Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2014

This morning at about 7 am armed with my umbrella my camera and barefeet I trudged out to shoot the Eid Ul Fitr Namaz at the Bandra Station..

This time I decided with a wet soggy weather and an umbrella in my hand , my hand is not in the best of shape due to a permanent injury, I would shoot the namaz from ground zero and for the first time I did no go on the Bandra Skywalk..

A lot of photographers were shooting from the top ,I shot from down below and did not wait to shoot the poster kids of Bandra doing the calisthenics of Eid Hugging pictures , neither did I wait for the Namaz to end I placidly dirty feet walked home shooting stuff on the road , the dirty garbage bins , left unattended by the Municipality that has no heart for any communities religious feelings ,,one of the worst managed institution of the city of Mumbai.

The Mumbai Police security and Bandobast was perfectly synchronized with the organizers of the Station Road Sunni Masjid , there was peace calm and respect of religiosity from all sides .the train goers had no problem and no inconvenience either to the Namazis or the moving crowds on the Station Road.

This Eid Ul Fitr is a very solemn somber on for Muslims all over the world..and every head bowed to God remembers the plight of the people in Gaza ..their ravaged homes and a mourning instead of festivity..
The Indians not just Muslims but people from all walks of life feel their pain and their loss of life home and belongings ..

In the words of Sahir Ludhianvi Sab

Khal Yahaan, Basti Thi Khusiyaan, Aaj Hai, Maatum Bahaar,
Waqt Laaya Tha, Bahaaren, Waqt Laaya Hai Kiza.

At the same time the peace brotherhood of Islam lies dented by the atrocities by ISIL on the Shias and the Christians the beheading the decapitations and another scourge called the Boko Haram causing immeasurable harm to the tenets of the Holy Messenger ..it is really though provoking because Humanity and humans are the sole property of the Maker nobody has the right to take their lives in the name of Allah.

So this new set of the Eid Namaz is dedicated to the oppressed people all over the World and to Indians languishing in pain as Hindu Muslims Sikhs in Saharanpur Muzzafarnagar other riots ridden areas in Mr Akhilesh Yadavs  Uttar Pradesh..

God What Was My Fault

was it the
 original sin
that you
 felled me
that i would
never revolt
cosmic fate
the face of
the earth
my bed of
thorns i
your name
i called .

my tears of salt

The Beggar Muslim Woman Wont Celebrate Eid

as the namazis pray
invoking allah
she invokes allah too in
humility she pleads
to get more charity
so her hungry children
she can feed
in the hot sun
different strokes
different needs
the same religion
the same creed
mans original sin
was always his
primary greed
its only man
in the name of god
that makes another
man bleed
here i pay
tribute to fatwas
that on the phone
you can divorce
your legal wife
in a second
of a nano speed
whether she hears
or hears not
whether it is cross
curse the soul
of muslim womanhood
born in slavery
to produce children
breast feed
used abused
on the roads
she begs dirtied
if only only
she had
learnt to
write and read
her soul
she could
 have freed
her fate
how could
she succeed
when the end
comes in an
unmarked grave
her husband
takes another woman
the circle of deceit
muslim beggar
womans life complete

 talaq talaq talaq on eid

Dear Photo Journalists of Mumbai Eid Is More Than A Hug

year after year
eid after eid
you shoot
the same thing
a thought
going round
round the same
cosmic ring
to old hackneyed
things you cling
 shoot change
shoot beggars
 hugging on eid
 a new hope bring
a hindu muslim
on the same swing
send a message
home to state
engineered riot
ridden right
wings that
peace is
an indian
send a
to mr akhilesh
mr azam khan
mr mulayam singh
that playing with
human lives at
the expense of
is not
thing.. we
as photographers
as photo bloggers
of the silence
of another king
another singh
happy eid
to the muslims
of muzzafarnagar
where healing
starting a
new beginning
is now the only
most important
main thing

this was written during the silent regime last year but it holds for the new regime too..saharanpur  eid mubarak sorry about the curfew

After The Eid Namaz Ends ..

she stands in a corner
covering her pain in a
hijab eid mubarak from
the beggars of bandra
to the ummah a message
she sends sepia toned
her back all bent her
frail body living in a tent
my poetic praise on
muslim beggars on
the soul of your miya
integrity should not
cause a dent with
malice to none
no evil intent
begging away
eid after eid
ladies and gent
moments of
ah how my
life was spent
shooting pain on
a very happy day
my only lament

Why Do I Shoot Beggars On Eid? Coz They Are The Only Ones That Dont Celebrate Eid

In Gaza too they wont be celebrating eid
searching for bodies no winding sheet
under the rubble children buried ..fear
takes its toll as bombs drop imperialistic
hegemony what victory what defeat
the eunuchs watch from the wings
spoils of war is their yield killing fields
on the other end killing Shias beheading
Christians the new caliph accursed
son of yazid ..a satanic force that he leads
tear drops broken prayer beads ..
ethnic cleansing  evil deeds ..this is
not part of Islam its tenets or its creed
in Africa the Boko Haram destroy peace
brotherhood womanhood a nation bleeds

Garib Bhikariyon Ki Eid Nahi Hoti Hai

ma ki patjhad
main beti roti hai
bhuki hai nahi
soti hai .yeh kaisi
eid,kya chanauti hai

Monday, July 28, 2014

Amma Tomorrow Is Eid ..

did you buy me a new dress
some nice sweets to eat
after the namaz my friends
i will go and greet .
replied the hapless mother
son tomorrow is not our eid
it is the rich mans eid we are
beggars we beg as always
on both the muslim eids
your father your sister
i have too feed pay heed
you have to worker harder
this eid..acche din hamare
abhi nahi aye woh sirf tha
dil behlane ka geet ..bas
ek lucky party ki jeet

kal bandra station par subha
se mange ham bhik...eid mubarak
 khuda rakhe ap sab ko theek

you through your prayers
we through your coins
its Allah that we seek

Sare Photo Editor Ko Hardik Subheccha Or Eid Mubarak

photo peshwalog
kuch nayi cheez
shishyon ko
batlao kuch naya
jugad id ke photo
main lao zara bhai
bhikariyon ke photo
toh khhechte jao
inko bhi gale milne
ka mantr sikao
please inhe mat
bhul jao.. eid mubarak
eid mubarak.. thoda
seer khorma khate
jao... jab dubara
idhar aao.. dav pench
ham se free main
le jao.. aao...jaldi
is eid main ao

Happy Eid Mubarak To All

those that
will be begging
on the streets
despite the
muezzins call
pain despair
the only life
saving virtues
on their wall
unlike the rich
fat muslims
blowing away
their fortune
in the malls
the poor needy
will be begging
outside food
stalls ..the
of our muslim
social order
right of admission
reserved in prayer halls

Travelling To Ajmer Urus Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz

Despite Indian Railways running extra trains or the Garib Rath the crowds are humongous of the followers of the Holy Saint some book their tickets 3 month in advance , the rich land there by flight car luxury coach.

