Thursday, February 24, 2011


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Trying to change a profile picture at twitter
is like reliving a fuckin nightmare..
every effort attempt gives me the scare dear biz stone
this is totally unfair a testicular tragedy a circle
sodomized by a square into an unknown zone
dreamless seamlessly I stare wondering whether
you guys do really care twitter is over capacity
at cross hair a poetic pandemonium my soul I bare
cross blogging from flickr my world I share
my bloggers soul caught in a cybernetic snare

Ek Tere Bharose Pe Sab Baithee Hoon Bhool Ke Yoon Hi Umar Guzar Jaye Tere Saath Guzar Jaye

Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se Maine Dekha Jo Saanware
Tum Door Nazar Aaye Badi Door Nazar Aaye
Band Karke Jharokhon Ko Zara Baithee Jo Sochne
Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se

Hijras Are Human Only The Poet and The Camera Knows It

Ghoongat Ki Ad Se

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Ghoonghat Ki Ad Se Dilbar Ka
Deedaar Adhura Rehta Hai
Jab Tak Na Pade Aashiq Ki Nazar
Singaar Adhura Rehta Hai
Ghoonghat Ki Ad Se Dilbar Ka

Because I Shoot Hijras As Women I Get Good Pictures

Shooting Eternity In The Eyes of a Hijra

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Her name is Balan...
She is from Surat Gujrat .
She was with her Guru .

I could have gone on shooting her but she was not too comfortable with my picture taking someone had warned her I was from the Press and I would write wrong things about her.

And I do wear a Press Card round my neck just as a safety measure though I hardly need it at Haji Malang as almost everyone knows me my intentions and my passion for shooting hijras.

I shoot the hijras or the Holy Shrine and its people and surroundings and some rituals .

I walk a lot and when I say lot I mean hell of a lot after coming back from Haji Malang a mountain that I walked up and down barefeet , I have been in great pain, I am a diabetic I doont take my regular diabetic medicine on such trips..I used to be on the insulin I stopped after moving to another doctor.

Back home I had my feet massaged including my body by my masseur Bhura Singh.. it gave me some relief.

My head wound of my kama matam that I did in Chehlum at Hussain Tekri Jaora bleeds , and strangely it bleeds after healing too..

I have a huge lot of pictures in my camera including this lot about 16 GB to upload here at Flickr all of Haji Malang pictures mostly hijras and Sultan Shah Baba.

My favored lot is of a hijra grooming I shot of a hijra called Fizza and Raveen the seductress hijra, and the finest of Khushi hijra of Mumbai.,

I shot my hijra guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi too but not too many pictures though.
She arrived late at Haji Malang because she is still mourning the untimely death of her father.

20000 Visits on My Flickr Images Every Day... Thank You

Father Forgive Me I Have Sinned

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my hopes
on her drying
i pinned
i accidentally
fell in love
with a transvestite
from across
the border
thick skinned
double chinned
pendulous posterior
tits conjoined twins
like two pectoral fins
bedding her was
a nightmare
one and only
deadly sin
neither man
nor woman
only a whore
from within
from where
do i begin
sometimes out
sometimes in
her moans
like silent sounds
of corrugated tin
a facebook encounter
to my fucked chagrin
faded memories
the ignore button
that swept
me into her
recycling bin
hooron ki hoor
jannat ki pari
a blast minus
the safety pin

the transvestites tale never ends whether you lose you actually never win
a smirk minus a grin head leg before wicket by her rolling pin

Sometimes I Shoot Myself To Stay Alive

And This Is Hope Wanting Change

This Is Our Muslim World In Mumbai


With What is Happening In The Gulf The Muslim Man is More Confused Than Ever

Fuck Who Cares For a Tuk Tuk Besides Salman Khan

The Muslim World Is Learning To Finally Fight Back For Its Freedom

It Will Take A Million Light Years For Flickr To Be Another Facebook

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Because Flickr is run by robots and not a MarcZuckerburg... Ha Ha Ha

The Beggar Hijras of Bandra Bazar Road

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She grumbles each time I take her picture ..why I take her picture and will it change her life is what she keeps telling me..

