Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racism at poem hunter is Alive and Kicking, ,

Racism at poem hunter is Alive and Kicking, ,
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Thank you Sir..
Mr David Hazell
I dont need to boost my ratings, with the help of friends like you I know that this war of words was not started by me, actually I sense its nothing about liking me or disliking me, its just that the poem hunter forum is an all whites club, they dont want indians period, the national poet of india sonnet mondal was too meek walked away, here at this forum of hate you need gargantuan balls and guts..
I have no agenda I dont need to reach the top, I am being pushed there god knows why..
This forum needs more people like you Ted, Trade Howlin Sherrie, the rest should be put to sleep... as they have served their puropse and gone rabid beyond redemption..

Mr Ian Bowen should be given the golden hand shake..and a plaque..
that reads
I am Concerned
Write in your own language..
Racism at poem hunter is Alive and Kicking

A Racist Pig

A Racist Pig
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A snapping shrimp
A Scottish pimp
Over bloated testicles
A prick a dick with a limp
Almost like a tadpole shrimp
Egoistic pompous racially
Like the ghost of Colonel Blimp
Blowing his own trumpet
This lobotomy operated
Wizard of a wimp
Giving head mouth open
To an Indian Imp

The English Racist Bowel

The English Racist Bowel
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A constipated clogged
English Racist Bowel
Poems stuck within
Don’t want to come out
Rebellious rhyme meter
Consonant and vowel
To forcefully evict them
From poem hunter forum kind
Of rectal sewer
The only alternative
Till the English racist poet
Apologizes and throws in the towel

The White Butt

The White Butt
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The Image of God in Man
Martin Luther: 'If these powers [memory, will, and mind] are the image of God, it will also follow that Satan was created according to the image of God, since he surely has these natural endowments, such as memory and a very superior intellect and a most determined will, to a far higher degree than we have them' (Commentary on Genesis, p.61) .
Westminster Larger Catechism: 'After God had made all other creatures, he created man male and female; formed the body of the man out of the dust of the ground, and the woman of the rib of the man, endued them with living, reasonable and immortal souls [this is man’s constitution]; made them after his own image, in knowledge, righteousness and holiness [this is the image of God in man]' (Answer 17) .

First god created the white butt
Than he created the brown and black butt
The white butt was made to kick the black and brown butt
The brown and black butt had rights of reservation
Reserved along with the mute mutt
The white butt of the white man and his white slut
Made in the image of the white god to hit and hurt
The white butt sensitive smooth faced of the poet pervert
Razor sharp jaws in the gaping hole -beneath
The white woman poets skirt
Bleeding menstrual sorrow through a deep cut
Deep virginal forests -*cockshut
The white butt would go on and on never shut
Including that of the Queensland nut
And the white butt of a racist English
Poet in rhythmic rhapsodic rut
Bent on sodomizing black butt
With his pecker popeyed and uncut
Living in a cocks hut


• (n.) A kind of net to catch woodcock.

Love poetry Hate racism


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From the gutters of poetic despair
Beyond redemption
Beyond repair
The tragedy of being a colored poet
Fighting a white racist regime
At poem hunter forum
That wants to choke your voice
Intimidations with knuckle dusters
Bicycle chains batons
To scare
Poem hunter and prey
Cross hair
Says an English Racist poet
Concerned write in your
Own language..
In our language how could you ever dare
Asymmetrical attacks of veiled racism
Fangs bare
To support this slimy English bastard
In his hateful agenda
A Hogg a Reynolds
The Scottish pair
The Indian poet destiny’s child
An attitude devil may care
Does not enter their snare
Colored poets children of a lesser god
They have decided not to spare
Sodomize bugger his ass
Fruits of their labor share

Racists enter the poem hunter forum
Where angles fear to dare
They collectively rant
And swear
The story of a unrated uncrushed Indian tortoise
The agony of a testicular featless hare

Love poetry Hate racism