But for the poor is is tough , they squeeze into any available place even in a reserved compartment , there are fights fisticuffs too, and the thieves pickpocketeers ,work over time .
If you are in an AC coach you might not see the goodness of the good followers of the Holy Saint, they offer their food to others , are polite , and accommodating as compared to the ruffians chillum smokers from some seedy parts of Mumbai.. robbing vendors playing blaring music , teasing girls and occupying the toilets for their nefarious activities all in the name of Khwajah Garib Nawaz , breaking rail property , not allowing valid passengers to board and all these years since 2005 I have never seen a Railway cop they are too shit scared of these ruffians I saw once they tried to bully a man he kept quiet , but later he called his friends from the net coach and he was an army guy in mufti,, the ruffians were beaten black blue handed over to the cops the train delayed .

I used to feel sad this was not called for , but it continues unabated and reaching Ajmer they travel without tickets they think its their obligation to the Holy Saint ,,.

But it has to stop, nobody dare bring this up but I have pictures shot of all my Ajmer train trips as evidence of the chaos as a Train To Ajmer .

Kamini Chal Uth Kam Par Ja - Beggar Mother To Her Child

din bhar soti hai
teri subha nahi
hoti hai. khati hai
angdati hai teri
ma subha se
sham thaki mari
 bhik mangne jati
 hai kambhakt tu
kyon mujhe satati
ke bigde bacchon
ki trah itrati hai

kamini chal uth kam
par ja itne main
 ajmer wali train
dadar station
par a jati hai...

kahani khatm ho jati hai

Slums Are Created By A Few Politicians As Vote Banks

Once the slums start getting patronized by the politician and his cronies than a process starts to legalize them or allow them to created another floor , money changes hands and most of the  rail tracks have these shanties cheek and jowl, the railways did not care a shit , and that land has become scare available at premium ,,,schemes are passed to benefit the slum dwellers instead the builder politician nexus reaps rich rewards everyone from bottom to top knows it ..wherever you go you see slums. making Mumbai green means greenbacks to the builders their patron saints the politician.

You wont find a politician living in the slums , though they once did live in the slums and they rose now they have mansions shops schools hospitals printing press  you name it they have it and thy even put poor old Mr Anna Hazare to sleep with a golden handshake ..

I am not into politics nor am I into any party , which party does one join , all our same they all have the same end .. make money ,,and the so called common man peddle pushers too fell in the honey trap of power politics ..

People like us with good picture taking skills poor use of grammar syntax found hope in blogs and they tried to kill the blog but it refuses to die , one dies another comes to take his place .. we write shit but not the usual shit that give you in newspapers that is nothing but a newsprint spreading both legs open wide have money come sleep with me get noticed.

The entire system sulks and you dont need to have words to blog , but shoot your own pictures and you have a story , like me you are lucky not dipping one finger in sauce to create a fucked sentence ..

Where I stay there were slums now they have become three storey pucca structure if you have money in Mumbai  you can build a house in a donkeys ass.

Who will be the next CM of Maharashtra , who will be the winning party in Mumbai nobody cares , if a guy is dying on the road , they will kill him even if he has a chance to live by stretching his death like a Bollywood film..

These are stray thought limited use of words but pain in abundance ,,sourcing of candidates for cops for army or other agencies is based on corruption what do you expect St Francis to be born among these scoundrels.. politician sourcing is worst every crime is pardonable as long as you are the poor mans Robin Hood .

And that enough words for one picture shot from the train while going to Ajmer Urus from Dadar in 2010 .

God Why Did You Send Me To India

before you planned to
install me in an Indian womb
they were planning to kill
me at birth or hang me from
a tree those nincompoops
from the cradle to the tomb
once buried for a forensic
explanation they exhume
either way dead or alive
in India womanhood is
doomed..before it blooms

dedicated to a bombaywallah

I Am Happy 73,297 People Saw My Forgotten World Yesterday

I am not showcasing just my photography at Flickr nor am I seeking a pat on my back, I am an ordinary point and shoot photographer though I shoot with an affordable DSLR , because I used to be broke I used the Nikon D80 for many years the same lenses ,but earlier when I was an analogue photographer it was always about hoodwinking my wife and buying lenses macro telly and wide , I loved the 20 mm I always wanted to buy a super fish eye could not afford it.

So these are all Nikon shots , and strangely I shot pictures as a storyboard , till I returned back from my Ajmer trip and than began offloading my travelogue my blogs at Flickr , never really saw them the way I am doing now this is my Ajmer 2010 lot , I am tweaking a few pictures via Aviary editing tool placing it back on the shelf as text or poetry and I am learning to understand my own pictures and learning from your own pictures is a very big lesson too and thereby teaching others in the process of revisiting old times old memories.

Getting comments here at Flickr from more gifted photographers , artists poets makes the moment complete than the same picture has catapulted another thought on Facebook or has been pushed forward at Twitter , I post it to Blogspot if it is a poem but I hardly check the stats there it is my old site and again at Tumblr my favorite shaded garden of equilateral peace. so this the journey of a pictures tale

To get a wider Indian audience I post it as Indivine at Indiblogger only 3 posts a day so the churning of the Amrit continues .This is hardcore blogging you need time and endless patience to do it I am a semi retired veteran of imagery..and if you dont share it makes no sense and I wont ever put a water mark on my pictures it would be raping the virginal hope that lies in my picture .. and this is my personal view , once you place your wares on the Internet than anyone take the best of the litter.

And I type with one finger ,my hand was slashed by my own dagger while someone tried to pull it from my hand while cutting my head during Moharam, it in return cut my tendon and now the hand is permanently hooked like a cobras hood , my diabetes and neglect worsened it more ., but it works and one finger is better than no hands.

The earlier lot I showcased was Ajmer Trip 2011 , this is Ajmer Trip 2010 that began at Dadar Station and till my return..this is over 4000 images I shot of the malangs the rifais , beggars and a huge lot of hijras at Moti Katla , which now is not view able to public at all.

