Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Cant Wear Shoes Anymore To Political Rallies By Order

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This is a strange episode one day there was a political rally of a highly controversial leader he was in the podium attacking the policies of his opponent and before I could react the guy next to me pulled out two slippers size 8 from underneath his jacket and flung it at the leader and began shouting Yehi hai Yehi Hai ..the crowds turned to look back and he was pointing his fingers at me and everyone saw my strange attire my bejeweled hands and fuck I was barefeet too..

To my bad luck he was the foreign hand and I wore size 8 ..I was given a solid pasting by the leaders hoodlums and taken to the nearest police station..

Ok I was pronounced guilty much before the trial..I tried to convince them that I am the famous bare feet blogger of Mumbai..but no luck..

They told me the only barefeet bugger is absconding for painting nude Indian deities and there is a search warrant out for him..

I had given up all hope my mobile phone my fucked camera was taken away from me and finally the only person who bailed me out was a good Samaritan he paid surety for me and this is my sad tale so every time Rehbar Khan or any political leader calls me to cover their rallies I feign excuse and say I have diabetic sores on my bed ridden ass..

So now you know why I am allergic to shoes and run a mile the moment I see shoes hanging in clusters like grapes of wrath on Bandra Hiill Road near the Tata Agiary..

And now you know why I shoot religious stuff beggars red light area whores and hijras men dressed in women attire..

And this is the first piece churned by my fucked mind that I dedicate to my ex transvestite girlfriend who lives in Lahore and wears a burkha and is living in with a decadent rock star,,

She had a barefeet foot fetish and loved licking my soles after applying strawberry ice cream on it from the local bania at Bandra Bazar Road

No she has blocked me on Phased Book temporarily..

God Let Us Live As Indians Instead of Hindus and Muslims

Hum Nek Hain

hum nek hain
hamare desh
ki haath gadi
totally fake hain
swiss bank
main account
indian make hain
unka motto
give and take hai
hum ek hain

life ek journey
phir break hai

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The End Of The Road of Life

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I shoot junkies I shoot drug addicts as I capture them on the wretched tapestry of the streets ..and I had a friend called Porus a brilliant good looking cut Serd married to a Dutch female we all hung around at Wodehouse Road at late Keith Kangas house , Porus was stinking rich stayed at Cuffe Parade ..he used to smoke so did all of us Bombay black or Afgani

And after I moved away to Strand got married I met him at Wales where we drank beers Porus was there he was has having brown sugar and chasing it with beers but he was nicely dressed he offered me some I politely refused.

Years passed by and one day I was at Ballard Pier and walking with my wife and a beggar like person accosted me ..I was about to put my hand in my pockets to pull out change and when I dd look him in the eyes it was none but a bedraggled Porus ..doomed and destroyed completely..reduced to rags the trouser tied with a rope he was one tenth his huge girth..

I was too ashamed I fled with my wife I never saw Porus again ..

I never told her who he was but every time I shoot such scenes at risk to my life I a reminded of Porus ..

I hope wherever he is he has found Peace ..and pray for him and hope he is out of his misfortune .

The Hijra Dreams of Love

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a nice
lad is
what she wants
her plastic
sexuality she flaunts
in nooks and crannies
for a male bed bug
who will suck fuck
her dry she haunts
a man also a woman
a god who could
not create her
she taunts
her prose
her jaunts
her needs
by her vaunts

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