Yes I am a Good Muslim

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I am perhaps the only Muslim photographer promoting Hindu Muslim amity .
Promoting Hinduism as a Message of Universal peace ..

This inherent quality of living in mutual coexistence tolerance comes from being born in India ..

My maternal grandmother late Nazmi Begum widow of Late Daroga Nabban sab 
 descendant of poet Mir Anis refused to take the train to Pakistan preferring to live in
penury  with her 3 children of them my mother at Pata Nala Old Lucknow.

So I am not just a Muslim I am an educated Muslim a self made man..respecting all
 faith religion spirituality .
Why should I abuse you if you follow another religion ..and the Muslim who abuses me regularly on this platform shows his ignorance his poor neglected parentage ..his background and his radical indoctrination and the filth of his mind and ancestry..

I dont hide my background behind a meshed skullcap..

I wear a turban of Indianness with pride ..

Bandra Local Press and Gambhir Singh of Manipur

But before I continue Happy Dasshera to all of you .. I have a pain within me and I thought of bringing it out to exorcise it .. I shoot chronicle Bandra ..where I live my urban chaotic backyard and in this documentation I have no agenda no politics I have been graciously adopted by Bandra .
The Gen Next my daughter my granddaughters Marziya and Nerjis are born in Bandra a way they endorse my connection to Bandra . My Bandra is in all its humility Bandra Bazar Road .
I came to live here after the 93 riots I lived as a nomad at Pali Naka Veronica Street Ranwar and finally De Monte Street . When I shot the street video of alcoholic vagrant migrant Gambhir Singh I knew nothing about Manipur ,,he in his alcoholic stupor made me aware of Manipur forced it poetically on my consciousness . I wont go into details my Gambhir Singh YouTube video went viral and Gambhir Singh became the biggest story was a very simple story down to earth story of a lost mans reunion with his birthplace h…

An ode to Khan Khan Abusive Wahabi You Tube Troll

This YouTube Member Khan Khan bigot posts abuse on my community tab and
racially profiles me ,,,
He hates Sufis and Shias this venomous Wahhabi skunk... And I hope YouTube takes some action on these predatory haters who are giving hthis peaceful beautiful site a very bad name . Khan Khan
tu nahi Ho sakta Musalman
tu hai neech lafanga Kameena
tu hai gandi nali ka keeda
tu hai Shaitan..
Teri Toh saikdo nay Mari
meri Kya Marega Harami
beiman tu Jihadi Taliban
Lanat hai tujh par
Aur Tera Sara khandan. tu nahi Ho sakta pashinda
e Hindustan.

Wake Up @YouTube

Dear These are the people you have allowed on your platform who racially abuse and get away with harassment. Does it matter if we report or block them they will come back with another fake ID. You have to one day wake up to this threat.

Khan Khan Posted abuse on my youtube community tab

RIP Google +

After #Google+ #Google should put #Blogspot to sleep too.
The most regressive platform and graveyard of #Blogs.
Fuck who wants to be a #blogger..

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso Shooting LalBagh chya Raja Visarjan.. 2018 18 years of devotional documentary by a Muslim photographer. Jai Shree Ganesha

Lalbagh Chya Raja My Documentary On Hope and Hindutva posted at You Tube

#Lalbaghchyaraja#visarjan#firozeshakir Thanks to Mr Sudhir Salviji who helped me get my Pandal Press ID in 2017 aftr shooting the Raja for several years I am able to share all this with Raja through the eyes of his Muslim devotee . My only earnest prayer to Raja I ask nothing for myself to see that next year there is better crowd management this is important for our women children and senior citizens ,,
A more seamless relationship between Mumbai Police Pandal management and the dedicated karyakartas . Lets not unnecessarily politicize the goodness of the Lord I also payed that the Lord awaken the eyes of our CM Mr Devendra Fadnavis and he helps implement all this with responsibility transparency and accountability . Lalbagh Chya Raja is not just a Gansh idol but our States Brand Ambassador ,, this pandal should be made a tourist spot.. I could not complete my walk the final journey till Chowpatty my diabetes my blood sugar played havoc I felt down twice and than decided to abort my wa…