So I thought a bit of explanation on some pictures before I take you again on this long journey to Ajmer Urus 2010 in black and white I was a  fan of color when I shot on Velvia not anymore.

I Am A Street Photographer And Pictures Seek Me Out

i say this in sheer humility
they see me they call me out
in a language that only i understand
they shout photographer from misery
of our surroundings take us out
over the wide web at Flickr Twitter
Facebook Tumblr Blogspot use
your magical finger let us linger
word of mouth through you we
are seen no doubt by those in
somnambulist like stupor our
netas who have neglected us
in and out .. we are merely used
as vote banks for us they scout
but this year our curses on
the soul of their corrupt politics
they were totally wiped out
but we are still waiting for good
days the new one had promised
or they too will disappear in the
next rout ..over and out .
paid media unpaid media does
not shoot our pictures unless
our hutments get burnt out
or if our daughter is raped
or if someone throws acid
on one of us ..to meet us
all rules they flout ,,

so now we trust bloggers who shoot our dreams
turn them round about ...no press card no upturned
snout ..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Apologize If I Hurt Your Sense Sensibilities Shooting Beggars

there is a lot to shoot in this world
my beggars soul as a poet refused
no flowers no sunsets no chubby
kids i opted for beggars without
legs bodies bruised ,i am shocked at
my moderation guilty and accused
i shot poor little girls as pregnant
mothers by their own parents
abused forced to beg pain
sorrow fused what else was
there to be enthused ..i shoot
the ways of this hypocritical world
treating beggars badly but shedding
crocodile tears for gaza bemused
we too were slaves of the British vampire
but we broke our chains because of
the sacrifice of our freedom fighters
now our corrupt leaders are trying
to comfortably fit their shoes ...
a political system of counting votes
giving the common man the end
of the noose ..silence the mantra
of all governance ..as political ruse

The Most Controversial Garment - The Hijab

in some countries
it is forcibly enforced
in some countries
it is banned as a
religious symbol
without debate
or dialogue
some who dont
wear it say burn it
in their blogs.
the hijab is
a garment of
modesty of
your choice
is how the

instead of stopping muslims killing muslims , instead of up lifting womens rights in muslim society it is the hijab that is more important as vital  issues shift course ..i also heard of women who refused to wear it were persecuted divorced

I Did Not Want People Pissing On My Facebook Wall

so i disabled it once and for all
the revolting smell the assault
on my conscience my nostrils
i sprayed aerosol got tired
of peoples their natures call
on my brick less priceless wall
medium height not very tall
racists bigots shia haters no
dearth of footfalls ..friends told
me re install i paid no heed to
their call no woman no wall
who will come first piddle
without heed to protocol
they had the balls and gall
some unzipped when they
suffered total recall or some
suffering from withdrawl
people just loved pissing
on my photo pasting wall
some came dripping all
over like seminal nightfall
some thought it was a public
urinal in a seedy whore
picking up mall ..i was really
shocked appalled ..no more
will i allow people on my
favorite wall.. let them beg
plead crawl .. fuck you want
to piddle go to a corner of
some chawl....my wall
forever fire walled ..

The Wise Lamb And The Foolish Man

he knew he would be slaughtered soon
before they spotted the luminous moon
than he looked yonder where man lay
dreaming of countless boons wrapped
in his selfish thoughts like a cocoon
to the sorrow of the imminent slaughter
of the lamb he was immune ..man only
knows to cause harm to other men
destroy the soul of womanhood man
an imprint of death destruction on
the sand dunes lyrical remorse
out of tune , man and his misfortune ..

RIP Ashirwad

his trophies
his bags
full of
the new
owner wants
to change
the decor
the mosaic tiles
on the floor
a new outhouse
a new tenor
lyrical change
a new score
a new color
a bell on
the door
a new
man friday
not bala
once dead
you are
you are
no more
his kingdom
his fiefdom
will have
the new
the carter
road seashore
no its too precious
a landmark once
a reminder of
glamour galore
the chirping birds
the cricket the bats
mourning the loss
without remorse
rancor an era
ends end of
 lease tenure .
we live we die
leaving wilting
that others
money rules
over heart
over feelings
sadness has
no remedy
no  cure

for me my grand daughters
tears on the death of a house
the only lasting reminder of my
guide teacher mentor ,,

RIP Ashirwad you will soon be forgotten a wasted metaphor

Today I Confess The Greatest School Of Photography Is Flickr

So many different teachers masters artists , under one roof , and it is here you learn observing their art , all photo creation is art replicating art.

If you are a student or even a beginner or a full fledged photographer and if you have a Flickr account , and if you are following some photographers of your choice your pictorial leanings than you are attaining tutorials free of cost..learn to appreciate pictures but first of all also learn to comment constructively without damaging the photographers humility it was easy for you to see his picture but you are not aware of the efforts that went into bringing that picture to life.Try not be over smart be decent be polite be courteous your comment reflects your parentage your nationality and the integrity of your character .

If you want to find fault or you want to add your two bits send him a Flickr mail, Give respect be respected .
He has vision he took the vision , you see a picture with no vision. And I too have been overtly criticized , hammered bludgeoned for my bleeding Moharam pictures but I have learnt  wisely my pictures are not to hurt your religion  sensibilities , my pictures educate you of culture rituals and my backyard.
If you find abusive behavior dont hit back with a abuse , dont give the other cheek, just unfollow block or report that s your final prerogative .

Adhere to self control self moderation when posting your pictures here at Flickr ,ask yourself could children see it will your grandmother be comfortable because Flickr is not your bedroom it is a lounge for everyone Flickr is world without visa and immigration check not required..

When someone adds you strictly read his profile , and most strictly see his favorites to decide if you want to see human body parts other sexual activity.. If you are comfortable add him or her .

Read the forum from time to time read the Flickr blog see what is happening and if you are Twitter dickhead like me than follow Flickr and Flickr Help ..I joined Twitter in 2008 over 118 K tweets and it is fun , I must be the only guy pimping his Flickr worth on Twitter prolifically and it spreads your art further , I get 40000 viewers seeing my stuff in spite of blocking my transgender hijras cross dressers gay pride sets from the public.

I popularize Flickr allover cyberspace , even Facebook , though I have to manually cross blog to Blogspot which was very unsporting of Flickr ..I once used Wordpress I would never touch it with a bargepole .

