Thursday, September 20, 2018

Meet Safiullah Khan a Abusive Youtube Troll ,,who hates Hindus and Muslims Like me ..

His comment on my post In Praise of Ganesha that I have reported to YouTube

He has not posted any video he does not have a profile picture or DP

His agenda and like many others that are part of the bandwagon of subscribers is to pollute this beautiful platform.. abuse cyber bully ,, their greatest hate is towards people like me because I am a Shia Muslim .. than they hate Sufis as I post the sweetness of Sufi Islam ..
They hate Hindus ,,, I dont which country  he is from . but if he is living in India and saying nasty things he should be locked up..for spreading venom ..
His abuse is not Freedom of Expression .
When will YouTube wake up to this menace ,,

His comment ,,

Saifullah Khan
1 day ago

Potentially inappropriate
Bosdike Hinduon ke tyohaar Mai shirkat karna ek baat hai aur vahan jaake ibadat karna aur.. ab tu Islam se kharij hai aur murtad ho gyaa hai

I am happy I am not part of his blinkered distorted myopic Islam..
My Islam is Hussain and Humanity .