Sunday, October 11, 2009


100000, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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Old man
Muslim retired
sitting on a chair
reading an urdu
his vote
his welfare
change in his life
the political honchos
a kurta
a tehmat
that he wears
facing the twilight
he is aware
for a long journey
he must prepare
face to face
with his maker
beyond pain and despair

my 100000 photo blog
in 28 months at Flickr
dedicated to
nauman umair
sheer humility
sans fanfare

The Muslim Man Waits for the Verdict

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none of the Muslim
standing for their
respective parties
or the lone
has the community
hand picked
cutting into
their future
the Muslim man
each election
for his vote
has been tricked
the ministers
have forgotten
used him
like a door mat
truth thus depicts
once in power
from his own house
thrown in a prison
for being a Muslim
branded as a convict
used as a tool
to instigate conflict
bruises on his body
his soul
they afflict
change in his life
but never comes
like a football
from one goal post
to another goal post
he is kicked
by his own
in every mohalla
every district
this time
the Muslim
once again
waits for a verdict
forces of evil
dividing the country
with his vote
he hopes to restrict
who will come to power
even god wont predict

Gar Kute Political Savvy Ban Jayenge

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gar kutey
political savvy
ban jayenge
har gali main
nara lagayenge
stray dog population
ke massiah ban jayenge
inko vote do
yeh raste ke kutton ko
pedigree ke
certificate dilayenge
acche acche
khab dikhayenge
hadi accha malik aur makan
bhok bhokke
nara lagayenge
maneka ji ka
adar samman
gas chamber
dog slaughter house
ko completely
band karwayenge
kuton ki nagri ko
insan ki nagri se
accha banayenge
jab kutte neta
ban jayenge
foreign trip lagayenge
bade bade mall
building complex
kutton ke liye banayenge
kutte insan ki tarah
kutton ko nahi satayenge

Outside The Mosque She Sits

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outside the
the house of god
made of mortar
and bricks
she sits
her spirit
is strong
the flesh
of her flesh
is weak
she admits
mouths to feed
she begs
earns a few bits
away early
to her fate
she did submit
under the wheels
of juggernaut
she was badly hit
begging the only
option of this
Muslim misfit
at the mercy
of the rich man
left overs
a few coins
she hopes
that from this
earthly situation
her death will acquit
from a spirituality
that promotes
a jihad by bandits
the jihad to change
her life the community
completely omits
eunuch silence
on the sands of karbala
when his throat was slit
the soul of a nation
in two parts it split
two sides of a same coin
to wit...both sides
to call it quits
hussain is humanity
a parched drop of a tear
on the ethos of pain

*the flesh of her flesh refers to her children.