Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I am a Street Poet

I feel the winds as they blow 
the golden sunset glow 
like a little paper boat 
into the waters of an ocean 
I flow 
my destiny 
not yet ready to kiss 
dollar littered
 American shores 
I am happy shooting 
hijra beggars
eunuch kids 
 hijra whores 
my karma 
my dharma 
my bare feet 
my diabetic sores 
my camera like vision 
to a deaf and dumb god 
above implores 
when it rains it really pours 
man two legged animal 
crawling on all fours 
open windows of my mind 
my future stares at me 
a shut door 
a whimper held 
to this leopards roar 
a chant of my faith 
blood sweat tears and gore 

nothing less 
nothing more