Friday, March 22, 2013

The Well of Death -Maut Ka Kua Mahim

Shooting The Soul of The Rafaee

Human Pin Cushion

Hardcore Eye Ball Piercing

A Touch Of Turqoise

Shahenshah Baba and The Dam Madar Malang

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Shahenshah Baba is known as Kotwal, he is an indisputable body piercer or rafaee of the highest order..we have been old friends , he wanted to take me under his fold to learn the art of body piercing but I politely refused , I am happy with what I do on Ashura and Chehlum.. and let the blood flow from the reservoir of my Faith.

But I dont hold any adverse opinion, to another mans faith or religiosity.. and I believe live and let live..and that is why I am lucky to be in their midst documenting their angst and their cultural ethos..

A Touch Of Turquoise

Haji Malang Urus

Sada Suhagin Sufi Spiritual Androgyne

He was mocking my humanity...

this world is a dream - hopes choked in a bottled stream

Kashmiri Baba Haji Malang

Malang Chowk - Haji Malang

Malang From Karnataka - at Haji Malang

Late Barsati Baba And Me At Haji Malang 2008

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