I instead blog my Flickr blogs to Tumblr , the best platform .less crowded , and I have some cool moments , Tumblr will one day be a big thing I say it prophetically , and it is spreading word of mouth.

The only grouse I have with Flickr is the discontinuation of Gift Of Flickr Pro that was an impetus for beggar poets like us , people who use photography for a purpose to document  the shortcomings in society , try to awaken the dead consciousness of those people on top always in slumber.

I have been on Flickr since 2007 a very long journey met some great friends lost some great friends too , death does not spare photographers , but photographers do not die they leave their imprints on the sands of Time .And so stalwarts like Jeff Lamb still guide me he instilled in me the  architectural beauty of Ann Arbor , loved my grand daughter Marziya Shakir encouraged me and I consider him my guide and mentor now residing on the other side of the Moon.

I bought a lot of people to Flickr simply because I shot their religion their faith their happy moments , and I post all my stuff here , so Flickr reached out to them through my pictures .Flickr will never be aware of my humility and my common sense.. they have robots instead of humanbeings..

Now finally I thank all those photographers at Flickr from whom I learnt and also taught their art to my grand children , both Marziya Shakir 6 and Nerjis Asif Shakir 3 have Flickr handles and they will use their Flickr when they come of Age..they have Twitter handles too.

I shoot less and I hope to continue my Flickr pro.. now there is no time I lack resources to vist new places our government does not sponsor 60 year olds and they hardly know the difference between a blogger or a photographer .

I use my vision my money to shoot pictures, I use my Internet time I pay for two internet connections per month to bring my stuff to you..

And I must give honorary mention all my black and whites are thanks to Aviary a super editing tool within Flickr that serves my simple needs , though it lets me down from time to time .

I have over 300000 images at Flickr and if Flickr does start a Getty like thing it could become the greatest picture stock agency in the world making the photographer profit with hIs images and be able to fund himself to new cameraS, lenses and technology..I hope for once my fairy godmother Ms Marissa Mayer reads my blog .. this one time,

And Anthony Posey and Benn Bell and Bernie Aguirre are giving me a big encouraging smile ,,

Thank you Angel Serene Alex there are Two Alex ,8hai EricParker Eric Frot  Aribeau , Mazaries and the rest of the gang at Flickr  its too long a list to enumerate here .

Thank you Guru Glenn Losack Shalom

Muslim Society Weeps Crocodile Tears For Gaza .. But Has Done Nothing For Its Beggars And Poor People

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good Created The Poor By Mistake

the soul was willing
gnawing hunger
keeps mother
her children awake
she must get food
she numbs her
stomach she
feels relives her
children s ache
in the winding
bylanes of ajmer
i was attacked by
her children s
hungry stares
so much was
at stake ..
come what may
hope she will
not forsake

the cycle of living from one day to the next she cant break
a thirst for their salvation a drop of water wont slake

Ajmer Sharif Calls Me One A Year

holding my beggars
bowl of blood sweat
tears humbly bowed
head i come here to
 a holy saint of saints
of the poor the beggars
his loving children
he holds them dear
their love for him
pristine sincere
he is their host of
host awesome
austere ..call
him from the
depths of your
heart verily
he appears
to your barren
life he adds
cheers ..

on his high gates embedded
as eternal hope salvation
words very clear...hanging
like a chandelier

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

what you see is what you hear ,,


Smoke And Be Merry ..

The chillum , smoking hash is an integral part of the Bawa culture .. be it the Malangs or the Rifais .. even among the Naga Sadhus and the Aghoris the chillum is the soul that brings you into their transcendental territory.
I have smoked in my time 14 goli chillum not anymore .its been almost 30 years since I gave up the chillum.

So the bawas get upset when I refuse the chillum when they offer it to me ..
and I have no issue it is their chillum and their lungs.

And here I must make an honrary mention my German friend Dorothea known as Miriam in the Malang circle has got timely treatment for the Bawas got them  checked up at clinis most of them were in last stages of TB tuberculosis ,,

The Malangs call her their Florence Nightingale , she has saved many lives at Ajmer Sharif all with her own money ,,and through charity .

Smokinh hash ganja , smoking the chandul too among the hardcore bawas is common ,my Rifai Sai Handi Bawa died because of all this heavy smoking...I have seen a lot of Bawas die fade away , but it is tough for them to give up the chillum,

And here I must make another honrary mention of a friend in the early 60s Porus Singh of Cuffe Parade , we were in the same clique along with Keith Kanga and others , Porus was a loaded cut Sikh married to a Dutch lady he used to chase brown sugar with beers .. last I met him many years back at Fort he was in tattered clothes a vagrant He recognized me called me but I was scared cowardly and ran away from his presence I wish I had stopped talked to him.. too late now I dont know if he is  alive or dead.

And the main adda for us guys was near  Rhythm House lane near the Synagogue or near Bade Miya lane or opposite Dhanraj Mahal.
We smoked in the archives at Elphinstone college .. old memories .many years back,.

I Shoot The Bhaiyyas Blithe Spirit

He sells coriander at the Bandra Bazar road market he sits near the statue of Jesus Christ the favored Saint of All The Poor Vegetable sellers at the Bazar .
After he finishes for the day he comes to this place at De Monte street , has his frugal lunch and falls asleep near the shut doors of a shop.

He does not talk , I know from his body language that he is unhappy , his wretched defeated demeanor ..all speak out of his struggle to survive ..and he is the iconic migrant beleaguered sometimes bought down by political misadventure , he is a North India Bhaiyya , he left the green fields Of Uttar Pradesh to weave his dreams in Mumbai.
I have never talked to but I buy coriander from hism for my Java sparrows , they eat  wet sprouts too.

There are now a very few Bhaiyyas left in the bazar you could count them on your fingers , most of them switched trades , some of them passed away..

They are reconcilable , dont argue , live their lives without getting in anyone's way..and mind you Bandra Bazar is one of the most neglected filthiest municipal markets , it has seen good days in the past now it is languishing like a leper in pain.

The Bhaiyyas and the Marathi manoos have a great equation here most of them speak fluent Marathi and adhere to the local Marathi culture .

Now these are the heroes of my picture posts , I shoot simple pictures and tell you stories of their austerity simplicity and integrity.. once they may have been swayed by the Congress hand but now they have moved away towards a saffron path , the people they voted for in three elections have doe nothing for them , they are a pitiable site they are aging and the structures are aging the surroundings have gone to seed.

