Monday, July 6, 2009

83000 Photo Blogs at Flickr in 25 Months

I complete 83000 Photo Blogs at Flickr in 25 Months
Thank you All..

The Hijra Bawa and the Blogger Bawa of Mumbai

Nitin Manmohan Prachi and Soham

Nitin Manmohan or Nitinji as we call him is my ex boss..I owe a lot to him, I owe a lot to his daugter Prachi too, I ran Nitinjis fashion studio about a decade back it was the most famous Bollywood store called Prachins.

But than my mom died and her last wish to me was to start my own .so I parted with Nitinji,with a very heavy heart.

But we keep in touch , and this great man, a prolific filmmaker , is very reputed name in the film Industry, Neha Arts his banner has bought out some of the most memorable movies.. Insaf, Mahasangram, Eena Meena Deeka, Bol Radha Bol, Army , to name a few.

Here he is with Prachi and his son Soham a whiz kid..future hotshot director you can be sure..he is very brilliant studies in Switzerland.

But this familys entire credit goes to Nitinjis wife Dolly Nitin Manmohan.
She is the success story and the three are her golden dream.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

shot from within the cab

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Dont read much into these pictures I was worried that the cops might hassle me if I got out or stopped the cab to shoot pictures so I shot from the cab , the windscreen was m,essy , I had touse the patch tool to get rid of the scum and dirt.. but than being a Bandra boy, if I can take that liberty I did shoot it finally.

The bridge is a beauty and will be the pride of Bandra Worli and becomes our citys new land mark.. yes it does replace Gateway of India and Colaba is the place where I lived half my life.. I studied and did my home work at Gateway of India when things were bleak at home..

Later in life I worked at the Burlingtons of Bombay Taj Mahal for almost 7 years.

I could have shot better pictures but I guess it was not my day.