Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Bhaiyya Carries My Goods Till The Cab..I paid him generously

Amber Kerba Beads Bhendi Bazar

Gloria Church Byculla

The Madman of Dadar

Mere Sapnon Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu...

Ab Kis Ki Len ...

I Shot These Pictures From A Bus Going To Town..

The Football Marathon Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old - Carter Road Bandra

This was one time I let Marziya Shakir shoot an entire series , running with the players and the ball, and the players making way for her , respecting her talent dribbling the camera while they dribbled and ran with the ball.

But since this year I hardly take her out, now it her sister Nerjis Asif Shakir 23 month old who loves the camera and taking pictures of guests who come home and beggars on the street ..

I have another grand daughter Zinnia Fatima 20 month old who loves the camera too..

Little Girl In A Drizzle Shot By Marziya Shakir 2 And A Half Year Old ... At Joggers Park Bandra

It is amazing the range of emotions , when a child shoots a child , both on the thresh hold of life ..both with dreams , and these are Marziyas earliest shots as a street photographer , she was never intimidated with the camera ..the most important part of photography, is how you hold the camera and the respect you give your camera , double the respect it gives back to you..the camera gradually becomes a friend a soul mate and the camera and the photographer are basically a single united entity.. Fuck F Stops ,,,

You Can Spot The Canon User ... Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Initially being broke and new to photography it was the more famous Nikon that I used for several years , both film and digital.. it was F100 and later the Digital Disaster Nikon D 70 ,and last and never again Nikon D80..

I switched over to Canon 7D and Mariya uses Canon 60 D and Canon 7D after switching over from Nikon D80 and Nikon D3100.

One thing is dead sure we will never ever use a Nikon even if we get it free,,,Nikon is overrated in India but we consider it a piece of you know what .. suffice to say.

Nerjis Asif Shakir 23 month old with help from me uses the Canon 60 D ..

I guess we are opinionated but than it is our choice our money .. and we have a fundamental right to a personal opinion..

Marziya Shakir 15 Month Old ,,, Lover Of Books

Marziya Shakir 18 Month Old And The Kolis Of Bandra


Marziya Shakir spent a lot of her time at the Bandra Bazar fish market , the school of life and photography,she got along with the Kolis and they spoke to her in their language that she responded with understanding and kindly gestures ..

Manjula Khankian from Worli Gaon was Marziyas favorite , not in this picture .. and today Manjula is a grand mother too of a baby girl.. born recently.

At 13 Month of Age Marziya Shakir Tries To Understand The Poetry Of Life

Marziya Shakir is lucky, a crazy grand father made her see life , pain , and human degradation lessons that go beyond Ba Ba Black Sheep And Jack And Jill Went Up The Hill to Get Chilled ..

My familys first grand child , bought up by conservative parents.., the head scarf hijab her birthright , she began shooting on Nikon D80 gifted to her by Dr Glenn Losack, he saw something in her and thankfully did not give her a Barbie Doll..

After the Nikon D80 started falling apart she was gifted the Nikon D3100 by my dear friend Zain Hussain..

Now she uses the Canon 60D or the much heavier Canon 7D without any help from me...

So Marziya has come a long way, and these are memories old ones I am bringing back to Life .. tweaked as reminiscences of days gone by of a little child.

Because Marziya Shakir was my first grand child I documented her life in pictures , never missed a heart beat .. I could not do the same for my own children having been an alcoholic when they were growing up.. I am in a way paying for my sins and doing penance .. giving back to them a part of their childhood through their children.

Photography Is Meaningless If It Lacks The Essence Of Humility

Marziya Shakir my grand daughter has bee watching, absorbing street pain , since she was 2 year old, the same time I introduced her to street photography, shooting what I shot ,,the life of the unfortunate members of our society , beggars and others.

I made Marziya give money to them , to understand how the system of gratification works , I made her understand humility, that has nothing to do with camera conceit, our pictures will seek you out one way or the other provided you are sensitive to street pain.

Now Marziya Shakir 5 year old hardly moves out, homework, Doreamon etc so Nerjis Asif Shakir her 23 month old sister has taken charge of the camera and I teach her human emotions, pain , and the other side of a heartless world .. what keeps both the wolds from not falling apart is the essence of Humility.

The Umbrella Lady Bandra Reclamation And Marziyas Tryst With Charity

hope is an ocean
on which floats
humanity ..
when you give
the poor homeless
generously ..building
a home in paradise
hopefully ,,wiping away
tears from eyes that
cant see,,or the cripple
who cant walk freely
the holistic power
of faith piety home
grown..tree charity

Grand Pa I Will Go Crazy Shooting What You Shoot ,, Says Marziya To Me

shooting beggars
with their beggar bowls
shivering in the rains
a tattered stole ..
shooting beggars
is that our goal
street life of pain
poetry pathos
out of mans control
a world beyond the world
through a camera hole
tell me grand pa ..
do we really have
to capture soul
living in slums hellholes
free them leave them
on the high seas '
through the porthole
browse and scroll

Ramzan Ki Rehmat

Muslim Society Watches As Motherhood Begs On The Street

Muslims are totally insensitive to scenes like this as these scenes are so very common in Muslim areas , besides the bigot has told them not to bother about this as the veiled woman in all cases might be a Hindu beggar woman .. so the street pain continue.

Most of the time it is the Muslim male and his family and circumstances that force Muslim woman to beg, and I can challenge you the so called social activists in Muslim society , women wont sit next to her ask her what forced these circumstances on her .. it is all lip service and I have shot images that nobody is interested to shoot ,,, the malaise is not just Muslim beggar woman it touches all beggar mothers per se .

baithi hoon main rah par
waqt ka intizar hai ..maut
bhi ati nahi.. hamari muflisi
se bezar hai.. ma ki mamta
beech sadak bikti hai ..
yeh kaisa ma ka pyar hai
chod kar mujhe .. is hal par
lachar kimet bhi farar hai
na sukh na chain na ghar
na bar hai..dar dar ki
mar hai.. meri bachhi pe
rehem khaiye teen din
se bimar hai...

Jago Sonewalon . Roza Rakho - The Awakeners

Ramzan Mubarak...We The Living

The Muslim Beggar Waiting At The Doors Of Destiny ...

The Angst Of The Muslim Beggars Of Mumbai

The Fear Of Living .. Muslim Beggars God Made And Forgot

i saw
i shot
on my
like a blood clot
giving life to
a moment
a poor mans lot
wrinkled face
painfully etched
eyes bloodshot
seeking hope
you came
as a beggar
you go back
as a beggar
cosmic plot
you leave
every thing
you bought
death where
is thy sting
says the soul

har koi chaahta hai, ik mutthi aasmaan har koi dhoondhata hai, ik mutthi aasmaan

Bandra Queen of The Suburbs

If peace
hope humanity
mutual coexistence
is what you seek
all bound to a
rare bond of
so to speak
the weak
the meek
mind you
if you provoke
them wrongly
they will certainly
not give you
the other cheek
a kick up your
pompous ass
even if made
of burmah teak
ramzan xmas
good friday easter
mount mary feast
diwali ganesha
festival govinda
dassera moharam
michami dukdam
gautam buddha jayanti
guru nanak birthday
guru gobindjis birthday
pateti nowroz
including bakra eid
ambiance of faith
piety charity
good deeds ..
bandra queen
of the suburbs
is unique

Mujhe Rasta Dikhakar Mere Karavan Ko Luta ..

main kahan rahon chaman mein
mera lut gaya thikana