And my blogs are apolitical feedback for those who are like the 3 Gandhian monkeys .. they dont know what is happening around them.

Our local representatives dont give a shit but than the drifting away or the nonexistent evaluation of the Muslim vote will have to be read more judiciously now .. and elections are just two months away..

Most of the Muslims with problems now will be found crowded near Advocate Ashish Shelars BJP Bandra Reclamation office simple because he delivers and is sincere .

And these are stray thoughts that are born out of a picture I shot without rhyme or reason,, and street photography is the tool to record decipher the body language of dead lost souls caught in the vortex of unliving.

An Ode To My Wife ,,,

My wife gets on my goat she says why do you shoot the same shit every time ,demystify delusions optically warped as rhyme ,, she considers my fruitless photography that does not bring in money my deadliest crime .....

Our Faith Has Been Politicized Too What A Shame

I Thought it was for Gaza or the Shias And Christians of Mosul I hung my head in shame for the follies of man as a Human Being I take blame we were born from an embryo of compassion but our anger we cannot tame .. we have two legs we are lame ..yes we are muslims we are shias ..our only vocal claim.. we are accidental players in a cosmic game

dedicated to a healer hussain guevara of hyderabad ,,

I Try To Teach Myself To Shoot By Shooting The Same Thing Over And Over Again

i would be dead if i go to worli seaface
shooting women transparent wet bodies
dancing in the rains sarcastically turning
on guys with soaked hardons only sex
revolving round their brains ,,seismic seminal
serendipity driving languishing libidos insane
i shoot beggars beggar kids androgynous
painted men posturing as women my lens
on them i train,, fuck call me brainless insane
i shoot the same thing the same repeating
moments that were once held in chains i
listen to the whining of my wife why do
you shoot the same morbidity she complains

believe me whatever my claim to knowledge it was
through my street photography i gained .. my moksh
my malangs nirvana i solemnly attained .. a beggar also
a poet of sorts juggling words as i shoot eternal pain

Alvida Jumma Akhri Jumma Bandra Station ..2014

I have uploaded about 99 photos of the Akhri Jumma Alvida Jumma , the last Friday of Ramzan ,which is a harbinger of  Peace and Ramzan Eid known as Eid Ul Fitr .
The fasts will get over , and sad to say that Ramzan a month of piety , patience , ibadat will soon be forgotten the  bars will be mostly filled with guys in white pathanis , surma in the eye and the overpowering fragrance of attar..and this is reality of our modern times ..I shall leave it at that.

People generally hate when you talk the truth or tell the truth but as a sixty plus reformed alcoholic I have lived seen it all.. I hope others hooked to the bottle drugs give it up too..

I have just come back from Kurla a story I shall narrate with pictures of my latest street adventure and exposing a scam ..outside the Kurla Police Chowky and near the No 9 overhead bridge that connects the west to the east once I finish all this upload description and mind you I type with one secular magical finger the only part of my anatomy , that embarrasses me for its contribution to my image as a beggar poet , blogger and a  prose writer of sorts .

Friday, July 25, 2014

Akhri Juma ..Friday Namaz At Bandra Station 2014

I picked up my Canon 7 D today after a very long gap, I hardly use it and I had some work in the Bandra Slaughter house slums I cut though the winding lanes of this huge sprawling slum that stretches towards the Shastri Nagar slums which are close to the Bandra Station and the Bandra Station Sunni mosque ,as the mosque gets totally packed with the namazis , the rest of the Jamat  pray on the road outside the station,, today was last Friday of Ramzan Or Akhri Juma I have never shot this before . this was the first time.

I shot down below and than shot the remaining segment from the Bandra Skywalk. I was the only one shooting this auspicious important day the last Friday before the feast of Eid ..

It was a very hot humid day and not at all congenial , all these pictures are part of my Ramzan series at Flickr shot from 2007 till 2014.

This year I shot less no foodie lanes ...the poor Muslims have hardly any money to buy good food and by the standard of their living literally hand to mouth I am sure the Maharashtra Sadan food must be hundred times better as they say beggars cant be choosers .. and another anomaly of our lives brainwashed by media for furtherance of their interests everything is politicized creating aggression and hurting not just two communities but the very chapter of the mutual coexistence of our country.. it is not just about right or wrong  these are my personal apolitical views and Muslims all over the world are going through a very bleak phase one side ISIL is demoralizing the very tenets of Islam hurting all sects Shias , Christians and others and the other side the imperialistic hegemony of Israel and the killing of innocent both by them and Hamas. The world pimps peace brokers and the world eunuch body watches from the wings ..with their own evil agenda .. en-cashing the fruits of war.

I am not a political person but it is sad I dedicate this series to the fighting spirit of Gaza.. Free Palestine ..

I Shoot Muslim Beggars .. A Friend Asked Do Beggars Have Religion

probably  a thought
that never came to
my dumb poets mind
beggars believe in
god the creator
who created beggars
part of a cosmic grind
god believed beggars
would like his apostles
make others believe in
him through charity instill
compassion hope love
that is missing in mankind
this I think the missing link
of his thought divine Allah
ke name pe do a beggar
pleading to a Muslim with
this byline .Ishwar Bhale Kare
was the beggar requesting
the Brahmin with his lines

Beggars have no religion ..impoverished
begging from man treating him a god ..as they grovel whine

to a friend a bird lover online ,,

The Happiest Man In India .. Is The Man Who Has Nothing To Lose

no house
 no wife
no children
no boss
no mistress
he is a static
pause only
dress no party
does he belong to
no not BJP not Shiv
Sena not the NCP
nor the  Congress
he has a moving address
he lost his dreams so
he has nothing to impress
no diabetes no bloodpressure
he wont die of stress ,,
who is the ruling party who
is our new PM...he knows
nothing of our political mess
he eats dry chapatis begs for
food from roadside outlets
he defecates urinates at
street corners like your
darling pets ,,he does not
have to clear his pooh..he
shits out all his regrets
he does not pay taxes no
failed loans or debts ,,
on cricket matches he
has no money to bet
when it rains heavily
his clothes his tattered
soul gets wet like a
zombie he wont click
Like on  your fucked
 facebook posts
no re tweets of alia
jokes bollywoods
only intelligent  actress
fuck he has no lap top
no i pad no desktop
he has no fucked
internet ,.,

to the stray dogs his
companions he feeds
what he gets ..

