Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Assure You I Can Make You A Full fledged Photographer By Making You Shoot Bandra Garbage


This Is The Garbage Dump Close To Rang Sharda Bandra Reclamation

Bandra Bazar Road Garbage Never Sleeps ,

This Municipal Worker Was Creating A Nuisance At Bandra Reclamation Transit Camp

I was shocked that he began shouting at me for taking this picture of the garbage bin on the road obstructing traffic and he was drunk , grumbling about the Municipality making him work long hours and I think he had hurt himself pushing this garbage bin so he was taking out his anger on me ,,

Strangely I have shot his pictures earlier and shown their hardship working without safety shoes no masks no gloves .and the outsourcing of the BMC is totally misplaced .. they have drunks in their service .. but most of the people I have shot barring a few are humble and nice .

And I hope the Bandra Municipality takes all this into account .. and I mean because they are overworked they let the garbage lying on the roads and Modijis Swach Bharat will be a failure because of the Municipal staff attitude ..I dont get a kick shooting garbage but it is there in open display overflowing the bins .

And if this Transit Camp at Gen Kumar Vaidya Marg has garbage bins inside the camp why is garbage being thrown on the road and is being used as an alternative garbage site .

I hope my erstwhile MLA Advocate Ashish Shelar brings this and the abusive municipal staff to the notice of Bandra Municipality .

The Tourist Guide The Great Divide ,,,,

life is a circle of confusion
on wings of hope faith astride
time and tide wait for no
man the fool replied but
holding his calm with god
by his side is nothing
but a roller coaster ride
sometimes up sometimes
down a pain inside some
do reveal some do hide
without humility hospitality
a split open wide be
human or to be unevenly
filled with pride ..the spirit
was willing as the soul cried
what god could not put
together mortally died
moments lost forgotten
mortified to rebel fight
or mutually abide
lost illusions alas
thoughts decried

for all the wrong reasons my ass got skewered than barbecued .. served olive oil fried

Driving Miss Daisy

driving miss daisy crazy.

lost illusions
moments gone
hazy erased
away from
my timeline
silhouette of
pain taken for
jolly good ride
for being nice
in oxymoron
haste so
racy a big press
card round his
his chicken
 shriveled neck
he has to do
some real
but he is
fuckin lazy

will be  lunatic like mad to ever drive miss daisy

man woman birth death infinity ...nothing more dramatically american as ben casey..

every face has a facade please be on your guard friends foes countrymen best regards ..