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Amin Baba Malang Vijapur Mehsana And Me At Makanpur

Dam Madar Malangs At Makanpur

Indians Are Born Businessmen

Whatever His Age The Muslim Man Of North India Does Not Hesitate From Working

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Syed Masoomi Ali Baba Madari Asqan And Gaddi Nashin Razzak Baba

Dam Madar Malangs At Makanpur

Dam Madar Beda Par ..Ankhon Ki Roshni Dilon Ka Karar ..Besabri Se Hai Zinda Shah Madar Ke Urus Ka Intezar

Dam Madar Beda Par ,,, Holy Shrine Of Zinda Madar Shah Makanpur

The Madariyya are members of a Sufi order (tariqa) popular in North India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, the Mewat region, Bihar and Bengal, as well as in Nepal and Bangladesh. Known for its syncretic aspects, lack of emphasis on external religious practice and focus on internal dhikr, it was initiated by the Sufi saint 'Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar' (d. 1434 CE), called "Qutb-ul-Madar", and is centered around his shrine (dargah) at Makanpur, Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh.
Originating from the Tayfuriya order, as his Pir, spiritual teacher was Bayazid Tayfur al-Bistami, Madariya reached its zenith in the late Mughal period between 15th to 17th century, and gave rise to several new orders as Madar's disciples spread through the Northern plains of India, into Bengal. As with most Sufi orders, its name Madariya too has been created by adding a Nisba to the name its founder, Madar in this case lead to Madariya, sometimes spelled as Madariyya, though it is also referred as Tabaqatiya at many places.[1][2][3][4][5]

Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar or Qutbul Madar was born in 242 Hijri as per Islamic calendar at Halab, Syria. In the book Gulzar-e-Madar, the author Maulana Sayed Mehmood wrote that Hazrat Huzaifa Sayed himself stated that one day in a dream Prophet Muhammad came to him and said: "his child is a Wali of the almighty Allah and is from my origin."[citation needed] The Muslims belonging to Zinda Shah Madar are called Shah, sai or syed.
In the book Taskiratulkram fi Ahwale Khulafa-e-Arbo Islam, it is written that Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar had the knowledge of all the four books which came from the Paradise. At the age of 14, Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar had memorised the Quran Shareef and had read its existence values as well he got knowledge of other religious topics.
His Pir or Sheikh was Sayed Bayzid Bustami (Sultan Arafeen). Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar was pledged with the Tayfooriya order and was being said as Silsila-e-Tayfooriya.
Zinda Shah Madar has visited many countries and had extensively preached Islam. He is said to visited almost all places in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Baghdad, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and many more places around the world.[citation needed]

The Dargah or the tomb of Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar is located at Makanpur, near Kanpur city, in Uttar Pradesh state in India. It is visited by thousands of visitors every month and especially during the annual Urs celebrations.[6] The dargah in Makanpūr gained increasing importance during the Mughal period. Various rulers donated land, while others erected buildings there. Aurangzeb (1068-1118/1658-1707) visited the shrine in the year 1069/1659 while marching against Shāh Shujāʿ.[citation needed]
The Tariqah[edit]

Most of the biographic details regarding Baduddin Zinda Shah Madar are shrouded under numerous legends and stories of his numerous miracles. However much of such information has come from his hagiography, Mirat i-Madari, written in 1654 by Abd ur-Rahman Chisti. Since then a number of hagiographic texts have emerged.[7] The silsilah (lineage) is still live throughout the world with the pir-muridi tradition. The Pir's of Makanpur sharif are "Sayeds". The Madariya chain of Sufi brotherhood is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing Sufi brotherhood of the ancient era.