Frankly her life wont change at all she was born a man will die a hijra standing erect in her grave period.

She cannot change the hands of the clock so she will be begging till she dies such is her fate I cant change it nor can she.

And though I shoot some of the prettiest hijras in the world this hijra is the one my beggar soul endears too, she and her kind I meet at traffic signals and elsewhere .

I am well known by this lot of hijras they think I am mad ..they are almost right.. I am mad in a very sane world.

Or why would I be spending 3/4 of my life on the internet without without a profit or a penny gain.

And I am not selling any wares or promoting my next book as a matter of fact publihers in India would not touch me with a barge pole.

So like a street whore I spread my legs and give it free my time my pictures and my poetry that perhaps holistically heals me and some of you.

So this is life at one end of a spectrum of a bloggers life , it is 5 am I have been hitting the keys since 3 am.

I dont drink I dont smoke I dont fornicate.

I blog and my blogs travel on the wings of time.

And Facebook or Twitter can topple governments but cant kill my blogs I use Twitter to pimp my blogs I once used Facebook but that was a million light years back..
i dont access Facebbok once in a blue moon perhaps.

I block those who add me in good faith at Flickr they think I am a racist but I am not interested in their semi porn profile or pictures .. or cum shots or the size of their water gun.. so I block..the easiest way out.

Perhaps I am a conservative .. my hijra pictures are neat and clean my subjects are good people caught in the vicious net of misplaced gender, they cannot be ridiculed or humiliated when you add them as favorites to your porn collection at Flickr.

SoI block you and I know you dont read a persons profile because you dont have one yourself too bad I wont add you without knowing something about you.

The Muslim World Uprises Against Dictators and Warlords

The Muslim World Is Erupting

He Is The Liquor Permit Left Behind By The British Empire

We still lick the ass of our White Masters even after Independence our laws are the heritage of Mother Queen Victoria..

A Picture Speaks Louder Than a Microblog

Facebook And Twitter Have Not Yet Killed This Blog

First They Removed The Slums From This Road Now The Slum Dwellers Are Back

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This is Mumbai and money and hafta talks and whatever assurance the PM gives the nation corruption will never go it is the bedrock of survival in politics.. democracy is based on corruption of the people by the people and for the people.

Cops bureaucracy every agency has a black sheep who loves green fodder .. land grabbing..

So my camera the third of Shiva sees the here and the hereafter too.

I Take A Break From Haji Malang

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These are pictures street photography from a cab, I shot them before I left for Haji Malang and my mind set is that of a street photographer , my mind is winding street too filled with memories of another day.

My Haji Malang set has another 16 GB of pictures I shall upload after this lot..

My grand daughter is still out of Mumbai and its hard she was my mainstay and my only earnest photo disciple.

Beggars at Bandra keep asking for her I speak to her on the phone but she is very monosyllabic and a bad conversationalist.

I met a lot of young kids at Haji Malang who approached me and said they liked my pictures it was a nice feeling and it touched the chord of my humility.

And the internet is a very powerful tool besides toppling the seat from under the asses of dictators and feudal lords and the tide has turned against them and the US that holds the strings of these puppets and their banana kingdoms.

Even the dead in the cemetery of Baqi wait for freedom from Wahabbi warlords..

And I got a message on my mobile to join a public protest against the Bahraini government I politely refused .. I am apolitical and I am more Indian than a universal Shia.

I shoot religion culture and ritualism.. is enough for me..

Besides I am nothing but a hobbyist an avid street photographer nothing more nothing less.

My head wound of the kama has not healed and still bleeds .. along with my heart soul and spirit.

I try not to be textual and let my pictures speak but sometimes being human I unwind myself on the soul of cybernetic humanity.

I am going through very bad and difficult times so my camera and street photography is a catharsis for my pain , it does not remove it but ameliorates it to a large extent.

