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Mujhko Laga Hai Ek Aisa Rog.. Karta Hoon Matam Bhadak Jate Hai Log

Dunya toh mushkilat main kehti hai YA ALI A.S, Islam ne kaha tha Museebat main YA HUSSAIN A.S..

KARBALA ki rait pey soya huwa hai dhond lo,,, masjidon main dhondtey ho kon sey ISLAAM ko?....

Dushmane Ahle Bayt Ko Hum Dikhate Hain

ke hum apna khoon
dusron ka khoon
nahi bahate hain
1400 sal se hum
yeh manzar dikhate hain
phir abbas ke parcham
se lipat jate hain
ya hussain ki sada
main ubhar ate hain
hum hussaini hain
hum shia kehlate hain
hamare khoon ki
parchaie se
hum apko karbala
ka waqiya sunate hain
hussain is humanity
path to peace and brotherhood
hum ane wali naslon
ko padate  hain

Alam"ABBAS (as)" ka Dekh Kar Mujhe Chen Milta Hai
Salam Jo Krta Hun Mujhe Deen Milta Hai
Wafa K Khaliq Ka Jab Alam Choomta Hun
To Qasam Khuda Ki Alam K Andar Mujhe "HUSSAIN"a.s Milta Hai.

Labbaik Ya Hussain

Sadion se inataqaam ki hasrat liyea hoye..
Aashoor jesi dil pe Qayamat liyea hoyea..
Her be kafan shaheed ki maiyat liyea hoyea..
Bikhri hoyi BIBI BATOOL S.A ki dolat liyea hoyea..

Roodad apnay ghum ki sunati hai KARBALA..
Aa Akhari HUSSAIN A.S bulati hai KARBALA.

The Beggar Poet And Chennai Ashura

in sheer humility
a brand made
in mumbai
through images '
a story board
of pain in
of hussain
within a cry
bleeding wings
blogs that fly
as a tear
on the parched
bowl of the earth
 'from the sky
for what you live
for what you die
silence greater
than speech
needs no reply
on a riverbed
that wont dry

Miss You Fred Miller

Late Fred Miller wrote this testimonial for me at Flickr I share with all of you , he passed away recently and is fndly remembered by all his Flickr friends .

Fred Millaer was a gifted Wordsmith ,

FredMikeRudy says:
"He's a Blogger and a Poet
and wouldn't you know it,
an accomplished Tailor, to boot.

He's so far-out that he's in
with Trannies ( in the skin )
and their tricks, that he picks
for a shoot.

See, he's a prolific photobug -
not a Papparazzi photo thug
shooting freely, in pursuit

of the downcast and unwanted
who forever are haunted :
low life in hi-res his route.

Wordplay captures Swordplay
for his cache; with sash-ay
he flashes his rings

on his fingers and ears
and yet, his sight no one fears
for it's just simple Love that he brings.

Catch him on Flickr
see him at Wordpress
marvel at all that he's done

in this life. He's resolving,
injustices absolving
Firoze IS Photographer No. 1 !"

I am no more at Wordpress ,

Fashion Goes Out Of Style But Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

My tribute to the finest Flickr photographer Kelly Rae in poetic humility

her portraiture
are like blessings
prayers the girls
she shoots become
divas fashionistas
unique rare pouted
lips delicate fair
one look she has you
ensnared her dream
world of beauteous
joy with you she shares
woven memories broken
hope she holistically
repairs photography
her medium she loves
like air encircling passion
within a square ..kelly rae
she shoots she bares ,.
she fights she dares ..

History of The Shia Is A Teardrop Called Ghame Hussain

that is his beginning
his end till death do
him apart it remains
the silhouette of abids
chains a cry of a little
child neck pierced by
a giant arrow in pain
on the soul of humanity
our blood we drain
with the chant of ya
hussain ya hussain

Do Clothes Maketh A Man

i wore a brioni
covered my
withering flesh
i looked suave
i looked fresh
my spirit held
captive in a
mesh i
my soul with
a borrowed
dress what
i am my
could not
words that
wove dreams
i tried to possess
an anger that
selflessly i
tried to express
doomed deleted
without success

Akhri Salam At Chota Naksha Chennai Ashura

Zuljanah from wikipedia

Dhuljanah (Arabic: ذو الجناح‎) was the horse of Husayn ibn Ali. The original name of Dhuljanah was Murtajiz and Maymoon and the reason for it being named that way was because of its sound of neighing being sweet, furious and high making it different from other horses. It was purchased by the Prophet Muhammad from an Arab called Haris. It features prominently in the traditional narrating of the story of the Battle of Karbala and it is thought to have been a white stallion.

Legend of Dhuljanah[edit]
According to the legend, when Husayn ibn Ali was a mere child and learning to crawl, he used to go to the stable of Dhuljanah and look at it. Once the Prophet of Islam said that his grand son was curiously looking at the horse as if some mysterious conversation was taking place, so the Prophet asked the child if he wished to ride the horse and on being answered the Prophet Muhammad ordered the horse to be mounted and when Husayn ibn Ali approached the horse it amazingly lowered itself to the ground allowing the child to mount him.

The Role of Dhuljanah in the Battle of Karbala[edit]
In the battle of Karbala, Husayn ibn Ali used the horse and went to the battlefield. According to a collection of Hadith, Dhuljanah on its own killed 60 enemies of Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala.

It is also believed that Dhuljanah wept in sorrow of Husayn ibn Ali's martyrdom, weeping a single tear.

After the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, Dhuljanah went to the camps of Zaynab bint Ali and then went to the Euphrates river never to be found again.

Present day remembrance of Dhuljanah[edit]
The practice of taking out the replica of Dhuljanah is still prevalent in processions during Muharram. Shia Muslims in countries like Pakistan, Iran, India, Bahrain and Iraq decorate a replica of Dhuljanah and take it along with them in an Azadari / Maraseem procession. This replica reminds them of the real Dhuljanah and people often feed the replica with their own hands.

