Monday, April 30, 2018

My First Live Video at FB My Message To The Loving People of Manipur

This is my first live video at FB I wanted to talk share my feelings with the people of Manipur that gave me love respect for helping Gambhir Singh of Khumbong Imphal Manipur ,,,


The Malang shot by ace portrait artist Laurent Salesse

Laurent Salesse 
was fascinated 
with my Sufi 
my turban 
my rings 
my pendants
that added to 
the intriguing 
nature of my 
Malang dress 
but he rebuked 
me for having 
cut of my long 
hair my flowing 
tress ..
Laurent shoots 
without stress 
every shot of his 
you will surely be
impressed we have 
been friends for 11 
long years ,,
shooting Makanpur 
shooting Khamakhya 
God Bless ..we are 
humble people 
million light years 
from photographers 
of the press ,

The truth is lived, not taught.

a quote by 

Hermann Hesse

Gandu Tuney Pahelvi Irani hotel ka Paya Kyon Khaya

Thanks to Pahelvi Irani Restaurant Paya
Maine kacchi haddi ka Paya Khaya
Dant toota Waqt Ne Mujhe Phasaya
Wah re Kismet Pahelvi ka sau rupaye
Ka Paya Doctor sahib Ne Rs 15000 ka bill
Root canal ki treatment ka mere hath main
Thamaya.. Ab Dil kehta hai Gandu toohne
Pahelvi ka paya kyon khaya..
Maine apne dono hathon se apne pichwade
Main Danda dalwaya..
Mere dost Raju Ne kaha Paye Ne Rulaya aur Hasaya
Ranaji boley bhosdike Kay Pahelvi main kyon Jakey marwaya
Meri taqdir ne mujhe phasaya ..meri samjhj main abh bhi nahi aya
maine ghatiya Pahelvi ka Paya kyon khaya
Biwi gayi thi maikay ,,maine ghar par hotel sey paya kyon mangwaya
gar 15000 hazar main garibon main bat deta ..taras mujhe aya
maine paya kyon khaya ,,,
Dear Ranaji
both side teeth have become loose so root canal cap etc , all because of you had you invited me to your house for lunch this would have not happened
sahi main bahut pachtaya ..ranaji ne apne ghar pe khane pe kyon nahi bulaya
zakhm par Lahori namak lagaya ...kun faya nahi sun paya ,,,,

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

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