Monday, December 3, 2012

"Aye Shio Jab Peena Paani Bhool na Jaana Mujhe".

Documenting The Shias of Hyderabad

Shabbeer (A.S) agar dil mein tera naqsh-e-qadam hai, Kuch khof na mehshar ka, na a'amaal ka gham hai; Yeh raaz khula Hurr (R.A) kay muqaddar say jahan mein, Jannat tau teray aik tabassum say bhi kam hai."

Kaaba Ali ka shukria karnay ke waastay, Kaala libas pehn k azadar ban gaya.”

Documenting Shiasm as a Photo Blog On The Soul of Humanity

Rone Waloon ka bhi kiya rutba hai subhan Allah, Jin kay ashkhoon ka kharidar Khuda hota hai(Mir Anees)

Insan Ko Bedar Ho Lene Do Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

Walking The Path of Hussain

Kadme Rasool Hyderabad

I Did My Kama Matam Here On Ashura Day 2012

You Can Bindas Do Matam With Kama And Zanjir...

But I Prefer Shooting The Streets And The Divine Passion of Street Poetry

Ejaz Photographer And Atithi Devo Bhava

This one Hyderabadi was always taking care of me because we had met at Badi Bargah in 2009 , many a times I told him to let me pay for gas for his bike , he is a professional photographer works for the good people of Hyderabad as a free lancer and he would be there for me taking me to different places and I never asked him where he was taking me I followed him blindly.

Among the few photographers I met at Hussaini Koti this year he was the only one with total humility , for this guest from Mumbai, showing me vantage points .

He shot my kama Matam at Bargah , and he suggested I do it at Bargah on Ashura , he was right because with my bleeding and diabetic condition it would have not been possible following Bibi Ka Alam.

When I was to leave by bus he rushed me to Afzalgunj, than through the Sikh procession of Gurupurab to Namplly me and my heavy suitcase , he bought me fruits water dates for my long journey.

So through one Hyderabadi person I learnt the meaning of Khulus .. I learnt the greatest words of Wisdom Atithi Devo Bhava .. Guest is God a metaphor for hospitality before Self.

My Leg Was In Very Bad Shape

I had shot the funeral cortege of Shree Balasaheb Thackeray in Mumbai and aggravated my leg injury, I mostly walk barefeet and a few days back a rusty nail had entered my feet in the dark, I took a septic shot but continued shooting back to back after the funeral I shot the Chath Puja barefeet , I have yet to post the bulk of my pictures , that I entered Moharam phase I shto 6 Moharam in Mumbai and took the train to Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad I only rested on 9 Moharam as there is only one juloos in the night that I skipped my leg was swollen badly and I had to be fit to shoot Ashura both at Bargah and the long trek with Bibi Ka Alam plus I cut my head at Bargah too.

And so I documented Moharam in Hyderabad at Hussaini Koti Choti Bargah and did street shots in between.

I was missing my grand children in Lucknow , my wife was in Karbala , my third grand child Zinnia in Mumbai..

Tha the last straw was the 19 hour horrible return journey by bus to Mumbai from Hyderabad.

I had shot 15 or more 8 GB cards of my Moharam documentary and it continues into the nights .. slowly uploading the poetic soul of my angst.

Heritage of Ashukhane Zehra

Abid Bhai My Oldest Friend in Hyderabad

We were both busy with our agendas during Moharam, we hardly got time to socialize but thanks to Ejaz who bought me here and I got a chance to shoot the most beautiful edifice in Hyderabad ,

Hyderabad .. Watering The Walls of Scams And Corruption

Hyderabad I Shot in Slow Motion ..At Fast Speed

The Shias Are Persecuted For Being Human..

The Andhra Police Too Is Touched By Hussain