Wednesday, September 11, 2013

kedar copy

Whats the problem with Flickr today , I have uploaded this image from clicking upload on the forum page , after it was uploaded I cannot add text ,, I dont see why Flickr does not inform us of the problem through its blog,, I have sent them a message through twitter .

The Canon EOS 60 D Comes Alive In Their Hands,,, Marziya And Nerjis Shakir

Nerjis Asif Shakir was born on 15 Shaban Islamic Calendar ..

But she was born on 17 July the same day on her father Asif Shakirs birthday.

She has two passions the Acer laptop and the Canon EOS 60 D.

Before she takes the camera held in my hand she takes the camera strap from me places it round her neck, bends her head begins taking pictures...

She loves black tea.. my finger dipped in tea placed on her tongue.

Marziya Shakir accomplished street photographer 4 year old her elder sister is the Angel in our house , both dressed for the occasion ...of Nerjis Birthday last year as per Islamic calendar ..

Aay Rubbay Jahan Punjtan e Pak Ka Sadqa

Marziya recites this noha by heart..

Ae Rabbe jahan punjtan e paak ka sadqa
Iss qoum ka daman gham e shabir say bhar day.
Bachoon ko aata ker Ali Asghar ka tabassum
Burhoon ko Habib Ibn e Mazahir ki nazar day.
Kamsin ko milay walwalaye auno Muhammad
Har eik jawan ko Ali Akbar ka jigar day.
Maoon ko sikha saniy e Zahra ka saliqa
Behnoon ko Sakina ki dua’oon ka asar day.
Maula tujhay Zainab ki asiri ki qasam hai
Bay jurm asiroon ko rahai ki khabar day.
Jo chadar e Zainab ki azadar hain mola
Mehfooz rahein aisi khawateen kay parday.
Jo deen kay kam aayein woh aulad aata ker
Jo majlisay Shabir ki khatir ho woh ghar day.
Muflis pay zaro lal jawahir ki ho barish
Maqrooz ka har karz ada ghaib say ker day.
Gham koi na day humko siwa e gham e Shabir
Shabir ka gham bant raha hai to idhar dey.
Aie Rab e jahan panjtan e pak ka sadqa
Is kom ka daman gham e shabir say bhar day.

Another Brick in the Wall...... Street Photography By Nerjis Aif Shakir 2 Year Old

Little Girl Thank You For Shooting Me

said bappa morya
to nerjis with a smile
he watched her from
different pandals for
a while ..the humility
of a two year old
youngest street
says her google
profile ,,a twitter
handle a deactivated
facebook account
in self exile ..away
from pokes ..of
people puerile
most of them
with fake accounts
totally juvenile
texting unintelligent
garble from their
mobile ..some
are sane human
rest robotic

Picture shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 year old Canon EOS 60D