My Parents Were Not Just Shias But Human Too

Shooting Moharam in a city where you have never shot Moharam before where the Shia community does not know you is pretty tough , and there must be very few among the Shias who document Shiasm as photo journalism like I do , I shoot pictures and the poetry of sadness within the pictures in a sea of black sometimes powerfully soaked with blood ,,

And censorship shooting a documentary kills the soul of photography , being a Flickr Pro Member , I have to shoot within the ambit of Flickr guidelines though I am shooting stuff that is Shia symbolism within their rituals .

And unlike others who force their religion up your throats I dont , I am not a Shia evangelist , a fact that I shoot all religion mostly Hinduism and Sufism besides Shiasm.. and it is not easy shooting Moharam in your own city where you have lived for over 59 years , being abused by hotheaded misguided Shia bullies is what we face , their over zealousness has no limit no decency and no respect for elders or seniority and so I distanced myself shooting any segment of Moharam in Mumbai save the Majilis at my house that as the patriarch of the House I have to attend ..

I have cut down on my religious photography in Mumbai , I am not young nor do I have the stamina because of my ill-health and diabetes .

And the cities I visit during Moharam Ashura mostly is for 3 or 4 days and I shoot over 2000 images on a single camera ..I spend my money my time , and I shoot as per my vision ..I cannot borrow your narrow mindedness or your eyes to shoot what I want to shoot ,, And perhaps in all humility I must be the only Shia who has documented Moharam in most major cities  and posted it online .. and I try to capture the simplicity , the austerity of Shia pain pathos as poetry.

No I dont think I will ever go to Karbala , out of due respect I have to make myself more spityually capable to visit Karbala if I did get a ticket I would certainly give it to a poor Shia who desrves the Karbala of his dreams more than me,

For the moment my Karbala is India and the rivers Ganga Yamuna and Sarswati quench my thirst for Ghame Husaain ,, my thinking may sound alien to you but than once again I use my mind without blinkers not yours ,, and I cannot change my parentage my Lucknowi upbringing my Adabb My Tehzeeb my culture and my Indianness that is certainly not Arabic by all means .
I am proud of my Hindu cultural inheritance , my roots are deep down totally desi.. my grandfather Daroga Nabban Sab was related to poet Mir Anis .

My wife comes from Iranian ancestry ,, but her mothers family were Shias from Siwan Bihar.

My father was a Moghul Pathan.. his father converted to Shiasm and we have remained Shia till date.

My brother married a cultured Hindu girl from a very noble impeccable family it was certainly no Love Jehad ,, they are happily married settled in UK.

So our parents gave us the choice to opt a path and we opted truth equality justice and all bound to Hussain as Humanity.

And my pictures reflect the Silhouette of my Soul as a Malang of Ali too..

Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Year Lalbagh Chya Raja Has Not Called Me To His Abode

So this year I wait for a miracle
that he calls me to his pandal
 it is from my old lot that his
pictures I upload his message
of hope harmony peace love
I share as his spiritual code
I have been shooting the Raja
for last ten years yet the cops
the security are hesitant to let
me in each time gives me a jolt
perhaps I should now let others
shoot the Raja I am become old
the beggar poet the barefeet
blogger out in the cold ..but
the Raja is manifested on my
Flickr photo stream behold

The Kama Matam Of The Beggar Poet Of Mumbai

This was shot on the day of Ashura at Chennai in 2010 , this is perhaps one of my most intense Moharam series , I shot on the streets till the end at 1000 Lights Mosque .

And this set would not have been possible with the help of Shias of Chennai specially Mir Meesaq and Dr Abbas .

This is documentary on Shia rituals and Shia way of Life during Moharam..

Some of the picture of kids cutting their heads has been restricted from public view but do see it if you are a Flickr member ..

About Lalbagh Chya Raja Wish Granter And The Remover Of Obstacles

from wikipedia

Lalbaugcha Raja (Marathi: लालबागचा राजा) is the most famous Sarvajanik Ganapati, [1] kept at Lalbaug, a prominent locality in Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturti festival. The idol is kept for public display for Eleven days thereafter it is immersed on the auspicious day of Anant Chaturdashi.

It is believed that this Idol of Lord Ganesha is Navsacha Ganpati (Marathi: नवसाचा गणपती) (which means the "one who fulfills all wishes") and hence over 1.5 million people visit this Ganesh Pandal daily during the 10 day Ganesha festival. [2]

Since the last few years, a few days prior to the Ganesh Chaturthi, a Mukh Darshan Ceremony (Lalbaugcha Raja's first look and photoshoot) is organized by the Lalbaug Sarvajanik Ganeshostav mandal. Last year the ceremony took place on Thursday, September 5, 2013. This unveiling of Lalbaugcha Raja is covered every year by all national and regional channels.[3]

There are two queues for taking blessings of the Lalbaugcha Raja - THE NAVSACHI LINE and MUKH DARSHANACHI LINE.

The Navsachi line is for people who want to get their wishes fulfilled. In this line you get to go on the stage and touch the feet of Lalbaugcha Raja and take his blessings so that all your wishes get fulfilled. However this line attracts huge public and it takes around 25 – 30 and sometimes up to 40 hours to get darshan in this line.

The second line in meant for Mukh darshan i.e., to get a glimpse of Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesha Idol from some distance without going onto the stage. This line also attracts huge public and it takes around 5 – 8 hours and sometimes up to 12 – 14 hours to get darshan in this line as well, especially on Weekends. [4]

In 2014, the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati is now in its 80th year.

The Mandal[edit]
Lalbaugcha Raja is the popular Ganesh Idol of the Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal. The Mandal, formerly known as Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, Lalbaug[5] was founded in 1934 at Lalbaug Market.

The Mandal, formarly known as 'Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, Lalbaug' was founded in 1934,[6] because of a vow (Nav'as) for construction of the present Lalbaug Market at its existing place. The market place at Peru Chawl was shut down in 1932. Hence, the fishermen and vendors who used to sit in the open place vowed to Ganesha for permanent place for their market. With the consistent efforts and support of the then local Councillor-Late Shri. Kuwarji Jethabhai Shah, Dr. V. B. Korgaonkar, Shri. Nakhawa Kokam Mama, Bhausaheb Shinde, Dr. U. A. Rao and the local residents, the landlord Rajabai Tayyabali agreed to give a plot for construction of a market. As fulfillment of their wish, the fisherman and the traders established the Ganesh Idol on 12 September 1934. The idol was dressed in the customary fashion of fisherman. Since that day onwards, this idol of Lord Ganesh has become popular as He fulfills the wishes of devotees. The Mandal was formed in the era when the freedom struggle was at its peak.

