Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tears for Karbala

roshni dhoob gayi
suraj pasine se dhala
tadap rahi thi karbo bala
islam ke dhad ko bacha
raha tha shae ka gala
sad wa waila
sad wa waila
khoon main litpit
karbo bala
lashon pe lashe
karbo bala
sad wa waila
sad wa waila
bewaqt jhuka
lekin waqt na jhuka saki karbo bala
sad wa waila
sad wa waila
aane wali yazidiyat ko yad dilye
karbo bala
hussainiyat main samayi
kabo bala
shahe mazloom ka hai yeh gala
sad wa waila
sad wa waila

Shia Samurai

enemies of shiasm

wonder the defiance

in our kids

bleeding eyes

truth love
of a imam

rainbow of ahle bait

in the skies

the euphrates in eyelids

never dries

a child

called karbalaiee


tempered steel

protective armour

a human skull
that pays tribute

to a shia samurai

the curses of the wahhabi

the salafi the


left high and dry

allah ho akbar

dare khaibar

ki yaad aati hai ladie

haider e karar ka alam

abbas moulah akka hussain

ka sipahi

kahan milega aisa


bibi zainab ki rida

maindekhi islam ki parchaiee

ya elahi

Allah and the Ahle Baith

blood shed
for hussain ibn ali
a matam
a testimony
of our
shia faith
the invocation
of ahle baith

Mark Of Faith Shia Child

the mark of faith
on his forehead
this is his shiasm
as he bled
tabarah hussainiyat
leading ahead
we bleedwhy do they see red
our children do not other people behead
lobbing grenades in mosques
causing misery bloodshed
the holy prophets progeny
the only thoroughbred
beyond this
we need no figurehead

Cry Beloved Khada Parsi

monochromatic melodies
of time gone by
rhapsodic ruminations
that let out a sigh
miserable moments
under a blue sky
cry my beloved khada parsi
outlive but dont die
you our heritage
we callously deny
you a chimney sweep
dust heat and soot
spires of a church nearby
a bridge on a vehicular river why
the resilence the spirit of mee mumbaikar
you indomitably personify
your presence our presence beautify
time tide bad tidings you defy
to this vibrant cities
ups and downs you testify
beneath your legs
the space they occupy
they piss , defecate they fornicate
their brood multiply a clothesline on the sly
a cradle holding a lullaby
above standing tall
sheth cutsetjee manockjee 1763-1845 mummify
parsi philanthrophist
that the parsi community has no time to deify
trust in god and be not daunted
mere words that his hardships horrify
tears as rain drops liquefy
pigeon shit on his head misery
khada parsi I shall always shootyou
each time in a cab on the bridge
I pass by it is with you dear bawaji
that my parsi friends
keith kanga rayomand framrozeI identify

firoze shakir

Tears for Bibi Fatima ! Curses For her Killers !

from this world into the next world

we will pass tears for bibi fatima
beneath the shadow of
alam abbas

oops taqqaiya allah ho akbar

we bypass dont
throw stones you live in a cybernetic
world made of glass

we cut our bodies
scourge bleed mind outpacing mass

we dont lob grenades maim ,

decapitate or
other communities harass

on other peoples privacy of thought we dont tresspass

so let us do what we do stop behaving like a jackass

yes it is hussainiyat

as wealth of our spirituality we amass

did it not spread eagle yazidiyat

momentary abberation so crass

with our curses on the enemies of janabe fatima

will surpass it is not just a sectarian difference its an
ideology impasse

firoze shakir

Yes We Bleed

the chant of ya hussain
is all we need
yes we bleed
furrowed on our heads
ploughed lines of our faith
yes we bleed
just love for our imam
without any greed
yes we bleed
our views not yours
is part of our creed
yes we bleed
keep your sajdahs
your skull caps
your prayer beads
hussainiyat we will not conceede
come moharam its guaranteed
yes we will bleed
trampling with the tandav of our feet
yazidiyat and the serpent seed
yes we bleed
tears that in the will of bibi fatima
of our shiasm were prophesied
yes we bleed
allah ho akbar you may mislead
yazidi forces shamed by zuljana
imam hussains valiant steed
yes we bleed
yes we bleed

firoze shakir

Yes We Self Flaggelate!

