Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Shoot With My Eyes Closed


Thank You Friend For Your Message

Subject: आप सही मायने में भगवान की आँखों के लिए लेंस कर रहे हैं
Date: March 2nd, 2015

मानवता के अपने चित्रों को गहरा कर रहे हैं । वे मेरी आँख , मेरी आत्मा पर एक tug के लिए , मेरे दिल के एक आंसू प्यार लाया है, और मुझे दूसरों के लिए प्यार का जुनून लाया। धन्यवाद

You're truly the lens to the God's Eyes
Your pictures of humanity are profound. They brought love to my heart, a tear to my eye, a tug at my soul, and brought me a passion of love for others. Thank you

No Indian Home For That Matter Can Be As Ugly As The Garbage On Our Streets

just the thought of it
gives me cold feet
our house a temple
where god lives
 within our heartbeat
why do we throw
garbage deliberately
on our beloved citys
streets ..we dont shit
in the room where we
eat so why this garbage
adding to our sense of
defeat ..what are we
trying to prove ,,our
own civic shortcomings
incomplete ,, only our
future we try to cheat
why cant our streets
be neat and clean
i wont throw garbage
on the roads  a holy
mantra each morning
with our prayers we
must solemnly repeat

Our Government Is For The Rich Buy The Rich Of The Rich

Children Are The Closest To God ..

I shoot the simplicity of life here and beyond
every teardrop from their eyes into a great pond
through the soul of innocence god bonds ..holding
in his weathered shaking hands a magic wand ,,

My tribute to all at #ello ..freedom of speech should not hurt others ..