The Shias Of Chennai A Documentary of Pain On Ashura Day At 1000 Lights Mosque

I am a photoblogger , a chronicler of my Faith and your Faith too, as God gave me a Gift I use it to showcase the diverse faith rituals customs in India. Without preachifying I become one with the Faith I shoot ..the Camera has one Religion the only Religion the Religion of Truth as Humanity .

Every man follows the religion of his birth or his choice , what maybe good for you may not be good for him , but yet as Indians we live together despite our religious identities , by hurting one mans religion you hurt the sanctity of India a Mother holds everyone in the Cradle of Hope .

I am posting this Ashura series in Black and white as blood shocks and repulses so in a way I am posting a very important document of the Shia faith on the saddest day of his Life the Martyrdom Memory on 10 Ashura the Tamil Shias call it Shahadat day.

I shot this entire series including the huge procession on 7 Moharam , Ag Matam at Jigedevi Tamilnadu.

I came to Chennai without any contacts but Hussain connects and I met  Meesaq Ali his friends and above all Dr Abbas and it is because of their support , I could cover all this.
I moderated this set at Flickr you have to be a Flickr member to see it , it is restricted from public view because of graphic pictures of blood and children kamazni ,,

Here I must make a point , on Ashura day Hindu women have their new born babies marked with the dagger for good health and better future , a tiny cut is made with the dagger on the childs head.

The Shias of Chennai are very hospitable , simple folks even the richest among the Shia of Chennai is touched by the austerity humility of Hussain ..

I am revisiting and adding new thought to my archived photo set all part of a larger set Shiasm in India over 58000 images shot all over India .

I Cut My Head I Bleed

Through the history
of my race the ancestry
of my blood I curse the
progeny of Yazid ,,
father of terrorism jehadists
acts of his misdeeds at Karbala
at his court in Damascus against
Bibi Zainab the Fourth Imam
Our Holy Prophet His Message
 His Creed

Yazid the lowly serpent seed .
his scourge his killing fields
in the end it was more terrorism
bloodshed killing of Christians
Yazidis ..innocent Americans
by his satanic breed the ISIL
with the Anti Christ in the Lead
extortion blackmail crucifixions
cowardly killing rape slavery
burying women children alive
on carrion he feeds ..yes we
will be freed through our blood
our testimony our faith in ahe bayt
our message in blood you must read

yes we bleed we curse yazeed

Jiss key ragon(vein) mein aatish-e-badr o honain hai Us surman ka ism-e-girami Hussain hai.

sourced from geo cities

Who is Imam Hussain (a.s.)?

On Ashur all living creatures in this world and in all the unknown, undiscovered and hidden galaxies, mourn for Imam Hussain, the Sayid-ul-Shuhada (lord of all martyrs), Who is this Hussain? One for whom the whole world mourns. Old, young, men, women, rich and poor, wihtout any discrimination of race, color or gender, without any differentiation, all gather on one platform and mourn for Imam Hussain. Who is this Hussain (a.s.)?

Jiss key ragon(vein) mein aatish-e-badr o honain hai
Us surman ka ism-e-girami Hussain hai.

Imam Hussain (a.s.), the second child of Imam Ali (a.s.) and Janab-e-Fatimah (a.s.), was born in the year 4 AH, and after the martyrdom of his elder brother, Imam Hassan (a.s.), became his successor. Hussain was Imam for 10 years which was mostly during the reign of Muawiyah, except the last 6 month which coincided with the reign of Yazid. Imam Hussain lived under the most difficult conditions of suppression and persecution. This was due to the fact that, first of all, religious laws and regulations had lost much of their weight and credit, and the edicts of the Umayyah government had gained complete authority and power. Secondly, Muawiyah and his fans made use of every possible means to put aside the Household of prophet and to move them out of the way. Above all, Muawiyah wanted to strengthen the basis of future kingdom of his son, Yazid, who because of his lack of principles and scruples was opposed with a large group of Muslims. Therefore, in order to quell all opposition, Muawiyah had undertaken more severe means until he died in 60 AH and his son Yazid took his place.

Giving the oath of allegiance, was an old Arab practice which was carried out in important matters like governorship. Well-known people would give the oath of allegiance as a sign of agreement and obedience to their king and showing their support for his future actions. Braking the agreement after the oath of allegiance, was considered as a definite crime.

Muawiyah during his life time, had asked well-known people to give the oath of allegiance to Yazid, but did not impose this request upon Imam Hussain. He particularly told Yazid in his last will that if Imam Hussin refused to give the oath of allegiance, he should take it easy because Muawiyah knew the bad consequences of such enforcement. However because of his egoism and recklessness, Yazid neglected his father's advice, and immediately after taking over the power, ordered the governor of Medina to either take the pledge of allegiance from Imam Hussain, or send his head to Damascus.

After the governor of Medina informed this demand to him, Imam Hussain refused, and moved with his family toward Mecca. He sought refuge in the sanctuary of God in Mecca which is official place of refuge in Islam. This happened at the beginning of Shaban 60 AH. Imam Hussain stayed in Mecca for nearly four months.

This news spread throughout the Islamic world, and many people who were tired of inequalities during Muawiyah reign and were even more disturbed when Yazid took over, corresponded with Imam Hussain and expressed their sympathy for him. On the other hand, a flood of letters began to flow, specially from Iraq and particularly from the city of Kufah, inviting the Imam to go there and to build up a government. Naturally such situation was dangerous for Yazid.

The stay of Imam Hussain in Mecca continued until the season of pilgrimage when Muslims from all over the Islamic world came to Mecca to perform Hajj. The Imam realized that some of the followers of Yazid had entered Mecca as pilgrims with the mission of killing Imam during the ceremonies of Hajj with the arms they carried under the special pilgrimage dress.