the homeless rebel of mumbai
a loner away from all you dickheads
last but not the least from the sweat
of his unwrinkled brow he does not
earn his bread ..

acche din kab ayenge ...he wants these
words lit up on his tombstone
revered as a saint when he is dead ..


no walking on the edge .. or falling of the ledge ,,between  sorrow and tomorrow he lies there like a  wedge ,, no wisdom no knowledge

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Once A Year I Shoot Urban Landscape ..

i shoot beggars
all size all shape
from their
no escape
bound to
open wounds
maggot infested
people watch
awed agape
timeless tragedy
society shut mouth
adhesive tape

they only talk about
chapatis random rape

Traveling To Ajmer By Train Is The Story Of My Dreams

From the day I first traveled to Ajmer  and the numerous trips almost every year till this year , the difficulties , the hardships , and the beauty of this rustic travel barefeet as a beggar to the kingdom of Khwajah Garib Nawaz,,

The people I met the hijras who begged recognized me , touched my feet took my blessings , some paid me money to place at the Shrine of the Holy Saint, some fed me and this is all because of one word ,,, Yeh Toh Khwajah Ka Karam Hai..

Nisbet Mili Hai Jab Se Tere Nam Ki Izzat Badi Hai Is Ghulam Ki..

And I left everything behind shooting documenting an Ajmer not seen in travel brochures .. I shot the unseen Ajmer , I shot all this thanks to Khwajah Garib Nawaz and My Host Mentor Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra no 6 I lived in his private quarters  every year I visited Ajmer Sharif and his hospitality is what Chishtiya order is all about an extension of Hussainiyat.. Hope and Humanity ,

And it was Khwajah Garib Nawaz the greatest follower of the path Of Imam Hussain ..he was the only one who embedded what no ruler could have ever done in the history of India..

The words on the Bulund Darwaza

Shah hast Hussain, Badshah hast Hussain
Deen hast Hussain, Deen Panah hast Hussain
Sar daad na daad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqqaa key binaaey 'La ila' hast Hussain"

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .
Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.
Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

She Hid Her Child's Face From The Cursed Eye Of Camera

Street photographers who incorrigibly shoot beggars , rob peoples soul,,and most beggars genuine or professionals believe so despite the fact we give them money , once a beggar gave me 10 bucks for shooting him and had the cheek to tell me ..to give him a glossy copy as he did not like mat.

The hijras firmly believe photographers are the greatest evil the camera a witchcraft tool that robs soul and hides them in  old booze bottles . Now dont laugh when I am serious , I have  had innumerable fights with the hijras hiding my gonads the way footballers do when Messi takes a free kick.

Bawas Rifais too hate photographers , even though I studiously dress like them it beats me . so now I make my grand daughter shoot them , they ridicule her and she shoots them better than me.

I shot beggars their tales must be told .and as nobody shoots them irrespective of them being pricey I shoot them candidly and stealthily .

I blog with my own pictures I would lose my authenticity if I needed another persons picture to convey my thoughts and most bloggers dont value original content beats me.

My pictures are my blogs their parentage comes from my being I bough them to life on the soul of cyberspace.

I have not shot the foodlanes of Mumbai and I am happy Assad Dadan with his mirrorless Canon is doing a terrific job  he makes even shit street food look edible and he is a self learner ..I have requested him to come and shoot my flowrhorns as I was advised astonishingly Acche Photo Khench Aur Flickr Nahi Quikr Par Bech ,,I cant shoot my flowerhorns they are too fast for me  7 of them of the highest imported breed .

Nothing Much Has Changed In Ajmer Since I Last Shot This Picture

I shot this in 2011.. but it could be 2012 2013 and even 2014 .

Nothing changes we as Indians hate change , it disturbs the quaint poetry of our distorted souls .

As a street photographer I shoot the underbelly of unforgotten unforgiving pain..it is cosmically laid out for me to shoot and God also knows I dont just shoot with my eye but with my camera too.

And I am drawn to Ajmer I have been broke but I made it to Ajmer once I sold my 80-200 2.8 lens to make this trip sounds ludicrously stupid ..so life works in strange when you are doomed to call yourself a beggar poet.

Street photography is the mother of picture making , the shot the timing the opportune alignment of a moment with the disembodied spirit.

And you should not what to shoot and what not to shoot I use my inner reflexes I dont even know why I shoot what I did not need to shoot but like this picture it comes back from the past craving to be seen and be read poetically . provided you read prose as poetry with your eyes closed.

My patron Peersaab Fakhru Miya always told me buy a small place live close to me and the truth of your silhouette , but I am a seaside urban insect I would die wither away without Mumbai so wherever I go I carry a bit of Mumbai with me and that is my camera cosmic eye , we give flow fluidity to a common street scene we uplift it from the street to your esteemed consciousness we shoot a picture  you make it a street photography moment in your head .does it make sense .. senselessness is street photography..

Now I shoot the streets every time I step out of my house my humble mobile phone records the moment for me easily without inconvenience .

I could never blog without a picture it would be lifeless you have to read me through my picture it is the bookmark of my rapidly changing thoughts.

My grandchildren all three are not well virus fever , rains and I miss Nerjis s banter more than  anything..she came just now with Marziya and said Grandpa I cant drink cold water I am not well I said Yes ,, but I can drink the water from the frig..I said no that is cold too...

So I gain wisdom from kids ,,sometimes crass stupidity becomes a wiser thought than the wise mans fumbling for truth..

My laptop is not well too , my son spent time to get it working and I am using my typing finger as though it is walking over embers of hot charcoal.

It will die without warning it did last night .

