Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Pateti. My Parsi Connection

When I was growing at Wodehouse Road I had no Muslim friends ,,my childhood friend was Keith Kanga half Bawa ..Rayo full Bawa .Dinshah Sanjana much of their sanguinity rubbed of on me .. they made me cheerful positive and hopeful ..without them I would have been a typical lungi clad skull cap miya ,, they pushed me beyond the frontiers of my fate and my parents played a large part in allowing to mix with everyone without blinkers ,, but the Parsis have been the very closest to me in this respect ..the beauty of their race they dont convert you to their religiosity , but they convert you to love their bawa cuisine , bawa girls loved me in college but the moment I told them my name was Firoze and not Phiroze and that I was a Muslim they dropped me like a bad potato in the Elphinstone canteen .. though I did not come from a rich family background they made my background rich.. by their values ethics and love.
My classmates at Private European school early 50s were Tanaz and Jimmy Nanavati kids of Rear Admiral Nanavati and Priya and Laila Kuruvilla daughters of Rose And Rear Admiral Kuruvilla ,, Many other Parsis came in my life ,, but the memories of the earliest ones has not been erased by age or time,,
They say Bawas are crazy but I guess their crazy creativity rubbed off on me and during our school days if you wanted to attract Bawas just clap outside Cusrow Baug and all the bawa heads would push out ,,,in seamless alignment ,, childhood was spent playing at Pandya Bagh and teenage years and tears at Cusrow Bagh ,,
And Mumbai is Apro Mumbai thanks to the Bawas ,,Long live Parsiana Long Live Bawas..and I was blessed by late Mr Rusi Karanjia my dad made his safari suits and than later I made them for him at Framroz Court .
Sal Mubarak..

I Shoot What Others Dont See

i shoot ugliness asleep
under the coverlet of
beauty .held captive
cosmically by cruel
fate to be or not to be
distorted dilemma on
the soul somnolent
humanity...eyes those
burning orbs blinkered
to see what they only
need to see ..time
with a beggars bowl
seeking charity ..

Wake Up Hindustan Times

Firoze Shakir @firozeshakir 7m7 minutes ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
@htTweets Your article on New Mumbai blogger is total bullshit do u take your readers to b as stupid as your writers
Firoze Shakir @firozeshakir 4m4 minutes ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
@htTweets once a snake always a snake a man who wants to disown his Indian citizenship for the evil ISIS kill and rape shias yezdis
Firoze Shakir @firozeshakir 2m2 minutes ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
@htTweets overnight he has a change of heart and you are glorifying this change of heart..and I subscribe to your paper instead of DNA Times

Missing My Friend Deepak The Cloud Man ..

from bandra east
via plane via ferry
his travel plans
to shoot clouds
in andaman
leaving me
behind in a
vortex of my
silent now
of all my 'rant
anthill minus
the ant ,,fired
by a lady cop'
for wearing shorts
shooting 69 independence
day without my pants ...
jai ho jai ho my chant