In order to safeguard the great sanctuary of Mecca, Imam Hussain decided to leave for Iraq before completing the ceremony of Hajj. When he was asked the reason for the mysterious departure, Imam Hussain said that he would perform this year's pilgrimage in the desert of Karbala, offering the sacrifice of not any animals, but himself and his family and friends. Giving a short speech in the vast crowd of people, he announced that he was setting for Iraq, and said he would be martyred. He asked people to join him in attaining the goal of offering their lives in the path of God.

Imam Husain was determined not to give his allegiance to Yazid and fully knew that he would be killed. But it was not the time to save the life. That moment was the right time to water the faded lawn of Islam by his blood. Some of outstanding people of Mecca stood in the way of Imam Hussain and warned him the danger of the move he was making. But he answered that he refused to pay allegiance and to give his approval to a government of injustice and tyranny. He added that wherever he would go, he would be killed, so he would leave Mecca in order to preserve the respect for the House of God, and not to allow this respect be destroyed by letting his blood spilled there.

While on the way of Kufah, he received the striking news that under the pressure of Yazid's agents, people of Kufa did not support his representatives (Janab Muslim-bine-Aqeel) and turned back, and some of them joined the Yazid's army to kill Imam's representatives in Kufah. The city and its surroundings were under very strict marshal law by countless soldiers of enemy who where waiting to face Imam. There was no way for Imam to turn to except march ahead and face the death.

Approximately 44 miles from Kufah, in a desert called Karbala, Imam and his followers were surrounded by the army of Yazid. They cut off the water supply of the Household of Prophet and their companions and their families among them were many women and children. For eight days they stayed in that place under the heat of the sun, and the circle among them narrowed and the number of enemy's army increased by a number of 30,000 fully equipped soldiers of Yazid.

Approximately 44 miles from Kufah, in a desert called Karbala, Imam and his followers were surrounded by the army of Yazid. They cut off the water supply of the Household of Prophet and their companions and their families among them were many women and children. For eight days they stayed in that place under the burning sun, and the circle among them narrowed and the number of enemy's army increased day by day.

Once again, Imam gathered those who remained to put them on the test. He addressed his companions and Hashimite relatives, repeating that enemy was only concerned with him and they could escape the danger in the darkness of night. But this time the faithful companions answered, each in own way, that they would not deviate from the right path and would never leave him alone. They said that they would defend the Household of Prophet to the last drop of their blood as long as they could carry a sword.

The enemy intended to start the war in the eve of the ninth day of the month, but Imam asked for a delay till next morning to worship all the night for the last time.

On the tenth of Muharram of the year 61 (680) That inequitable war began. That day, they fought from morning till their final breath, and all the companions and the relatives were martyred.

When Imam himself was ready to fight, he saw his six-month-old baby is dying from thirst. Imam brought his infant to the enemy and demanded some water for baby, saying: You want me but not this baby so take him and give him some water. The words of Imam were not finished that the thirst of the baby was quenched by a deadly poisoned arrow from enemy which pinned the baby's neck to the arm of his father. Imam looked at his infant in his arms and said: "O' Lord! Your Hussain has offered whatever You have given him. Bless me by acceptance of this sacrifice." Finally Imam came to the field and fought for a long time and was finally martyred. The army of Yazid having killed Imam Hussain, cut his head and raised it on a lance.

The army of Yazid, after ending the war, burned the tents of women and children accompanying Imam and his companions, and plundered those helpless women. They decapitated the bodies of the martyrs, denuded them and threw them to the ground without burial. Then they moved women and children along with the heads of the martyrs to Kufah.

The event of Karbala, the capture of women and children of the Household of Prophet, their being taken as prisoners from town to town, and the speeches made by Janab-e-Zainab, the daughter of Ali, who was one of the prisons, became a scandal for Umayyah Kingdom. Such abuse of the Household of Prophet nullified the propaganda which Muawiyah had built up for years. The scandal reached to the extent that Yazid denounced the action of his agents in public. That was what excactly Imam Hussain wanted to do, otherwise he would not bring women and children with him and sacrifice some, and let the rest to become captives. That was the only way to make a wave in order to awaken the Muslim nation.

The event of Karbala was a major factor in the overthrow of Umayyah kingdom. Among its immediate results were the revolts and rebellions combined with bloody wars which continued for twelve years. During those riots non of the important elements in Karbala could escape revenge and punishment, including Yazid.

Some famous sayings about Imam Hussain (a.s.)

Charles Dickens had said the following about Imam Hussain (AS):

    "If Hussain fought to quench his worldly desires, then I do not understand why his sisters, wives and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore that he sacrificed purely for Islam."

Thomas Carlyle has relayed this about the Tragedy of Karbala:

    "The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Hussain and his companions were the rigid believers of God. They illustrated that numerical superiority does not count when it comes to truth and falsehood. The victory of Hussain despite his minority marvels me!"

The famous, Dr. K. Sheldrake on Imam Hussain (AS) said this:

    "Hussain marched with his little company not to glory, not to power or wealth, but to a supreme sacrifice and every member of that gallant band, male and female, knew that the foes were implacable, were not only ready to fight but to kill. Denied even water for the children, they remained parched under a burning sun, amid scorching sands yet no one faltered for a moment and bravely faced the greatest odds without flinching."

World famous Arab historian al-Fakhri has said this about Imam Hussain's sacrifice:

    "This is a catastrophe whereof I care not to speak at length, deeming it alike too grievous and too horrible. For verily, it was a catastrophe than that which naught more shameful has happened in Islam...There happened therein such a foul slaughter as to cause man's flesh to creep with horror. And again I have dispersed with my long description because of it's notoriety, for it is the most lamented of catastrophes."