Mona and Nandini Eunuch Children of India

Balan The Beautiful Hijra Doll

Mujhe Hijda Balan Kehte Hain

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aur kabhi
bagair haddi
ka salan kehte hain

Jumbo Rani Hijra Queen of Kalyan

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neither woman
nor man
like you and me
her destiny
part of her
cosmic plan
she lives
she lets
others live
she does
what she can
from the fire
into a burning
frying pan
a beauty
of her hijra clan

Kal Khel Mein Hum Ho Na Ho Gardish Mein Taare Rahenge Sada

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hijda yahan hijda wahan
hijdon ke bina yeh
duniya kahan

Haji Malang Has The Potential to be The Greatest Spiritual Destination of India

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But we are busy building Lavassa and other places where it is big bucks .. for the builder and the politician lobby..

Madhu Hijra Fakir

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In my life I have met all kinds of hijra transgener ardh nari nareshwars sada suhagins hijra rafaees eunuch children but Madhu Hijra beats them all with her knowledge her wit her wisdom, her motto as a fakir or mendicant jo de bismillah jo na de ilallaallah.

I met her at Gopal Hajis house at Haji Malang she has tatoos all over her body and is bare breasted most of the times.

She is a face reader mind reader and and a shaman.

She is a tantrik too.

She looked into my eyes annd said it is an ocean of pain bleeding red .. I answered her politely in all humility..It is Ghame Hussain its source is in Karbala.

She said you have come a long way ..yes I told her through a rough urban terrain.

She kept silent while I shot these few frames and she is one of those Hijras I can shoot without stopping ..and this includes Khushi Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Heena and Raveena and Naina.

I include Megha too in the list ...

Why do I shoot hijras passionately I dont know..but I do and it comes from within.. I have no sexual urge for a hijra simply because they dont turn me on.. I shot Raveena hijra while she was grooming stripping her clothes pictures which none of you will ever see as I shot is as poetry for myself without titillation and this is the closest I have come to understand the androgyny of the hijra.

At Haji Malang I have been approached by hijras to shoot them raw I politely refused not my cup of tea.. my hijra chronicles are about hijra pain their struggle their failures and the steep climb up.. both the hijra and my poets soul are two sides of a scale measuring morbidity and despair.

The hijra like me is not scared of dying we both die every second.. I cut my head I walk on fire I know pain as closely as pain knows me we are conjoined both in the eternity of entwined pain.

I shot the eunuch children Mona and Nandini trying to understand their angst and Nandini scares me by her vulnerability .. she is here and not here kind of thing.

Mona has grown and is a boy with no femininity at all and yest I shot Mona many years back dressed in white at the All India Hijra Sammelan at Park Site when she danced quite awkwardly actually. Mona the child eunuch is Raveena Hijras Guru.. a deadly combo.

I could have stayed back at Haji Malang shot the Sandal of Sultan Shah Baba the largest gathering of hijras but I let it pass , I left Haji Malang without remorse and I knew I would never climb this mountain ever again.

If you understand a poets pain you wont ask any explanation.

This evening I spoke to Khushi hijra from Mumbai the most heavenly doll and invited her home to meet my family and to pose for my 3 year old gifted grand daughter Marziya the worlds youngest street photographer.

She accepted my invitation .. and human bonding is what matters in a hijra man relationship more than anything else.

My hijra pictures are Gods gift to me in the beggar bowl of my camera there is nothing special about my camera or my photography but yes I consider my camera as the third eye of Shiva and so will Shiva not give me the extra boon to shoot his avatar Ardh Nari Nareshwar..yes he does my hijra set Hijda-Eunuch.Com at Flickr is testimony to the same.

I have lived with Aghoris I have lived with Naga Sadhus Rafaees , Malangs ..but I have not lived with the hijras at all I shoot them as I meet them..I dont even ask hijras how or why they became hijras..I am not a journo.. my stuff will never be published .

I dont sell my pictures I upload them at and than cross blog a few to Wordpress Blogspot Twitter and my Hijrda Eunuch blogs.

I once lived on Facebook but I moved away for good.. nothing personal but I unhooked myself.. till Marc Zuckerburg makes downloading of our pictures the choice of the photographer I dont intend using it...till Facebook comes up with a Space ball tool like Flickr..I wont use Facebook out of respect to him I have not deactivated my account.