Monday, October 8, 2012

Sapna Bhavnani Dream Girl Mad O Wot

a dream girl
a wild rose
humble kind
without filmy
airs our sapna
i am sapna
mad or wot
time froze
most wanted
hair stylist
once you
meet her
on your
she grows
good vibes
from her
into us
she will
come out
from a wolves
den in real time
i suppose

a few lines
as tribute
by a beggar
poet firoze
she spreads
a message
of hope
she goes
salman khan
will have his
hair cut
by sapna
a new style
a new pose
his girlfriends
name tattooed
beneath his
big toe

Jesus Never Sleeps

I Have Been Shooting The Turner Road Beggar Hijras Since 10 Years Now

246,991 items / 2,048,296 views

Laxmi at the back was in very bad shape I gave her some money , she could barely stand on her feet, and she told me she had malaria , I told her to go to Bhabha Hospital down the road .. but hijras and these are hijras normally looked down by other hijras , because they are known as impostor hijras , guys who don womens clothes and beg for a living..

They live a life of penury, and in the past I gave them clothes too simply because they are human downtrodden and these are a few pictures I have kept open for public view but the bulk over 20000 are not for general viewing ..

I hardly shoot hijras I guess I dont need to document their lives specially at Flickr all my hijra pictures have been stolen misused and the people who robbed my pictures committed identity fraud of the people I shot.

So I avoid shooting hijras completely nor do I add them as contact , not interested or at personal prerogative nothing more nothing less ..

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