The previous four quotes have been taken from "The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS)"

Your account has been deactivated Goodbye @facebook

today 29 August
an auspicious day
no doubt
with the blessings
of Lord Ganesha
remover of obstacles
I shut myself out
from facebook
got tired of my ass
being tagged in
and out i fucked
got out ,,
i shall take a
much needed
breather inhale
in exhale out
stretch the
silence in
my mouth
my hideout
my facebook
account finally
phased out

a candle in the wind
circumstances blew out

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why is the Bhaiyya crying ,,because Hindus Muslims Sikhs In His Beloved Uttar Pradesh Are Unnecessarily Dying

unless newspapers
as paid media are lying
#wakeupakhilesh a twitter
hashtag is underlying
the fact of the matter
polarization in politics
humanity in India
is casteist sectarian
religiously biased
against each other
implying jihad
a moniker dive
a nation leaders
viciously segregated
silent not replying ,

I Am Upto My Neck.. My Ass Gets Poked Tearfully Tagged and Strainfully Stroked

at facebook
most of the times
my poetry ridden ass
gets ruminatively choked
a beggar poet born broke
dreams up the chimney
going up in smoke ,,,
a bread of loaf a bottle of
coke dire straits different stokes
hooded agony in  tattered cloak
a kick up his ass suddenly he
awoke at facbook.. bhai ab toh rok

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In India Even God Cannot Save The Woman From Being Raped.

such is her vulnerability
her accident prone fate
from the day she enters
her mothers womb she
is on an endangered list
to kill her rape her throw
acid on her face they wait
she is hook line sinker bait
forced into prostitution
slavery used in ads for
condoms to titillate
burnt for not bringing
in dowry in a world of
male dominance full
of hare religiously
treated as a lowest
of the low sacrilegiously
debased ,.humiliated
ill treated disgraced
dont be shocked by the
acid marks on her once
pretty face woman in
india a commodity within
also on the surface ,,

Criminal Parents Force Their Children To Beg

I shot this scene at Bandra East overbridge that connects the busy East to West Bandra  yesterday 1 .30 pm ..and I was shooting them first time , before I took the shot I looked around for their parents guardians , save a lady in Burkha who looked in very bad shape , perhaps drugged there was none .

People were moving in a hurry , dropping money I took this shot on my mobile phone , I had my DSLR but was too lazy to remove it and I too was in a hurry I was taking a local to CST I had urgent work at Zaveri Bazar.

Honestly I have been shooting beggars for several years , I know their modus operandi , but this was seriously sickening and this is forced begging making both the kids sit like this during rush hours.

I saw this similar scene at Taragadh , a mother had left her sleeping child , drugged in the hot sun and people threw coins as they moved upwards towards the Holy Shrine of Taragadh.

Mumbai has lost its soul , cops wont ever stop this , catch he criminal parents , they should beg instead of forcing these kids to beg .. he had time to fuck his wife get the kids now he is abusing them in the worst manner and they are Muslim kids from the Bandra slums , but than they could be from Mumbra too.

About Mumbai cops , the second hardhitting scene I saw next to the HP Petrol Pump Bandra SV Road Opposite Lucky Hotel,  , beneath a cart in full view two drugaddicts smoking brown sugar , they saw me so obviously I could not shoot them , and they seemed unafraid , they know the Bandra cops wont ever touch them ,as this is a regular adda , i have seen them so many times

I walked towards the Bandra Police chowky at the signal where accident vehicles are kept I talked to one of the cops told him about the drugaddicts , but all he could tell me i will send someone and check it up tomorrow.

And with my highest regard for the CP Mr Rakesh Marias his force is really demoralized for what I dont know , but the way crimes take place the common criminal  has empowered himself boldly forcefully , than when you have rogue cops in the force what message are you giving to society.

It dampens my spirit seeing Bandra going to the dogs , almost every space under the skywalk near the Bandra Bus depot is a haven for smoking drugaddicts men women , even the locals are scared of them.

And I shot the famous JJ Hospital signal drug addicts from my bus when I was there last time ..I have not uploaded those pictures.

I dont shoot beggars to make money , those who know me , know that my profession is not dependent on the generosity of my camera.

But because I shoot as a street photographer the churning of my city , its emotional upheavals I am able to pick up those nuances that escape the normal eyes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Was The Elephant Telling Me ,,

we both walked
with grieving  hearts
me from bibi ka alawa
you from panje shah
our hearts locked
to your city you will depart
sharing this long journey
of the shias of hyderabad
as poetry and art ,, remember
ghame hussain before you start
the nobility of a bereaved mother
bibi fatima the daughter of our
hallowed holy prophet  a
message of hope humanity
as hussainiyat she imparts
her sacrifice on the sands
of karbala stands apart
imperialistic hegemony of
a maloun yazid her son
did thwart ..our hope he is
our mother thou art

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Bibi Ka Alam Ashura Hyderabad

from wikipedia

Bibi-Ka-Alam or Alam-e-Mubarak is an annual procession during Moharram. Bibi-ka-Alam, installed in the name of Imam Hussain Prophet's Grandson and the third successor of the prophet at the Shi'ite ashurkhana at Dar-Us-Shifa,[1] Hyderabad, India on the 10th day following Moharram.[2] It is a Shia event. The procession starts at Alawa-e-bibi situated at Dabirpura and ends at Chaderghat. During the procession the devotees mourn the death by reciting Nauhey, (narrating the incidents occurred during 10th Moharram 60 Hijri in Karbala). The daughter of Mohammed. Hazrat Fatima-e-Zehra is called Bibi. The locality is known as Mohalla Bibi Ka Alawa.[3

Throughout the history of Qutub Shahi reign, the tradition of Azadari or Mourning of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his followers was conducted with high regard under state supervision.

This Ashur Khana was renovated by the Seventh Nizam under the advice of Nawab Zain Yar Jung. The main entrance and its roof remain unaltered on which 1299 H, the year of construction is engraved. The room in which the Alam is installed is a strong room and the Alam is kept in a safe made on the design of a Sarcophagus (Zarih).

The Relic[edit]
There is a relic enclosed in this Alam as well. The relic is a piece of the wooden plank on which Janab Syeda was given her final ablution by her husband before burial. This Relic was in Karbala for a very long time. In the time of Abdullah Qutub Shah it reached Golkonda. The Relic was preserved in the calligraphic Alam with Arabic lettering of Allah, Mohammed and Ali. It was covered with an alloy of metals and gold. later Nasir-ud-daulah offered jewellery to the Alam which still exists.

