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Amma Tomorrow Is Eid ..

did you buy me a new dress
some nice sweets to eat
after the namaz my friends
i will go and greet .
replied the hapless mother
son tomorrow is not our eid
it is the rich mans eid we are
beggars we beg as always
on both the muslim eids
your father your sister
i have too feed pay heed
you have to worker harder
this eid..acche din hamare
abhi nahi aye woh sirf tha
dil behlane ka geet ..bas
ek lucky party ki jeet

kal bandra station par subha
se mange ham bhik...eid mubarak
 khuda rakhe ap sab ko theek

you through your prayers
we through your coins
its Allah that we seek

Sare Photo Editor Ko Hardik Subheccha Or Eid Mubarak

photo peshwalog
kuch nayi cheez
shishyon ko
batlao kuch naya
jugad id ke photo
main lao zara bhai
bhikariyon ke photo
toh khhechte jao
inko bhi gale milne
ka mantr sikao
please inhe mat
bhul jao.. eid mubarak
eid mubarak.. thoda
seer khorma khate
jao... jab dubara
idhar aao.. dav pench
ham se free main
le jao.. aao...jaldi
is eid main ao

Happy Eid Mubarak To All

those that
will be begging
on the streets
despite the
muezzins call
pain despair
the only life
saving virtues
on their wall
unlike the rich
fat muslims
blowing away
their fortune
in the malls
the poor needy
will be begging
outside food
stalls ..the
of our muslim
social order
right of admission
reserved in prayer halls

Travelling To Ajmer Urus Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz

Despite Indian Railways running extra trains or the Garib Rath the crowds are humongous of the followers of the Holy Saint some book their tickets 3 month in advance , the rich land there by flight car luxury coach.

But for the poor is is tough , they squeeze into any available place even in a reserved compartment , there are fights fisticuffs too, and the thieves pickpocketeers ,work over time .
If you are in an AC coach you might not see the goodness of the good followers of the Holy Saint, they offer their food to others , are polite , and accommodating as compared to the ruffians chillum smokers from some seedy parts of Mumbai.. robbing vendors playing blaring music , teasing girls and occupying the toilets for their nefarious activities all in the name of Khwajah Garib Nawaz , breaking rail property , not allowing valid passengers to board and all these years since 2005 I have never seen a Railway cop they are too shit scared of these ruffians I saw once they tried to bully a ma…

Kamini Chal Uth Kam Par Ja - Beggar Mother To Her Child

din bhar soti hai
teri subha nahi
hoti hai. khati hai
angdati hai teri
ma subha se
sham thaki mari
 bhik mangne jati
 hai kambhakt tu
kyon mujhe satati
ke bigde bacchon
ki trah itrati hai

kamini chal uth kam
par ja itne main
 ajmer wali train
dadar station
par a jati hai...

kahani khatm ho jati hai

Slums Are Created By A Few Politicians As Vote Banks

Once the slums start getting patronized by the politician and his cronies than a process starts to legalize them or allow them to created another floor , money changes hands and most of the  rail tracks have these shanties cheek and jowl, the railways did not care a shit , and that land has become scare available at premium ,,,schemes are passed to benefit the slum dwellers instead the builder politician nexus reaps rich rewards everyone from bottom to top knows it ..wherever you go you see slums. making Mumbai green means greenbacks to the builders their patron saints the politician.

You wont find a politician living in the slums , though they once did live in the slums and they rose now they have mansions shops schools hospitals printing press  you name it they have it and thy even put poor old Mr Anna Hazare to sleep with a golden handshake ..

I am not into politics nor am I into any party , which party does one join , all our same they all have the same end .. make money ,,and th…

God Why Did You Send Me To India

before you planned to
install me in an Indian womb
they were planning to kill
me at birth or hang me from
a tree those nincompoops
from the cradle to the tomb
once buried for a forensic
explanation they exhume
either way dead or alive
in India womanhood is
doomed..before it blooms

dedicated to a bombaywallah

I Am Happy 73,297 People Saw My Forgotten World Yesterday

I am not showcasing just my photography at Flickr nor am I seeking a pat on my back, I am an ordinary point and shoot photographer though I shoot with an affordable DSLR , because I used to be broke I used the Nikon D80 for many years the same lenses ,but earlier when I was an analogue photographer it was always about hoodwinking my wife and buying lenses macro telly and wide , I loved the 20 mm I always wanted to buy a super fish eye could not afford it.

So these are all Nikon shots , and strangely I shot pictures as a storyboard , till I returned back from my Ajmer trip and than began offloading my travelogue my blogs at Flickr , never really saw them the way I am doing now this is my Ajmer 2010 lot , I am tweaking a few pictures via Aviary editing tool placing it back on the shelf as text or poetry and I am learning to understand my own pictures and learning from your own pictures is a very big lesson too and thereby teaching others in the process of revisiting old times old memor…

I Am A Street Photographer And Pictures Seek Me Out

i say this in sheer humility
they see me they call me out
in a language that only i understand
they shout photographer from misery
of our surroundings take us out
over the wide web at Flickr Twitter
Facebook Tumblr Blogspot use
your magical finger let us linger
word of mouth through you we
are seen no doubt by those in
somnambulist like stupor our
netas who have neglected us
in and out .. we are merely used
as vote banks for us they scout
but this year our curses on
the soul of their corrupt politics
they were totally wiped out
but we are still waiting for good
days the new one had promised
or they too will disappear in the
next rout ..over and out .
paid media unpaid media does
not shoot our pictures unless
our hutments get burnt out
or if our daughter is raped
or if someone throws acid
on one of us meet us
all rules they flout ,,

so now we trust bloggers who shoot our dreams
turn them round about press card no upturned
snout ..