Jab Bura Waqt Hai Sar Pe Sawar

maine gid gidake pukara
dam madar beda par
dam madar beda par
aur chand lamhon main
buri ghadi ho gayi farar
mili chain sukun aur pyar
dam madar beda par
dam madar beda par
jab beech samandar
main aya tufan meri
kashti ko tune lagaya par
sirf tera nam lete he
tufan sar jhukaye mani har
dam madar beda par
dam madar beda par

God Save The Children Of India From Deathly Midday Meals

political lethargy
disinterested deals
corruption that kills
along with negligence
reveals ..a mothers
pain that will never heal
a father carrying
the dead body of
his only child ..poisoned
by insecticides served
as goatmeal.. the absence
of his laughter the void
had they only known
it was not  the bad
wolf but time their
children come steal
as the spokes bleed
a childs head stuck
under the tires of
a cosmic wheel
its only when you
lose your own child
you will know what
it feels ,,god forbid
such a ghastly
painful ordeal

Syed Masoom Ali Baba Pride Of The Asqan Malangs At Makanpur

The Asqan Malangs At The Holy Shrine Of Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur

Trying to get inside the Holy Shrine on the Urus day 30 March 2013 was next to impossible , it is a closeted space totally overcrowded with the Malangs and their followers and the respected Khadims of the Holy Shrine .

I was lucky I was in company of a Dam Madar Malang he protected me , saw that nobody tried to get close to me or my camera , thanks to Syed Rafiq Baba who had asked this Malang to be my shadow .

This was one time Marc Malang could not make it he was unwell , in his room , I was tired , unwell too , but I had decided to shoot the opening of the Dam Madar turbaned hair , once a year happening, the Malangs have dread locks that they dont open in public and dont wash it too..

It is after the rituals end at the Shrine do the Malangs come out open their turbans holding their 20 feet locks they dance the Sufi way know as the Kaif.

Mehboob Ali Bawa Of Panipat At Zinda Madar Shah Makanpur

Despite the distance , the hardships , crowds , using open farms as toilet , as the toilet where I stayed was always packed and a long queue ,I would go back to Makanpur to capture the World of Dam Madar Malangs .

This first journey all alone without proper guidance was very tough , from Kanpur station , to a rickshah stand than to Bhillaur and further on to Makanpur is unforgettable and than the return journey from Makanpur to Bhilaur and a bus directly to Kanpur , from Kanpur a direct bus to Lucknow where I was to catch the train for Mumbai.

Makanpur Urus of the Dam Madar Malangs is colorful, and you meet some of the greatest Rafaees Malangs affiliated to the Order of Zinda Shah Madar.

There are no hotels , at all but lodges or private homes where rooms are given on rent..and it is totally farmlands pastoral bucolic background ,,

We Marc Malang and I stayed in a room with 10 others , a room that we got through Liaqat Baba of Jaipur , but being part of Peer Masoomi Babas entourage is a plus ,, The Asqan Malangs are indomitable and well known and I had Rafiq Baba Wahid Baba as my guides and teachers so it was fine ..shooting was tough on the day of the Urus .. the toughest I have faced , and though Marc lost his camera batter and money I lost only my Press Card .

Most of the Malangs who come here are the ones that walk from Delhi to Ajmer so I was known to most of them, as I sit with My Peer at Char Yar Cemetery .

But if I had money time I would definitely visit Kalliar Sharif and other Shrines in Hardwar ,, but it has not been possible.

I hardly shoot pictures these days and I wont shoot the rains in Mumbai not my cup of tea..

The Bhais Of Bandra

Last Ek Price Bolta Hun..Rs 150..Lo Ya Bhul Jao

The Iftar Time Mad Rush Bandra SV Road ... Shot From The Skywalk

The Gemstone Bawa Of Bandra Station Road .. Ramzan Time

Nerjis Asif Shakir ..Began Her Tryst Shooting Beggars When She Was A Year Old .. Without Using A Camera

Endure Be Secure ...Hope The Only Cure

What Makes A Beggar Tick?

no not a carrot
before the stick
too many carrots
would make him
sick..hope aligned
to a crumbling brick
begging to make ends
meet his cosmic fate
he could not choose
or drastic
the silhouette of
despair within a click
his beggars bowl
his only sidekick

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