There was a Royal decree sanctioning funds for the expenses and award of jagirs for the maintenance of the attendants. The provision for the paraphernalia of naubat, mahi maratib and the Royal Umbrella for the procession were also made. Throughout the year a wooden louvred blind is placed at the entrance Two green pouches, in the shape of ear-rings containing precious gems are suspended on either side of the Alam.

The Procession[edit]
This Alam is the symbol of the climax of the observance of the Moharrum mourning in Hyderabad. It comes out on an elephant on the 10th of Moharrum and presents the impression of a Royal cortege in procession.[4]

The Alam, as it emerges from the Alawa, the mourners keep chanting Ibn-az-Zehra Wa Waila, which means Goodbye Son Of Zehra,which is a protestation against the slaying of Zehra's son Hussain. Since long years it is a tradition of the mourners in the procession to chant these words.

Moharam In Hyderabad

I do not have a Hyderabadi bloodline connection and my ancestors were from Lucknow , my dear departed father called himself Moghal Pathan.

My mother was a Syed from Lucknow Pata Nala  her father Daroga Nabban Sab was a descendant of poet Mir Anis..My fathers father had accepted Shiasm by marrying a Shia lady my grandmother Khurshed Begum,of Vazir Ganj near Khakhan Manzil.
My maternal grandmother Nazmi Begum a Syed too  was my matenal grand father Daroga Nabban Sabs second wife..

I discovered Hyderabad very late in life I came to Hyderabad first time to attend a shoot of Govindas David Dhawan film with Karishma Kapoor , I was called there by Mr Chinni Prakash for Govindas look..for a dance sequence .

After that destiny or my cosmic fate pulled me to Hyderabad in 2003 with help from Halu Bhai of Bandra I visited his relatives Sajjad Bhai and Kazim to participate and shoot Moharam i Hyderabad , I was hooked to Hyderabad ,, I liked the city the people the Shia ethos I came back to shoot Chehlum but I was faced with the ire of some Hyderabadi spiritually arrogant Nawab who had more hate for Shia photographers than even stray dogs ,,

I kept away from Hyderabad being sensitive by temperament and nature I did my kama  matam here .My wife had accompanied me too we stayed and savored the hospitality of Abid Bhai  Painter .

After that I visited Hyderabad shot Ashura in 2009 and than again the last time in 2012 .

Much as I tried to come to Hyderabad it just would not happen I wanted to shoot Chehlum in Hyderabad 2013 could not get a rail ticket till the end I did my Chehlum at home ,, as I do not participate in Mumbai Azadari for personal reasons , this was my first Chehlum in the darkness of my house and my soul.

Ashura 2013 I had to come to Delhi as my American friend cancelled Hyderabad last minute he wanted to be in Delhi so I came to Delhi and documented the same.

And I yearn for Hyderabad I have made some great friends and Qayam son of Akthar Bhai Naqi Bhai Lutfi brothers and Sajjad Bhai Abid Bhai make me feel at home.

I have another friend in Hyderabad Zain Hussain Sab I have never met him but he is cosmically attached to the impoverished poetry of my beggar soul.

And so I am reblogging these Hyderabad Ashura pictures for the Shias of Hyderabad their hospitality the love I can never repay save by this token of Memories of Ghame Hussain.

All this was shot in 2012 at Hussaini Koti Hyderabad. on 8 Moharam..

Sunday, August 24, 2014

In Every Street Corner Of Mumbai Drug Addicts Perverts Are Waiting To Destroy Childhood

wherever you go they lurk
but the cops look the other
way they are badly overworked
beneath the skywalks drug
addicts smoke freely faces
with evil smirk see the fear
in the girl childs eye scared
a system failure law and order
dead governance uninterested
tears on the soul of my artwork

In India Even God Cant Save The Girl Child

In Mumbai a five year old
child raped brutalized
a broom inserted in
the nether region of
her womanhood
forever traumatized
what was her fault
assaulted left to die
our law order gone
down the drain even
rape is politicized
tourism is more
important billions
of dollars while a
little child  cries
when a girl child
is born her god
 dies mumbai
loss of governance
dance of democracy
innocence chastised
to vote you to power
is not the worth the
right to franchise
you play with our
lives building your
mansions towers
of babel touching
satanic skies

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Farewell Fred Rest In Peace

Fred Miller passed away at 10PM with his family around him.

life is a temporary house
given by god to us on lease
as rent we try to live in peace
prayers our way of connection
to him a connection that even
after death does not cease
through goodness kindness
helping others god we please
we fall we rise we help others
through charity god  we appease

take care my friend you were
our hope on Flickr you loved
photography were an
erstwhile poet wordsmith
touch others your holistic
ability you supported us
through thick an thin this
was your Indian ancestry
your love selfless for
all us hallmark of your
dedication to humanity

benn bell
glenn losack
anthony posey
linda schaefer
roland w luthi
will miss you
your firebrand
music bound

you will live in our hearts forever till eternity

a beggar poet waits for you at cafe leopold
a cup of black coffee and your malt whiskey

The Humility Of The Nawabs Of Hussaini Koti

One iconic Shia markaz I have shot since 2003 is the 8 Moharam mournful celebrations at Hussaini Koti in Hyderabad .

I was bought here first time by Sajjad Bhai and I met the patriarch his son Ghazanfar bhai and the other Nawabs a bond was formed and I began making this event an integral  part of my Moharam in  Hyderabad ,

This is a unique ancient ritual by the scions of the Nawabs family all united in our pain we call Ghame Hussain,

The Nawabs are gentle folk cultured impeccable and Moharam brings them together with the rest of the Shia people , the kids are exemplary in their Deccani Adab Tehzeeb.. and I love their kids , who think I am some man from alien space with a camera.

And these are old posts I am reviving and bringing out from my 55000 documentary at Flickr titled Shiasm In India , it can be viewed with a Yahoo account as a Flickr member ,, because of the blood and Shia rituals of Kamazani some portion of this set is not for public view at all.

