Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Man Is The Father Of Two Famous Street Photographers Of Bandra

This is a shot of her father ..taken by Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 year old Canon user .. and this shot was her last shot on 24 Dec 2014.. Both his children Nerjis and Marziya are on a long extended holiday ,,and I am sure as a father he misses them surely as they might be missing him..and I guess lessons in photography will be part of their mental makeup.. and help them understand life when they grow older , adhering to respect to all humanity , religiosity culture and tradition..

I have not touched my camera since 24 Dec 2014.. just lost the urge to shoot completely , I see scenes on the roads and I just smile cameraless careless , Moharam comes to an end on Friday ,,,yes I too miss my grandchildren but not as hard as a father who misses his children..

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finally spam as a poet made me what i am

Hello Beggar Poet Of Mumbai

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aam admi jai ho.. his new testament
a cause ..effect worthy fulfillment