Friday, March 12, 2010

Hum Hindustani Hain Hame Khamosh Rehne Ki Adat Hai

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hum par
hamare iman par
hamare akide par
koie kichad uchale
hamare chhere
par kalak lagale
hamare mooh
par lage hain tale
ab aur kitni de
ham misale
ek zindagi
aur kaie risale

hum hindustani hain
hame khamosh rehne ki adat hai
sahab yeh kaise ibadat hai

Insulting Khwajah Gharib Nawaz - Mehraj Rabbani
What really shocks me after a such a long time is that there is not a single voice of protest from the Khadims of Ajmer Sharif..and the slow process of Law that allows a rabid Mullah create dissent in Muslim Society of India.. hurting sentiments of all and sundry..its always a wait and watch situation after all you cant hurt Saudi petro dollars and Wahabbism..both are needed to appease politics of convenience.
It is alleged Mehraj Rabbani is a holder of a Saudi passport and I am happy that Mr Rizwan Merchant is pursuing this case without leaving any stone unturned..I do not know him but I had shot his rally attended by Sanjay Dutt at Bandra Jamatkhana during the recent elections..

I am a Muslim and as a Muslim I am hurt by the disparaging remarks on The Holy Saint Kwajah Gharib Nawazs character and ancestry..I have eaten the salt of Ajmer Sharif at the House of Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6 my mentor and guide so it hurts me all the more..

As an Indian its an insult to my motto Sarv Dharm Ek..

Mere Chehre Ke Peeche Yeh Haqeeqat Jan Leti Woh

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mere jazbat
meri gheraiee
main kya hoon
main kya nahi hoon
pehchan leti woh
mere chehre ke peeche
yeh haqeeqat jan leti woh
i am nothing but
a frightening moment
a face of tragedy
a face of reality
beneath my flesh
empty and hollow
in the darkness
of my soul
i am my only
friend and foe
what i call love
is a poetic cry
of my alter ego
yes i am doomed
forever for her
love i cannot borrow
i am karma
from a seed of sorrow
i live today
i die today
i have no
of chaos
in the dungeons
of my mind
my life
my reflections
only a pretentious
slide show
as she looks down
upon me from
her curtain less window
the angst the anguish
the pain the remorse
as it flows standing
in a burning field
the last stand
of defiance
of a miserable

If God Had Not Given Us a Tongue

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this place
would have been
a better place to live in
no yarns to spin
no more bullshit
from next of kin
no more spewing
hate from within
a silence serenading
the poetry of man
woman's soul
beneath the skin
falling in love
no more tailspin
pure pristine
soundless din
no loss
no remorse
just win win
fucked us all
adding a new
to original sin