This is in keeping with Flickr terms of service and Guidelines  as my Account is marked Safe and self moderated .

Though I am a Shia born please note this documentary is not a religious promotional one , I shoot all religion I respect all religion and if my pictures were to hurt a particular religion by shooting them I would stop photography completely .

I shoot all this as pure photo journalism as most of my friends are Non Muslims non Shias and  it is for them that I shot all this  as it would be beyond their reach to enter certain premises where these religious events take place .

Most of my friends from abroad come down to shoot Moharam with me in Mumbai but as I dont participate in Mumbai Azadari .. I make sure they get the neccessary help through my Mumbai Shia friends and are ably taken care of ..

I shoot Moharam where Bibi Fatima takes me with her handkerchief to collect the tears of the Shias as Ghame Hussain.

I must reiterate I dont glorify bloodletting but it is part of Shia mourning tradition and I cut my head , my grandchildren too have taken part when they were just a year old.

All my three grandkids dont fear the kama at all..

My American friend Glenn Losack tries not to miss Moharam , I know a few friends from abroad who sold their house and car to extend their stay in Mumbai just to shoot Ashura..and it is for these friends I shoot Ashura ..and my house is open to them during Moharam.

I hope to shoot Moharam in Hyderabad , I once thought of shooting Moharam in Jammu I was invited by a Hijra head Sarah Haji  a great lover of Hussain...but I could not make it ..

I am a peaceful man my Moharam is simple , I am not into diatribe I dont care a fuck who is who , I dont care a fuck what a man s believes are , I am not here to judge him or his actions as long as he does not teach me my faith .

My parents did a great job and though both are dead I am happy they did not teach me to just love only my faith they taught me to love my neighbor , I take part in Hindu festivities I take part in Christian festivities ,,,but my Faith is intact.

And I became a Malang in 2011 .. and shoot and document Ajmersharif and few other Dargahs..

And I shall shoot both the Ganeshas in Mumbai Lalbagh Chya Raja and Lord GSB King Circle ..

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Between God And Him

Fate plays the role
of a quirky selective
middleman collecting
his unfulfilled dreams
sweeping them into
a cosmic dustpan
the pain the agony
of the highly politicized
betrayed conned defrauded
common man ..he was taken
for a ride he lost everything
there he lies on the road
unnervingly  discarded
this politically naive
poorman ..on his
inert body his hope
serpentine they peed
laughingly all the way
to the bank they ran

to my friend meld in mindlessness and poetic mess

I Shoot Hope Going Up In Smoke

a beggar poet
god destined
will eternally
be broke
a battered
a tattered
an empty
bottle of
once he
saw heaps
of money
littered on
the cosmic
bed he
it was birds
when he
life is
but a

to live
or just

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Wishing Well Dedicated To My Best Friend Ben Bell

Fighting for human rights
along with Anthony Posey
Ferguson Missouri
a story to tell ..humanity
in the throes of deathly
knell Michael Brown
seeks Justice ..from a
system that fires cant
quell I pray to God
Peace Prevails
Everything Ends Well

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, an unarmed 18-year-old African-American male, Michael Brown, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a Caucasian Ferguson police officer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeward Bound

an erstwhile minister
lost his buffaloes they
could no be found
the minister upset
angry quarrelsome
pulled up the cops
sent them searching
for his blue blood
buffaloes all over
the slaughter
houses abattoir
the cattle market
sweating cops
breaking their
 head to confound
their names anarkali
madhubala umrao jaan
soothing sensual
to propound ,,they
even searched the
opposition parties
godown a religious
leaders compound
but ministerjis buffaloes
could not  be found
they threw nets in
the gomti to see if
they had accidentally
drowned ..but a few
dead human bodies
were what they found
they called the bawas
malangs they also used
imported blood hounds
but ministerjis buffaloes
just could not be found
gold trinkets round their
necks manicured pedicured
pedigreed buffaloes ..arrived
out of the mist one fine
morning ..the very day
when ministerji had gone
out of town..led by the
court jester the urban
clown..whom the minister
had once named Firaoun


the owners of the cows
ill treat them let them out
streets they are forced to
plough  eat garbage
plastic this should be
disallowed dangerous
fall out killing cows is
certainly not the way out
they need animal shelters
where they can breathe in
breathe out  be healthy
robust stout give milk
live happily throughout

Politicians Hate Shoes The Moment It Comes Flying At Them They Report Abuse

standing on the dais
the politician warily
watches the faces
in the crowds
now which
mother fucker
will hurl a shoe
or a slipper
he wonders
the common man
angry for being
cheated robbed
pillaged of his vote
hurt bruised has
the only option in
his emasculated
power the shoe
on the face of
his adversary
the left or the right
which one
to choose ..
he has nothing
to lose democracy
a parliament of
fools on the loose
the common man stares
his head sticking out of
the noose ..kolhapuri
chappal ya nakli chamde ke
shoes ..common man netaji
se bhi bada makhi chus

If You Had A Camera What Would You Shoot

Certainly not beggars
eyesores hurting the landscape
of our beloved city a city of repute
who really has time to shoot agony
of these roadside destitute lepers
one eyed , blind deaf crippled mute
with the camera shoot beautiful nature
sunset sunrise birds insects children
chubby cute .. let it be a formidable
world photography day tribute ,

let photography make you artistic astute
Louis Daguerre honor salute those
who died photographers photo journalists
in the line of duty  let us remember ..
a thought resolute it is the photographer
not the the camera that policemen
persecute ,,,do not be afraid just go
out and shoot ,,, values of humility
humanity wont be found in camera clubs
or photographic institutes ,,selling their
wares on the soul of imagery like street
prostitutes ..emptiness of mind soul contribute

The Muslim Beggar That God Forgot

god is busy in gaza
where a battle for the
weapons of mass
is being fought
part of imperialistic
hegemony of super
powers where innocent
children are being
slaughtered like goats
young pimpled Israeli
soldiers sabras counting
their wild oats ,,

while in India the Muslim beggar
dies unsung ,,wicked time
his destiny smote on the flip side
of this picture hurriedly a poem
in oxymoron haste i wrote,,

when you are drowning you
search for a straw that will
keep your inner angst afloat

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Good girls
have simple looks
some things they
do not share ..
in the grave for
the worms
everything they
will bare .

