Friday, April 16, 2010

I Want To Be A Street Photographer Too!

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looking into
my eyes
he said
he had
just one goal
to be a street
see the world
of pain
through a pinhole
shoot raw human
emotions without
any loophole
steal hijra souls
while out
on a stroll
with his camera
command and
beggars lepers
in life's fishbowl
a part captured
as whole

Whats in store for her ?

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her life
moment of her life
shot as painted blur
tell me just once
whats in store
for her
her dreams
her frail wings
her vulnerability
on the spur
its dues
with compound
from her soul
will recover
life is commerce
makes every soul
bought and sold
a reluctant

to gnaulz my facebook friend

Growing Up In The Slums

Growing Up In The Slums

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Having their picture take adds to their happiness, so invariably they hang around here , a house on top built on the support of a tree , a narrow space between the tree and another house is a passage that leads you out of the slums.

The two kids on the left I know , they are the sons of a migrant Muslim guy from UP he has a small provision store.He is least bothered about their upkeep, they roam wild.,

Everybody knows me here but I shoot without posing questions, I never ask the kids names,I shoot move on , the beggar kids I give money or sweets.

My camera is an acceptable part of my persona , its always on my person..when I am out.

I did not want to take my camera to the funeral but I carried it anyway , I shot my parents graves , Nawab Kashmiri Saabs grave , Meena Kumaris grave and Jalal Aghas grave , several other graves too, including my dads uncle Maqbool Bhai..founder of the Imamia Sabil at Bhendi Bazar.

I dont think the pictures will be anything to write home about as there is hardly any light on the graves.

The most beautifully managed and well lit graveyard is Armbagh that belongs to the Shia Khojas of Mumbai, where many a stalwart is buried who contributed to the might of our city.
The Roza of Hazrat Abbas is a a beautifully constructed tribute to the erstwhile brother of Imam Hussaiin here at the Shia Khoja cemetery Mazgaon.

The defunct Jew cemetery is a in a very bad state , gassed to death as I call it, and is small set on my Flickr photo stream.

All in all Rehmatabad Shia cemetery Mazgaon where the Iranian Shias and the Hindustani Shias are buried is a serene calm quiet place , totally overcrowded with graves and is not a very big cemetery.The tiled graves of the Baluchis of Mumbai is worth a look..

One of the Baluchi graves is so artistically beautiful that I can go on shooting it forever..

I dont much care for night photography but as I had time to kill I shot the dead in silent repose..

Growing Up In The Slums

Growing Up In The Slums

Growing Up In The Slums

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This is the slum that takes me via this narrow lane cutting through a tunnel of a tree to a mound outside , that leads to the Bandra transit camp and from there I branch out to a lane that leads to Bandra Jain Mandir Road and straight to Bandra Hill Road.

I dont want to imagine what this will be during the rains, I am sure water enters most of these cheek and body hugging shanties in the slums , every available space is part of the extension of the house, some of the people have invested wisely and have several rooms , they have given on hire to the slum dog caterers too.

There are two provision stores in the slums..and the kids are always studying doing their homework or some because of the holidays playing cricked on the mound.

Today Mohomed bhai the Tamarind and Bora guy was missing.

But I shot another Muslim beggar woman with her tiny child today..,she was in real bad state and the pain continues..

I Envy His Lifestyle

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He stays in a slum close to my house , I dont know his name , or perhaps his name is Happiness , and he is happy he is on a ladder climbing his way to peace hope and tranquility.

I shoot kids and it is impulsive, the impulse is the soul of street photography, what to shoot or what not to shoot , the decision is your minds based on your impulses, sometimes I shoot two frames sometimes several, sometimes after taking a few shots I come back trying to use a different perspective.

I shoot ordinary pictures , you see them differently and add a new dimension to my picture thereby enhancing the quality of the picture I shot, I shoot what I see yet you see it differently that is the magic of your is certainly more vivid than mine..

I have just come back from a funeral of a close friends daughter , I went to the Shia cemetery for the burial , with my wife , and I went and shot the graves at the cemetery it was impulse , I was shooting it in the night on camera flash.

And I shot the grave diggers making the grave , and I am happy they wont be digging my grave if my family respects my wishes after my death and donate my body to Medicine.

I dont want mourners , I dont want my grave to remind me I am dead and gone..I dont want to be part of deaths morbidity..I dont know graveyards depress me , the only place that is the ultimate reality of of the relatives of the dead person, a very big shot , told me to keep my camera away as I shot his picture too, I dont blame him , he too will come here sooner than he expects. Death is always stalking you , and catches up with you when you least expect it..

I kept my camera away and as I am no relation of the dead person , I told my wife to hasten our departure from the Shia cemetery.

In the cab I realized that even big shots do not want to be captured even accidentally under the shadow of Death.

So carrying a camera everywhere I go can injurious to another mans health as well.

The cemetery pictures I will post after I finish this lot that I am taking as one picture at a time.

And its been a month since I shot a hijra..and street photography is the staple diet of my pictorial soul.

And as I cross blog some of my stuff to Facebook , I must whisper in Marc Zuckerburgs ears at least 50 percent or more people are on Facebook merely to keep up with the Jones , and the other 50 percent dont know how to use Facebook at all.. this is reality as I have seen it on Facebook.

And Facebook applications have made sane people I once knew into morons..

I am on Facebook to pimp my blogs I am not into social networking at all, I am dysfunctional to extra marital relationships with the living or the dead..

And I would want Assad Dadan to continue posting pictures on my Facebook and Flickr account to make people believe I am alive and kicking when I am dead and gone.. and because my blogs are non profit I am educating the masses , Flickr might continue my Pro status..on humanitarian grounds and as a tribute to my departed soul.

Two Of A Kind

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a disciple
a master
of one mind
on the soul
of street
re aligned
blood related
light related
camera related
shadow related
state of mind
the other
you will find