Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kama Matam Toh Tum Kar Sakte Nahi.. Main Karta Hoon Tum Chid Jate Ho

mere tandav
ko tum kya jano
aye haivano
hamko tohmat
toh tum lagate ho
kehto ho apne
apko shiya ..
magar tum
se bi battar ho
yeh tum kya jano
ghame hussain
ko samjho toh
hamko pehchano

now words of poet kazim sab father of my friend jalal kazim

Main apne jism ka malik hun nafs ka mukhtar
Koi sawal karega jawab main dunga
Mera amal hai mere saath tujh se kya matlab
Khuda ko apne Lahu ka hisab main dunga
Hai tegh meri irada mera hai sar bhi mera
Jawab de ye sarapa udhaar kis ne diya
Khilafe matame Shabbir as bolne waale
Mere Lahu pa tujhe ekhteyaar kis ne diya

Online Supari.. Pay A Shia Bigot And Destroy Another Shias ReputationBy Defaming Him Online

Nowadays in Mumbai there is a trend to damage peoples reputation , malign them online , write stupid damning articles on Wassup , and instigate one Shia against another Shia by hardcore anti Human Shia bigots who exist only to cause mischief and rake up issues that are figments of their corrupt evil mind , for a long time I have kept quiet , but being a blogger , a person who respects all communities shoots documents all faith without selling pictures , I am a hobbyist photographer , with 290000 images housed at Flickr..I shot photos of various faith purely as photo journalism, I have never proselytized my Faith as a Shia , but I am a Shia and I cant change the humility of my birth.. born in the womb of a Syed Shia Mother .. descendant of poet Mir Anees.

I am not a member of any group , I owe allegiance to no Anjuman or Shia factions ..The Shias mourn for Moharanm when Moharam begins my Moharam never ends I wear only black clothes , and I dont need a character certificate from a Maulana as much as I respect them I think they are as human as the next person.. I am not a groupie and I have been bought among  Christian and Hindus , all our servants in those early years at Wodehouse Road were Christians or Maharashtrian maids and they imbibed great values I cannot borrow your narrow mindedness or your lack of secular understanding, I was lucky inspite of uneducated parents I studied in a European school and the Convent education made me a good human being I think so, I am not a criminal so I hate being blackened online by hate filled Shia bigots  how I do Matam, or how I call it Tandav is the terminology of my cultural inheritance .. and honestly I am proud to be a Shia with his roots embedded in Hindustan the land even our Imam loved immensely , so poetically I began calling myself Hindu Shia or a Shia Pandit and after seeing my Hindu friends scourging their backs on Ashura , crying with me I took a vow I will shoot their Faith and I shoot it as passionately as my own..

I owe no explanation to those Shias who were nowhere in sight when we lost our home our belongings during the 93 Riots , it was my Hindu friends who helped me and my Hindu bosses who saw that I stood up on my feet again.. I did go to the office of a famous Shia builder but he could not help us , is part of my cosmic fate ..

So abusing us online , does not do much if on the other hand you talk about Hussain is Humanity and tell me what have you contributed to humanity .. forget the poor Shias , have you forged ties with your neigbor or you just want to be  divert attention from your own child abuse , the hammerings you got , so now you turning your ire and venom on other Shia who have nothing to do with you.. Please grow up.. and get your facts right , or do you have some personal enmity or did the Shia Wahabbis pay you to malign us so that we stop shooting Shia pictures .. what is your evil agenda or is this your Door of Knowledge that leads through hatredness , yes my grand children are better Shias than you will ever be in your lifetime yes they recognize Jesus Lord Ganesha and they shoot Hindu Temples Churches because I dont want them to end up as you losers in life ..

You have destroyed the minds of young children against Azadari, because you hate us bleeding , it chills your own evil blood , you bring in Israel, and what has  Israel against Indian Shias .. you madman hallucinating son of a sea cook..I have friends from all over the world shooting Moharam , is it your fundamental right to stop them , you coward you cant stop the killings of Shia all over the world and you want to stop our matam s .. is this what your mother father your spiritual leaders taught you , hitting out at others in a hijab without your name , you faceless Shia bigot coward..

Go to Hyderabad , go to Chennai go to Kolkattta go to Delhi see their fervor see their love for the Imam , their path of humanity, perhaps than will you know the real meaning of Ghame Hussain and Maksade Hussain..

I hope and pray to our Imam to add a bit of sanity to your brain , and make you normal.. you are a danger to cosmopolitan society and a greater insult to Shiasm than my calling myself Hindu Shia .. or doing Tandav on the Soul of Shimr...

Yes I am proud of what I am.. my Karbala is my Motherland and unlike your warped brains I celebrate Ashura everyday..