Bad girls give
everything away
every man
they snare
sultry dark looks
plastic smiles
silicon silence
as hardware
the moment
she saw the poet
ogling at her
she smart assed
dont you like my
pair my ash blonde
hair ,,artful her flair
cross legged
as she sat on
the directors chair
v for victory a sign
stiltedly that scared

God You Did Not Give Me A Choice To Choose My Gender

my survival
as a girl child
very tender
will i make
it till womanhood
slender ..

my services to god and man i was born to render .. i submit
i surrender ..acid thrown on my face raped brutalized  hung from a tree pieces of my flesh  shredded along with my soul in a blender ..

Breaching the Wall of Fate

there i stood on the ramparts
of a ruined fort wanting to take
a plunge from the gaping walls
i wanted to forget living take a
free fall but than i heard the
piercing echo of my name
she had called devastated
wastelands of my worldly woes
my time with her i recalled
her cherry like cheeks her
pesky bosom titillating
the soul of my poetry
wrapped in a shawl
delusional state of my
serenity my loneliness
as time crawled ..
midway between her prose
my poetry was her silence
as it tip toed for a final assault

a beggar poet with dreams in
broken beggar bowl at fault
sepulchral soliloquy entombed
in a burial vault ..

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Nowroze To All Parsis And Late Mr Vazifdar Head Priest Tata Agiary Bandra

Late Mr Vazifdar Head Priest of Tata Agiary Bandra Hill Road Fought The Machiavellian Plans of The Municipality to Grab the Wall of The Fire Temple Under The Garb Of Road Widening .

They did the same at St Josephs Convent and the road they grabbed is now rented out to shopkeepers ,, this is the Municipality Builder friendly ,, they rob land from Churches , Fire Temples but dare not touch shops that have illegal frontage on one side of Hill Road ..

St Stanislaus School St Peter Church too are eyed by the Hawks at the Municipality .. but all of us Muslims Hindus Parsis Christians stood up against their nefarious plot ,, and Mr Vazifdar was a fighter until his premature death after liver transplant complications

My Daughter Samiya and Me

She has adopted
an ugly pug
called Guido
who flaunts his
attitude in a speed o
I am the maternal
grand father to this
monstrous dog
this hideous monstrosity
who mocks at my poetically
languishing libido..

i told my daughter beti
photo khencho quikr
par madarchod ko becho
ek acchi pyari persian
cat kharido

Amma Mujhe School Main Kab Padoagi

kitaben kab laogi
kya aise hi mujhe
raste pe bhik
pairon pe chale
kismet pe tale
gali gali kab tak
amma kya
tumhari tarah
mujhe bhi

mother how long
will you go on making
me beg when will you
educate me or do you
want me to end up as
a beggar like you

I shot her yesterday and as she saw me taking the shot on my mobile she tried to move away from my camera view ..I wanted to give her something for the kids but she just moved away perhaps because I was wearing my shorts and did not look like a malang I really dont know the reason.. I could have bought her some breakfast from the Irani restaurant but there was some misconception of mind and thought.

These are the eponymous Muslim beggars of Bandra Bazar Road where I live , and yerserday I sat with the old beggar Khwajah Bhai and helped beg for him asking people passing by to give him alms , perhaps they enjoyed seeing a part time actor begging on the road where I live , they gave him money, his daughter is not well in her hometown.

And there are two senior Muslim beggars in my area Khwajah Bhai and Ali Asghar , he always looks thirsty and these may not be their real names but charity sees status and no name.

Maria the leper lady will come back after the rains , as the rains are harmful for her leprous souls her daughter Mary a convert from Hindu to Christianity is now planning to become a Muslim , she dresses like one and  Muslims like Christians love to convert and than leave them to fend for themselves in the ditch .I dont believe in conversions at all it has to come from the heart and not the pangs of the stomach.

And these are thought on a dreary Sunday morning as I get ready to go for meeting with one of the most polished cultured impeccable actor gentleman of Bollywood Mr Danny Denzongpa , I was so influenced by His Holiness Dalai Lama after a visit to Leh and the Tibetan refugees I met some monks stayed with them one of them gave me his clothes as a gift I wore these maroon robes for a very longtime ,, and everyone thought I had become Buddhist but I am every religion within the soul of my poetic consciousness .

Faith is what keeps religion alive and it is Man that keeps Religion alive with his fervor or his bigotry ..

Do beggars have religion .. they become Muslims on Eid  and here I must mention a beggar with acid burns , who was a devout Sunni but with his crumpled arms scourged for Hussain bleeding and crying ,,, I miss him the most ,, during Makhdhoom Shah Babas Urus he would stand on the Dargah road begging but on seeing me light up hug me .yes beggars see some apparition of a beggar as a halo around me ,,I have more beggar friends all over India than the number of followers on Twitter .

Beggars dont forget me because I did rob their soul when I shot them letting it free bit by bit all over the internet ,, my beggar reaches areas where even angels would fear to dread.

My grandchildren have imbibed the same compassion for beggars like me it was the camera that strengthened our resolve and humanity

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Muslim Child Asks His Mother What Will My Future Be

as long as you
dont rape women
at shakti mill compound
or molest policewomen
at azad maidan or throw
acid on a woman who
spurns you if you dont
rob the ATM murder
your future will be fine
you see ..i will try to
educate you make
you a good citizen she
told him lovingly ..a muslim
child confused in a maze
of conflicting emotions
to be or not to be
soul searching
 his lost humanity
enslaved since 68
years in penury
a speck of his
community ,,
his detractors
screaming their
lungs out for gaza
but for the poor
muslims languishing
in india they have no
time or energy

dont buy coca cola
dont use whats up
dont use this dont use
that their power
of a debauched
dichotomy ,,

while the muslim beggar
seeks compassion hope
a healing touch charity

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