to seeing
these scenes
moved away
as she pleaded
please help us
bhai sahab
this was during
moharam a
moment i froze
in lucknow
famous only
for its tunde
of decadence
harping on old
lost illusions
lucknow once
a city of nawabs
aye shehr e
a city of
tujh par

In India Beggar Kids Mature Much Before Their Parents ...

A Custom Made Designer Coffin I Booked

the caretaker
refused to take
money from me
he said i was
a beggar poet
it was his gift
to me at this
bandra funeral
one stop nook
a coffin in ply
teak veneer
i booked
to make it
easy for fishes
other sea things
when my body
will be thrown
in the arabian see
for the last cruise
i booked no
i refuse to be
buried in a
a fact overlooked
no fatiahs or
even curses
a short cut
from ground zero
i took ,, first my
body goes to
hospital for
a change
in my outlook
the last entry
in my stylebook

khudahafiz shabba khair
from MTNLBroadband
wires finally UNHOOKED

Musalmano Ali Ko Pehchano - 21 Ramzan..

Imaan ki jaan kya hai, mohabbat Ali ki hai
Raahat jo qabr ki hai, vo ulfat Ali ki hai
Saael bakaf hain sab vo saqawat Ali ki hai
Qaatil ko dee amaan, vo murravat Ali ki hai

Aadil ho, Peshwa ho, Madaral Mahaaam ho
Gar ho Nabi ke baad, to aisa Imam ho

Sadqe ghulaam teri musibat key ya Ali
Aye Jaan Nasheen Janabe Risalat ke ya Ali
Qurbaan Lahoo bhari teri soorat key ya Ali
Ayyam hain ye teri shahadat key Ya Ali

Maula ki nazr ko gohar-e-ashk laaye hain
Ye rozadaar aapke purse ko aaye hain . . .

tere bachpan ko jawaani ki duaa deti hoon aur duaa deke pareshaan si hojaati hoon

tere bachpan ko jawaani ki duaa deti hoon aur duaa deke pareshaan si ho jaati hoon by firoze shakir photographerno1

do i bless 
you with hope 
long life 
or do i bless 
you like me 
a beggar woman 
an unfortunate wife 
dawn to dusk 
bleeding feet 
walking on the 
sharp end 
of a knife 
i have the will 
but have lost 

the drive

The World I Shoot ..Is Not Part Of Your World ..

my world of pictures
is rotten to the core
i try to shoot less
i end up shooting more
dark passages running
through corridors
spectral light running
wildly searching for
a door .. zombie
like humans deformed
disfigured bodily sores
pain writhes in agony
as time snores ..
fate under scores
wave after wave of
nauseating disgust
as it roars ,,,a world
i prostitute as pictures
as another one bites
the dust hits the floor
sepulchral silence
more pain in a pandoras
box ..mystically in store
dreams die before
they rise soar ..

Danny Denzongpa ...A Very Long Journey

Outside Gods House She Waits ..

one day
he will
hear her
trembling voice
for the endless
moments of
struggle at
his gates
her tryst
with destiny
her cosmic fate
nothing changes
she contemplates
skill less
her life she
hates ..
on the soul
of her misfortune
her tears gyrate
nobody bothers
to ask her
what her
children ate
at home
they await
her arrival