Our Stray Dogs Are Much Happier Than The Stray Kids Of Ajmer

for the stray dogs everyone cares
 urchins beggar kids abuse and swear
kick them beat them caught in a snare
dirty faces snotty noses disheveled hair
education does not calm the fire in the belly
tattered clothes they wear..

welcome to the city of Garib Nawaz .. heartless Ajmer
the apathetic politicians have no time to spare ..to
make this city of peace hope love ,,beautiful
heal and repair .drug addicts move about openly
of pickpocketeers robbers thieves beware ,,

What Do You Get By Shooting Beggars He Said ?

there are so many beautiful things
to be shot  why do you shoot beggars
he was very upset use your camera to
capture the beauty of the sunset
chirping birds feeding their babies
in the nest .shoot that little chubby
boy dancing in the rain all wet
shoot happy things shoot joy bliss
roses magnolias shot cats dogs
other pets but stop shooting
disfigured leprous faces ..posting
their pictures on the net you give
a bad name to our beautiful country
a thought i detest he said
sanctimonious his face all red.
.i duly apologized to him forcing
 him to eat his words like burnt
 chappatis while he was fasting did
 not enter my head .. it was my
camera my optical illusions ..i used
as imagery instead of text..
the situation was very complex
than he said why did i not shoot
the prettier sex ..from fashion
magazines editorials i could get
a fat cheque ...i hurriedly moved
away from him a pain in the ass
a pain in the neck..,a beggar poet
chaos confusion total wreck..
in my camera eye he saw a
branch but in his own eye
he failed to see the dirty speck

we all see things differently
what the heck.. the cataract
in my eye i must recheck

Dedicated to a friend in Montreal

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Cried For I Had No Gloves Till I Found A Boy Who Had No Hands

The Boy Without Hands

Among all the beggars in Ajmer Sharif , that I shoot prolifically , this boy without hands eludes me , I search for him , but this year I did not find him..and strangely I think he searches for me too , its a cosmic bond based on the austerity of silence.

I have never talked to him ,and I when I did shoot him it is rapidly as I am barefeet and my feet burn , and once I shot him when I was leaving Ajmer .

Who is he .? What is his name I dont know ? Will somebody the very rich influential that come to Ajmer spend lacs of rupees buy him prosthetic arms I dont know.

Man is a hardened animal..his only interest is himself.. in Mumbai the other person who appeals to my inner angst is Appu , he is a stump of a torso without hands without legs.

Shooting beggars is not the easiest of enterprise every shot kills a part of you inside , it kills me ..I much change I try not to talk to beggars it would break the rhythmic rhapsody of a divine moment , call it my callousness but I am trying to now talk to the beggars I shoot a few words of comfort , money everyone gives who gives comfort solace.

The upper echelons of fine art photographers look down upon us for shooting beggars , giving a bad name to the country , and who really gives a bad name to the country i dont need to answer , silence should suffice.

And I must remind you cops local hoodlums all make money off the beggar and it is pure business ..thee is no human sentiment at all.

All the beggars give a share to the local hood he collects keeps his bit rest is handed over to the agents of evil in power .its a game played without asking questions.

To give dignity to my passion for shooting beggars I call myself a beggar poet I too am a beggar and a word juggler who passes himself off as a poet.

People like me could never be part of a press , or a group, or an anjuman.. being stupidly self  willed and fiercely independent .

And photography is a catharsis for the pain that is part of the  soliloquy of my soul and its silhouette too.

The Boy Without Hands .

kate hue hathon se mangte hain hum
kate hue hathon se mangta hai tu
beech sadak par baithkar doosron
ko rasta dikhata hai tu zindagi ki
guftugu..zalim yeh kaisi bagawat
ki bu. ruhbaru..

i shot him
a part of
me died
it was not him
god sitting
on the roadside
just humility
no grandeur
no pride
a road narrow
a bit wide
i was
tongue tied
to shoot him
or not to shoot him
i could not decide
i feel pain
i was tear eyed
if this is life
it will be my
one time ride
my mouth gagged
my own hands tied
was burning
my entrails
i looked up
at heavens
the master
my life divides
was an
you were
born to reveal
what this
 world hides

Garib Nagar Khuda Hafiz Goodbye

her hopes
her dreams
the rubble lie
time and again
she asks god why
she gets no reply
she is hurt but she
trusts god her loved
ones did not die
memories all
washed away
in a gutter nearby
no roof over head
no belongings
only the clothes
on her body
the silhouette of
the hijab
her armor
her protection
her standby
her children
see the debris
bad luck  bhai
once self
now beggars
broken wings
that lie
as they dry
garib nagar
khuda hafiz
on the soul
of a beloved city

god forbid
if this happened
in a rich mans tower
there would be
immediate help
immediate response
a greater outcry
such is the scales
of justice lopsided
for the poor the rich guy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bidding Farewell To Lord Ganesha At Juhu Beach

While everyone among the photographer biradri go to Girgaum Chowpatty on the 7 th Day Immersion , or Visarjan of Lord Ganesha .. I normally made my way to Juhu Beach as it close by  and there are no cops hassling you not to go in the waters and most of the beach lifeguards know me also the portrait photographers at the beach.

And for a street photographer Juhu beach is ideal to get close up shots the Visarjan ambiance the artis and even the Hijras from nearby suburbs come here on this very auspicious day for the Hindus.

There is a plethora of passion , emotions and a festivity mood to be shot , and another day I come here is on Gauri Visarjan.. the 5 th day,,and I love shooting her in her finery and Gauri differs in look with every section of Hindu society , the Kolis dress her like a Koli , the South Indians Madrasis dress her in their style and she is very elegant stoic and touches everyone..I gave up booze several years back on a Gauri Visarjan day so this immersion means  lot to me , and I shoot Gauri at Lalbagh before she is bought from the shops out there.

I feel the best way of learning photography is to shoot Indian festivals , shoot everything every religion , thereby removing your blinkers and maybe the pictures you shoot of a certain religion might turn out better with your vision .. I always felt this way when shooting the Church or the Hindu feasts including the Maha Kumbh simply because these rituals are a novelty to our psyche and we see and shoot it differently.

Nerjis Asif Shakir And Lucky The Labrador

Nerjis is scared of goats , and wary of dogs , though when she was very young Lucky was her best friend as she grew older , she became more ambivalent to his existence .. she watches him from far and will call him out but thats it.

But Lucky has bee part of their growth..both Marziya and Nerjis.

And I still think animals need love and telepathically select and seek out friends mostly children..

