Sunday, March 22, 2009

Freedom on Friday

the call of the muezzin
allah ho akbar
the skies are turning gray
after namaz
we try to touch
the hearts of those who pray
some who look at us
heads that turn away
freedom on Friday
with a few coins they repay
yes its sadly true
near the house of god
we stay
the mortal custodians
of god
with fatwas
that hurt and flay
we will remain
forever where we are
no change will come our way
we are mere broken pots
verily made of clay

dedicated to a fighter of human rights DMS

The Hijras Out Of Place

the hijras out of place
a womans lust
behind a manly face
the hijras out of place
a mans body
a woman's
pretentious grace
the hijras a dying race
searching a home
within a home
the hijras out of place
on the fringes
of human society
an untouchable
he stays

Jesus in my Hands

jesus in my hands
my pain
caressing my human soul
jesus understands
my life
on the crossroads of
sorrow and despair
mockingly as it stands
my feet slipping
into the murky waters
of drowning sands

Perfect Mens Touch

bewda - drunkard
sleeping on the street
no money in his pocket
empty dreams
bare feet
perfect mens touch
you cant beat
flesh two steps forward
the spirit in deep retreat
this happens only in India
karmic sorrow
you cant cheat
no soda no water
just country liquor - neat
his wife his children
in his minds back seat
life's file simply
control alt delete

Searching For Jesus

searching for jesus
in the bandra bye lanes
edifying his heritage
his spiritual
architectural remains
statues crosses
his mission explains
stained window panes
reflecting his glory
on human hearts and brains
man born free
to a posterity in chains
inundated memories
of mumbai rains

after thought

peace love and tolerance
is the need of the hour
with our hate we make this world sour
live like a messiah die like a flower
love for humanity greater than war
a healing wound underlying a scar

to anthony posey love to new orleans

The Torturous School Bag

the torturous school bag
an ugly awful name tag
books weighing like boulders
that with her frail shoulder
she has to drag
a reminder
a burden she has to carry
from childhood
to womanhood
to motherhood
till she becomes a hag
our education system
an insult to our country
to our flag
once under the banyan tree
of wise wisdom we could brag

The Crescent and the Moon

the crescent and the moon
a gift by the Holy Messenger
given to the Muslims as a boon
but the heritage
of peace and brotherhood
they forgot it very soon
massacring each other
on the mound of a sand dune
satanic sentiments
puritanical hate
a message out of tune
muslims love killing muslims
hardened hearts
to love of humanity are immune
the unborn child
on the threshold
of a dreamless death
at high noon

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Zenitude of a Shia Pandit

cross legged
on the lotus floor sit
man falls rises falls
wont quit
a path of pain
peacefully lit
born as a shia
to shed tears
as luck would have it
kinetic energy to transmit
a soul within a soul to fit
peaceful sparks emit
ashura karbala
warp and weft
closely knit
zenitude of a shia pandit
on the face of it
blood sweat and tears
bit by bit
with every stroke of the sword
hit by hit as blood flows
a cerebral slit
an echoing silence
of ya hussain
within the cosmic consciousness
to commit
hussain is humanity
a thought legit
a protest
against spiritual terrorism
they know
but wont admit
we curse
another genocide
we wont permit
a case
in the spiritual supreme court
The Ultimate Judge
the killers of Hussain
enemies of Shiasm
wont acquit
Allah Ho Akbar
you still don't get it !!!!

Caught in the Web of Her Lair

in love nothing is ever fair
a circle making love
to a voluptuous square
she the mistress of mysticism
caught in the web of her lair
dickheads enter
where angels fear to dare
with all of you to share
unique unusual pair
lost in the wilderness
a man a eunuch
I swear
a torn fabric of duplicity
no tailor
will repair
wisdom like
a line of demarcation
parting the shoreline of her hair
you enter at your own risk
to reach her house
up stair

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Reborn

laxmi narayan tripathi
my hijda guru
hijda icon
sitting all alone
where those
days have gone
the fading moonlight
kissing the feet of dawn
neither man nor woman
from a drop of a tear
a hijda was born
treated like a leper
looked down with scorn
from the seed of serenity
laxmi narayan tripathi
lisping lyrics
on the lips of a swan

dedicated to my guru..