Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Piddiling On The Streets Is The Best Way Of Getting Rid of Stress

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streets that are already
in horrendous mess
need i stress i know
you find this ugly
but he has to
empty his bladder
no loo around
on bandra hill road
so this is the best way
he could express
now he is my friend
the banana wala bhaiya
retired god bless
he lives in a shanty
a kurta bundi dhoti
his only dress
he is far away from
corruption an honest
man no more no less
not part of any scam
you know the rest
mumbai is his refuge
his lonely nest
humility of homelessness
at is its best

Gand Main Danda Dala Muh Ke Bahar Nikala..Mar Gaya Sala

Cleaning the Mess of Matchfixing In Cricket

She is a Migrant From Maharashtra ..She Had Come To Meet Obama

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bilateral talks
of peace progress
between two giant nations
does not bother her
she has been badly
let down by her
own people
wants to migrate
to America
with the blessings
of barrack obama
the messiah
of discolored hope
an after thought
that smothers her

One Dreaded Criminal Who Got Away From The Mumbai Police

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he is notorious
habitual offender
has bitten more
than he can chew
in this lane
he has bitten
street vendor's
drug addicts beggars
even a few morons
without brain
there is a red alert
for him the police
going insane
they searched
for him high and low
even among the
bandra open drains
but our smart charly
has found a safe haven
under the police van
he remains
that he is a docile dog
unperturbed he feigns
born free with a
license to bite
to a karmic canine
future enchained
lifting his leg
against the lamp post
of a sucked system
mans best friend

My Cyber Savvy Mouse Committed Suicide

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carrier of my indigenous
mental wealth
carrier of my creativity
my wordiness my guide
my patron at odd
hours always by my side
my cyber savvy mouse
this morning committed
suicide an overdose
of my poems my blogs
killed his insides
the streets that i shot
was the place he chose
with rodent humility
killing my pedestrian
poetic pride
finger fucked
from asshole
to eternity
a split open wide
time and again
we did collide
my angst
my alter ego
my passion
my pathos
me mentally
a sordid tale
as my soul cried
the rest of me
badly deprived
as the turbulence
of my imagery
finally nosedived
connived contrived
my sufferings sorrows
i survived from the
beginning of the end
to the end of a new
beginning i arrived

Diwali Has Come And Gone

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surrendered silence
sounds of crackers
eardrums torn
back to gloom
back to doom
another new day
born to mourn
man on a cycle
on a paved road
of pain and despair
where have the
good days gone
hope twiddling
its thumb
cant deliver
what he had sworn
life after life
seems fucked forlorn
a fate outworn
on the threshold
of a mothers womb
trembling tragically
the soon to be bombed
newborn detonating
the soul of man
enmeshed in
human scorn
man only mans
greatest enemy
nemesis of hate

Jesus and the Common Man

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both eternally
caught like
two fishes
out of water
in a cosmic plan
uncommon woes
of a common man
moments of madness
in a single life span

Jesus Got Sick And Tired Watching The Big Boss Show

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an insult to our culture
our nations ethos
values of humble
good indian living
in peace and peace ability
out it throws
humiliating our
traditions our values
into the gutter
life flows
mind you
little children who
watch it along
with their parents
will emulate
these exemplary
heroes and zeroes
friends of friends
foes of foes
getting a body massage
does not raise eyebrows
the language the scenes
unwanted dose
this is what
the viewer chose
on national prime time
adding to our woes
even jesus is sick and tired
his eyes shut close
a situation
morbid and morose
if only aditya thackeray
could ban this ignominy
completely a thought arose
on the soul of a cosmic poet
as it froze