we self flagellate
allah ho akbar
our pain on their consciousness
cut and paste
we the path of hussainiyat
they call our matam in poor taste
why do we our blood waste?
saying it is shikr bidat based
they who place bombs on trains
they who lob grenades
in mosques bomb mandirs and trains
to achieve a martyrdom misplaced
killing maiming decapitating
the true colors of Islam defaced
with their cowardly acts
an entire community disgraced
muslims killing muslims
a thought surfaced
in sheer human distaste

firoze shakir

Cock Teased Cybernetic Love

sweeping shadows on the sand
choreographed misery of falling in love
with a blog goddess
a mythological cybernetic
apparitionliving in wonderland
me at her beck and command
haughty , arrogant intimidating wordpowered fiesty firebrand
she takes my words out of context reasons I failto understand
yes recylced emotionsmy flippant feelings on the block secondhand
man is an island woman a mirageof a receeding mainland
dashed on her shores my tryst with destinymy testicular fortitude shedding
tears unpreplanned a blogger a love the last stand far away a misty hanky
a waving unbraving ladies hand
it is humanto be human feel the agoniesof an unclaimed fairyland
my dreams touching heavens my feet sinking in earthy quicksand
on my multi colored posterior made in india a home made brand thirsting for
lovein a foreign land
that she wasonly cock teasing me this she never told me
beforehandAmerican women a script
more confusing than mere shorthand

Painted Pathos of Photographerno1

  • monochromatic grief
    colorless tears of
    pain millions of moments choked on the monitor of
    the brain unwashable
    memoriesthat my conscience stainnostalgic disdain
    stranded at the station
    missing the last train everyday is ashura
    karbala a spiritual domain
    he gave his head not his hand lost his
    loved onesdid not
    complain saved Islam from Islam a single name Humane
    Shah Ast Hussain
    singlehandedly stopped the Yazidi hurricane Yazidiyat
    lay trampled and
    slain Verily Badshah ast Hussain Hussainiyat a light
    of hope through the
    windowpane Haqqe bina lahe laha Ast Hussain a noble
    thought present day jehadis
    wont entertain rafidi shias their one and
    only unending migraine their
    bullets their bombs their suicide bombers
    the cry of Ya Hussain cannot
    restrain in a you tube no al farsi dare
    explain shia sunni oops muslims
    love killing muslims allah ho akbar a
    thought I maintain some net savvy gents
    who distort it to a thought more
    profane promoting sectarian violence in
    the name of Allah their thought

Kabr Par Aansu....Bahate Hue

balon ko dupatte se chupaye hue
kabr par baithi mehboob ke
dil ko dab dabaye hue
fatiya padti hai
beeti yadon ko
hawa mein bhikraye hue
hath be jod thar thrate hue
lash jaise lamhe
ansu mein samate hue
mashk ke dard kabr pe bahate hue

mehboob kabr mein soya hi tha
kaie bar puthi kismet par roya bhi tha
kash mein phir se zinda hota
tere dil ke pinjre ka parinda hota
teri ujad duniya ka bashinda hota
kash mein es tarah na roya hota
babul ka jhad na boya hota
beeta hua waqt na khoya hota
sapnon ko suee ki ankh mein na
piroya hota
shayad kuch din aur mein zinda hota

Peace Silence No Surge

standing wet



a cold

outside the graveyard

silence of her trembling door

like little baby waves kissing

the hem of her receeding sea shore

she who once called me a journaler

now is blog spotted through her back door

two comments from this indian labradors

he wants nothing to do with me furthermore

an american blog goddess my multicolored

fuckwit heart wont ignore

to old times she who can make me

or break me wont restore

enslaved to a sly moment we did not explore

poetic pestilence pictorial parody my paramour

Why this Self Flagellation?

this self flagellation
of kama zani zanzir zani
to stop any thought
of another karbala
another yazid
our blood oath
without hesitation
to put to rest your fears
yes just a single chant
ya hussain
shia denomination
allah ho akbar
no more taqqaiya oops
no more
your spirtual chains
your yokel
your domination
yes we are shias
right to matam is our souls gratification
our bleeding flesh a part of a shia sensation
call us rafidis kafirs heretic
we wont lose our patience
a drop of a tear pact of a shia creation
all roads lead to karbala
within the beating heart of our chest a true shia nation