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The Magic of The Shahi Snan Trimbakeshwar ,,2015

I was stuck beneath the Press enclosure and I had Jeetendra from Reuters for company , I tried not to get too adventurous , in moving from the place where I stood as I believed I was lucky to be inside the Kund as I shoot a storyboard I thought I would be happy with what I get and I did not want to be conspicuous I merged with the heavy saffron background ,, and here too I have restricted my frontal nudity of the Naga Sadhus in keeping with Flickr guidelines ,, as Flickr is the source and archive of my 349000 images . When I first shot the naked Naga Sadhus at Flickr in 2003 all my pictures were moderated by Flickr staff I tried to explain to them about the culture of the Naga Sadhu their nakedness as part of their religiosity but Flickr refused to budge and till day those pictures are restricted . And I understand that there are kids on Flickr and coy ladies who might take offense so I moderate my pictures accordingly ,,my entire bulk of Maha Kumbh pictures of the Shahi Snan are of …

Documenting Nasikh Kumbh Shahi Snan Trimbakeshwar 2015


Documenting Hope And Hindutva ,, Nasik Kumbh Trimbakeshwar 2015

Unless you are a Press person , I think getting into the Trimbakeshwar Kund during the time allotted for the Juna Akhara Naga Sadhus is almost next to impossible , and once you do manage to enter the Kund it is impossible to get a vantage position to shoot it is totally packed despite each Akhara being allowed in turn.. and the cops and the volunteers of the Kund will be hounding you every time ,,
The Press enclosure is like a virtual fish market , and the hotshots wont ever let you breach their space and if you do manage to get some space they will bully you out of it ,, there is no compassion or mercy in the photo journalist world ,, it is each one for himself ,,, and I shot an entire 32 GB card here RAW and JPEG and once the Naga Akharas had done their dip I left too I was not greedy for more ,, I got what I wanted though I missed taking my dip as my Naga Guru and I lost each other in the onrush. I had no regrets but I know had I taken the Dip I would have to follow my Guru back to…

About Sadhus

In Hinduism, a sādhu (Sanskrit sādhu, "good; good man, holy man") is a religious ascetic or holy person.[1] Although the vast majority of sādhus are yogīs, not all yogīs are sādhus. The sādhu is solely dedicated to achieving mokṣa (liberation), the fourth and final aśrama (stage of life), through meditation and contemplation of Brahman. Sādhus often wear saffron-coloured clothing, symbolising their sannyāsa (renunciation). This way of life is open to women; the female form of the word is sādhvī. In 2014, an all-female akhada (group of sadhus) was formed; it is believed to be the first such group in India.[2]

The Sanskrit terms sādhu ("good man") and sādhvī ("good woman") refer to renouncers who have chosen to live a life apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practice.[3]

The words come from the root sādh, which means "reach one's goal", "make straight", or "gain power over".[4] The same ro…

The Humble Ear Wax Cleaners of Bandra Talao

When I am down, depressed I come here to Bandra Talao I find it more enlightening than a religious place , I come and listen to these ear cleaners their impending fate of being evicted from here after having served the public for 40 years ..Kassim bhai was telling me he cleaned ears for one anna and the Nandi talkies was built in his time ,, his father gave up his job as a farmer to till ears and so Kassim and Nabi his brother clean years for Rs 20 .
The Bandra Talao is being revamped and renovated once they sat inside now they sit on a few slabs and do their work without creating nuisance the dirty cotton buds are kept in a tin box ,, My American friend Alex wants to have his ears cleaned once he comes to see me in Mumbai ..he only wants them to disinfect their ear picks .. these guys are plumb poor ,, sometimes I pay them all three including a Hindu guy Raju without having my ears cleaned ,,
But mostly I sit and self shoot videos in selfie mode ,, and on You Tube these are my most vis…

Documenting Naga Sadhus Nasik Kumbh 2015 Trimbakeshwar

I began uploading my pictures at Flickr since 30 August and till date I have posted 1819 images ,, I still have to upload the Shahi Snan a 32 GB card and the next section after this Nasik Kumbh Ramkund Tapovan 2015.
When I returned from Nashik I still had not used most of my memory cards ..I had not shot much as I normally do my late Guru KG Maheshwariji called me trigger happy but than I am a documentarist a photo blogger hardly an analogue fine art photographer , we see things differently we react differently I dont need fucked acceptances or certificates of Merit ,,or Hon mentions ,, We shoot to enjoy share and promote our composite culture and honestly if I did not shoot the Kumbh I would have been the biggest asshole this side of midnight ,,

I Shot This By Sheer Cosmic Accident .. The Naga Procession Neel Parbhat

I had come here with two Bollywood technicians they wanted to take a dip in the Trimbakeshwar Kund and both work in the light department and are disciples of my Naga Guru .. they  both live near Film City Goregaon like my Guru .

It was Sunil who spotted Bhagwati Giri and was about to introduce me to him , but I already knew him from Maha Kumbh he had taken us on a boat on the Sangam.. he told me about this procession that was going to start close to where I stay at Sadhugram.. but I got the timings wrong ..

On my return back to base I called Bhagwati Giri he told me the Naga procession would start at  10.30 am but it started much early and I thought of skipping it but than followed it on a bike and shot this long trek barefeet till Neel Parbat ,

Bhagwati Giri is a very well connected  Naga Guru he had introduced us at Allahabad Maha Kumbh to the Sabapati and other important Maha Mandleshwars including Shri Kalyan Anandji of 18 Madi Juna Akhara .

And after this the following day I sho…