Marziya Shakir And Lucky The Labrador

Lucky and Marziya have literally grown up together , he was a pup belonging to Omkar Shelar son of Advocate Ashish Shelar.
Marziya bossed over him from a very early age , and amazingly Lucky was so well behaved that he never jumped or barked , when Marziya came back from holidays he would eagerly wait for her and Marziya gave him her share of biscuits .
As Marziya grew he watched her from far , and these are photos I documented of their friendship..and Lucky is still around . six years from the first time I shot him with Marziya .
So animals have a very special bonding with kids ,,and in another part of a world away thousands of miles away from Marziya and Lucky in Ann Arbor was Jeff Lamb eminent photographer and his dog Sonny ,, who would favorite Marziyas and Luckys pictures ,and this was another form of Love , a mystical love today Jeff is no more alive but his love for my grand daughter has given a tremendous ethereal strength I have tears in my eyes as I wrrite these words and really this post is dedicated to Jeff andLeyla Lau-Lamb.
They say Faith moves Mountains I think only Love can move Faith from one continent to another ,, Miss You Mate ,, Take Care

The Pain Pathos Of The Marathi Manoos

the situation
jowl by cheek
havoc wreak
electoral prospects
seem very bleak
this time he wont
give the other swollen
farmer suicides
constant infighting
chaotic coalition
the marathi manoos
to whom does he speak
failing law and order
rampant crimes
what does he seek
the guilty rule the
roost bad times
for the meek
as prices peak
the builder politician
nexus harvest reaps
maharashtra has lost
its soul mumbai has
lost its charm mystique
which wave this time
on a losing streak
ab ki bar kis ki sarkar
dreams choked on a
river creek..ask the
skeptic he says
live be merry
mumbai nagri main
sab kuch theek
the only city of india
that gives respect
to muslim hindu
christian dalit sikh
jain parsi buddhist
mutual coexistence
 harmonious unique ..

After Adding Me On Facebook ,, There Are Those Bigots Who Love To Kick My Ass

This is an old post written in 2012 , and I keep deactivating my Facebook account from time to time to get a free lease on life ,,but I miss some very good friends so I return like a rolling stone .

The only words that have changed in my blog below , i have locked up my hijra documentary from the voyeuristic nature of man..I shoot less pictures  I tweak my old pictures via Aviary ,, but my poets angst is as restless as it wa when life began.. I blog to kill pain ..I dont shoot Moharam in Mumbai I stay away from all Shia congregations I shoot Moharam in cities where love of Imam Hussain is greater than  love for bigotry , I shoot a lot of Hindu rituals but even this I have cut down , I shot the Maha Kumbh 2013 .

My Old Blog

Of late I have been deleting all requests from my community , simply because we may belong to the same community , but I have not come to Facebook to make this as my religious platform, I do post my faith but I dont forcefully push it up peoples throat..I may not be as religious as you are perhaps that is your view you only know a part of me through my pictures .. you want to see Shia pictures Shia blogs Shia ethos please join a Shia platform.

I am on Facebook as an extension of my love for photography and above all sharing my world my surroundings my culture that includes my ancestry as a Muslim and as a Indian above all as Humanity .

Why I shoot what I shoot is none of your business keep you religious edicts your narrowness of thought within your friends your home your elders .. I am not going to be ridiculed insulted humiliated because I shoot what I shoot with my camera .. please read my profile both at Facebook and at Flickr that  will save me from ungraciously blocking and deleting your request .. without a message from you I shall not add you at all.. Period .

Earlier I added people who added me I have stopped , I shoot hijras as a social awareness documentary but it is not part of my sexuality so I dont add anyone who adds me because they are cross dressers or aspiring hijras I am not interested .. you want to change your sex go ahead dont fuck my brains I am not a counselor .

If you post ugly comments on  the people rituals I have shot you are blocked reported deleted .

You want to change me first change yourself I am happy with what my parents taught me I had a very different upbringing than those that add me from the neighboring countries or hick towns even those living in cities with pea sized brains ..

I shoot the seasons of religiosity that affect my city during Ramzan Eid I shoot food lanes the Eid Namaz of the Sunni Mosque at Bandra Staion to show  the universality of Namaz on the streets.. during Bakra Eid I shoot the slaughter of goats sacrifice and also Bakra Eid brings me closer to Moharam another important sacrifice . I shoot Ashura  Chehlum Athvi and 21 Ramzan

I shoot  Good Friday I shoot 14 Stations of the Cross I walk barefeet with the Christians ..I owe this to them because my education is their gift ..I shoot Churches Temples Dargahs.

I shoot the Mahim Urus Makhdhoom Shah Baba and Fakhruddin Shah Baba .. only two Urus in Mumbai I shoot this as a photographer enchanted by Sufi Rafaee Mysticism.

I shoot Haji Malang because I shoot  document this place of pilgrimage a destination point for Hindus Muslims and I shoot the transgender here and their documentary, but my documentary is no more for the PUBLIC.. only people I know who are my friends on Flickr.. you just dont become my friend by adding me kicking my butt calling the shots find another compliant Bakra .

I shoot Moharam strictly for the non Muslims my foreigner friends I shoot it so they are aware of our faith and our rituals I am not a Mullah my pictures are words of pain called Ghame Hussain.

I shoot Ajmer Sharif every year as Garib Nawaz is one of the greatest testimony as a lover of Imam Hussain Shah Ast Hussain.

But now Ajmer has another holistic meaning for me as a man of peace I became a Dam Madar Malang ..my teacher is Peer Syed Saab Masoomi ...I document their lives and their love for Imam Ali ..

I shoot most of the major Hindu  feasts festivals in Mumbai .. and when the Kumbh begins I shall join the Naga Sadhus I have a Naga Sadhu teacher Guru from Junagad Akhada Shi Vijay Giri Maharaj.. I havent seen him for many years ..

I used to shoot Mount Mary now my 4 year old grand daughter Marziya shoots it.

I shot the Visarjan of GSB Ganesha hopefully I shall walk barefeet from Lalbagh to Kumbharwada and shoot the Visarjan of Lalbagh Cha Raja fo my Hindu friends ..

And I dont use photography for commercial purpose I dont sell pictures or text .

So I am confused you add me than use me as a punching bag please go punch you parents that were short in teaching you respect for elders etiquette .. and manners .

You have a issue with me or question send me Flickr or Facebook mail I will respond .. if it is necessary otherwise see my pictures move on .. dont add me to your groups and fuck for Heaven sake dont Tag Me at all.. send the post link in a mailbox I will read it..

Lastly I dont drink I dont smoke I dont fornicate but I blog .. I pimp my blogs on the Internet ,, I also pay from my pocket the Internet time I use ..

And once I have completed my debts my responsibilities I wish to renounce this brain dead World of Hate Racism and Bigotry ..

Take Care ...

Beggar Poet

My inner angst against bullies on social networking sites ,, what do they really get ,, they have nothing to offer but hate and adverse comments

Can You Imagine A World Without Photographers

scary awkward
a picture was
born much
before the
birth of the
word ,,
a picture
gave way
to feelings
hope much
before the
word was
heard .
creating joy
bliss harmony
dead emotions
it bought to
life a new path
to your restless
angst a new
spirit it stirred