Sunday, September 16, 2007


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Eerie silence all around
Pin dropp silence and no sound
Planet of the forum apes
None to be found
Ted Sheridan to his armchair bound
Daviz Hazel on the rebound
Allen James Saywell has gone AWOL
Body washed ashore soul not found
Dr Lawrence Beck MD from one
Decomposed body to uncomposed
body going
round and round
Pussys day off
No Trade to confound
A penny mortgaged to a pound
Fax machine power failure
Spirit is willing flesh impound
Sacerdotal silence of her Mound


Ramadan and the poor Muslim Woman

Ramadan holy month of piety
And she sits and begs
The poor beggar Muslim Woman
Carrying her pain
Within the ocean of her womanhood
Blood sweat and tears
Voluminous waters of her hijab
Besides her sits her little girl
Who will perhaps beg like her
Another hijab of pain
Yes Muslims
do not wish to be reminded
black spots on the firmament
of Islamic society
on hard rock hearts
while the Mullahs men
move from house to house
with a receipt book in hand
another Mosque
to be built at Ayodhya
another in Faizabad
Madarsas to be built in Azamgarh
Yes they beg too with Islamic fortitude
While at the corner of a Allahs Door
A Muslim Poor Woman Begs
From one Ramadan to the other Ramadan
Fasting from the day she was born
To the day she will die..
The Mujhaidas were plumb lucky
Living and breathing among prayer beads
On cyberspace
Allah ho Akbar endangered specie
The Poor Muslim Woman
A palpitating heart
a dying soul in the Hijab
Says the Muslim Man
Let her be ..
A Muslim Woman
To her Crying Destiny

this poem does not denigrate the hijab but the life that lies unprotected as woman within the hijab no upliftment of her
deteriorating condition..

Poem Hunter Forum Valley of the Dolls

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Male testicular fortitude misplaced
Male poets whine barking at each other
Male poets papier-mâché balls
Female poets voluptuously endowed
Prim and proper some defaults
Some pretending to be men
Some pretending to be molls
Hairy scary cat calls
All around assaults
dented metaphors, idiosyncratic idioms
sold at a heavy discount
At poem forum stalls
vendors of poetc wares
Each one reliving the others faults
A doomsday train moving no halts
A new ten commandments of
Thou Shalt
A voice reverberating
From Yosemite falls
God save you from poetic Squalls

Memories of a Racist American Poet I wont forget

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Memories of you
as a racist bully
I will never forget
You are nothing but
A racist who like a coward
Hides in the bushes
Of Poetry
I won’t forget
You should give up
Writing poetry
Memories of a racist bully
Won’t forget duplicity a click fraud
On humanity
You third grade
Street performer
I won’t forget
Yes James Foulk
There is so much more
To the blackness of your heart
That I won’t forget
Who gave you the right
To tell me what to write
I certainly shall not forget
You others like you
That pander and whore poetry
At Poem hunter
Hurting other poets
Is something I wont forget


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Some animal poets like hyenas on the prowl
Some animal poets with loose hanging jowl
Some female animal poets with poetic disdain and scowl
Some women poets with horny rimmed glasses as owls
Some women poets that have thrown in the towel
Some peripatetic animal poets with poetic loose bowels
Some pussy faced animal poets on the prowl territorial
As they piddle smell and they growl
Perplexitude animal poets as they howl
Eagle hawk owl lisping between consonant and vowel
Tweed headed fox running an Indian Fowl afoul
Trying very hard but cannot for the love of Jesus H Christ
Indian Fowl embowel
Welcome to poem hunter forum animal farm
Veiled burka clad female animals who graves of
Male animal poets in cowls. Shovel..
Undigested poetry by the readers disemboweled




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Cock a doodle doo
Any Styrean cock
Even Yoounus cock
Says the poem hunter forum hen
Named Sue (imaginary hen)
I am starving any cock will do
Poem Hunter Poultry farm
New tenancy new lease renew
Poem reciting hens some Catholics
some Christian some Jew
Buddhists atheist’s agnostics a few
Poem hunter forum cocks
Pussy footed minds no clue
Hand carted sorrow in lieu
Some flaccid some half erectile
Bird cocks not yet in a stew
Waiting to hump libidinous
Lecherous all after a shrew
Reciting poems do get
A money back screw
Of some racist cocks it is true
So heady metaphors idioms
All over coated as brew
Pages and pages of poetry fax paper
To wipe your multicolored ass in the loo
Some toothless cocks with dentures
Soft flesh labial love to chew
Much ado adieu
Some new hens pirouetting
As on debut ogling cocks
Amost into some androgynous
Gay paree birds say no thank you
We are cocks we love cocks
Without cocks cant do want we want to do
Poetry and rectal remorse topoke into
But the pussy craving poultry cock
With an email address of Yahoo
Wont trade his for Tweed heads kangaroo
Hate comments as literary review
Anti Christ Cock jock free with lots
Of tattoo
I can go on and on
My words you will misconstrue
Welcome to Poem Hunter Forum
Poultry Farm Love Fun Love
Cocks hens chickens “unladen” eggs
Through and through
From asshole to eternity to


Matrix of Evil Osama

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Embrace Islam he says
In the same breath
Innocent men women
and children he slays
he keeps the tenets
he keeps the Ramadan
fast he prays
Yes he is a Jehadi Terrorist
The New Messiah of the Muslims
His beard dyed the rest of him greys
The conversion card he plays
Decapitated heads on trays
He frightens and displays
Numbered are his nights
Numbered are his days
Till his closest kin
Osama Bin Laden betrays
Money greater than Allah
For the misguided paves the way
Hidden in the hijab of a cavernous
Mountain like a woman without
Trace ..a coward a product of the seed
Of Yazid Terrorism he essays
Allah ho Akbar a cry of sectarian war
To rephrase continuing malaise
True Islam of the Holy Prophet
The Messenger of God he distorts
With hatred for mankind he displays
Bigotry religious Racism he portrays
Politicization prosylitization his
Demented mind revolving in a jehadi maze

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