Friday, March 22, 2013

The Well of Death -Maut Ka Kua Mahim

Shooting The Soul of The Rafaee

Human Pin Cushion

Hardcore Eye Ball Piercing

A Touch Of Turqoise

Shahenshah Baba and The Dam Madar Malang

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Shahenshah Baba is known as Kotwal, he is an indisputable body piercer or rafaee of the highest order..we have been old friends , he wanted to take me under his fold to learn the art of body piercing but I politely refused , I am happy with what I do on Ashura and Chehlum.. and let the blood flow from the reservoir of my Faith.

But I dont hold any adverse opinion, to another mans faith or religiosity.. and I believe live and let live..and that is why I am lucky to be in their midst documenting their angst and their cultural ethos..

A Touch Of Turquoise

Haji Malang Urus

Sada Suhagin Sufi Spiritual Androgyne

He was mocking my humanity...

this world is a dream - hopes choked in a bottled stream

Kashmiri Baba Haji Malang

Malang Chowk - Haji Malang

Malang From Karnataka - at Haji Malang

Late Barsati Baba And Me At Haji Malang 2008

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

Hi! Trust you are doing well and staying safe in these tough times. Just wanted to send out a personal note praying for good health an...