Friday, May 11, 2012

I Showed You Faith Through The Humility of a Child

And I Could Go On Shooting Him..His Spiritual Courage Was The Same When I Cut My Head With a Dagger During Moharam

the youngest cheek piercer

The Beggar Poet And The Cheek Piercers

Shooting What I Was Cosmically Destined To Shoot

Documenting Hope Hindutva As A Message of Peace and Humanity

I have been shooting Hindu feats traditions all part of my cultural inheritance as a lucky Muslim born in India for me being born in an any other country would be cunter productive to my ethos a beggar poet and a lover of Hussain and lover of Humanity.. my Karama My Dharma and my Karbala is India the land where God lives in peace with other Gods.

Read my words as metaphor , read it as a reality but I shoot what my cosmic camera eye was born to shoot .. I could not shoot what I was not destined to shoot.. God has hired my services because he knows a photographer I show his world as it is , without distorting the beauty hidden in ugliness ..

As a poet I fill in blanks with words that he prompts as poetry of life.. I re shoot it and capture its effervescence on your mind and soul as it was reflected on my own mind and soul.

I was interviewed by an Australian network yesterday and the cameraman, the documentarist Bass, came to my house broke bread with me , I took him ro the Turner Road Traffic Signal I showed him life I showed him beggars and I narrated to him a world that is million light years beyond Tasmania.. but I showed him beauty , happiness love dedication devotion.. and he captured it all.

My wife shot us both at home as Marziya Shakir 4 year old in house photographer is on her summer holidays .. and Bass was very keen on meeting this street photographer who holds my heritage as her camera eye.

And I dont understand corny comments on my posts at Google+ I thought you guys were mature than the juvenile delinquency factor at Facebook.. well I leave it at that .

I wont ridicule people I shoot , make fun of them as this respects for humanity comes with the territory of being a sensitive human being..

i have shot pain with tears in my eyes .. I have shot faith hope and more..
And if shooting all this hurts you you should just skip my stream let it flow in the unknown zone.

i love this man he is a hardcore bollywood fan..

we carry our brains outside our heads .. beg your pardon we are indians

i did not intend to shoot this but i did.. i wont post a gif picture god forbid

Flick Customer Care is Totally Heartless Insensitive Treats Me Worse Than a Leper

A Flickr member Nirma has taken all my hijra pictures including the titles and posted it on her site , as her own pictures ,she has managed to steal my pictures although they are protected by a uselss tool called Spaceball ..

She has blocked me so I cant tell her to remove my pictures from her Flickr site I reported abuse on almost 30 pictures on her page and I got a message from Flickr Support that makes me cringe I am a Pro member .. so even your pictures on Flickr can be stolen and you can do nothing but tediously report to Yahoo Copyright .. this is like passing the buck.//

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 2:46 AM, Flickr Support wrote:
Hello firoze shakir photographerno1,

Thank you for contacting Flickr Member Support.

The Flickr team greatly respects the intellectual property
of creators. Issues of infringement are handled for us by
the specialists within the Yahoo! Copyright Team. Please
click the "Copyright/IP Policy" link that's available in the
footer of every page to reach your Yahoo! Copyright Team,
where you will be able to file a Notice of Infringement.

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any other
questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

Flickr staff

my reply i write with a single finger injury to my hand thst is permanently damaged

i posted my pictures on flickr and they are on flickr being displayed on another persons site
i think you are the worst customer care on the internet totally heatless insensitive

i wish somebody stole your pictures you would know what it feels
i will blog your insensitivity on the cyberspace

but what you have not answered is how did this person break through your useless space ball
or is that not your problem
as a pro member you have to answer my question
dont treat me as rubbish because i am an Indian

i think your approach to me is biased you would certainly not give this answer to a white man i am sure of it..
i am sorry that flickr a site i promote all over google+ blogspot wordpress twitter treats me like a piece of shit and leper

yes i call myself a beggar poet
My pictures on her set called Hijras all robbed and without any credit or link

Lubricating the Rod in the Mouth With Goats Milk

Pain Is The Poetic Genre of My Street Photography

Marriamman Feast 2012 Nehru Nagar Juhu

I Learnt Photography Shooting Against The Light

i shot seamlessly what i had to shoot i shot the darkness at dawn in daylight.. cartier bressons decisive moment was not for me i shot against the light fuck the renaissance pompous pedantic fat assed rule makers fuck f stops alright ..i could not shoot sunsets sunrise ..i shot the poetry of pain i shot the poor whores in redlight areas i shot their weeping vaginas i shot the poetic plight of lost wombs torn by testicular might i shot the lost tribe of a lesser known god of the hijras i shot them in color a creaking cot a lance protruding from their backsides... fetid smell of dry semen as stains on the human consciousness respite ..i decided i will not manipulate the soul of what i saw no i will not shoot art black and whites i will not pretend to be god i will simply paint his underworld with light .

i shot the destiny of man lost illusions the urchin in his clenched fist empty air as piece of bread he tries to bite i am a fake poet may god smite Prometheus bound to my passion my pathos my soul in chains held tight ...a mouse instead of a pen with a single finger of a hand cut by a bleeding sword i write ...your world is beautiful my world dark the other side of google+ the other side of midnight

beggar poet wake up lead kindly light

Because Media And Celebrity Photographers Dont Have Time To Shoot All This I Decided To Shoot Their Story as a Blog

I shoot what I was destined to shoot ..the tree of ancestry branches roots to my country's unique heritage of perseverance through pictures as poems I pay tribute , culture rituals tradition of my people as offshoot , a captive moment from the camera on your consciousness as offshoot.... pictures that talk to you invite you although mute .. and to the lady a better more bolder photographer than me on googleplus who called this gross ..I refute ..a million time lucky I dont shoot what she shoots plastic smiles that as fine art on the soul of photography she dilutes ..

This poem is a response a late response a delayed response ..poetically astute.. diabetic delirious to the Tamil people the heroes of this spiritual drama I shot barefoot ..with unkindled passion as I await my impending death and doom.. beggar poet nom de plume umarked grave on marshy gutter lies his tomb....his fate scripted in his mothers hallowed tomb..

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