Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farewell Lalbagh Cha Raja

the greatest event
of mumbai
will come to an end
the king of kings
lalbagh cha raja
a few memorable days
in the hearts of his people
he spent
to his home in the seas
they will send
in a sea of vermilion
he will blend
ganpati bappa morya
purcha varshi laokar ya
hopes as blessings
with good intend
at nagpada junction
the muslims
will felicitate him
children women
young old
back bent
lalbagh cha raja
beyond caste
color or creed
everyone's friend
broken hearts
broken fences
he will mend
reaching out
a message of
a message of
mutual existence
he will extend
lalbagh cha raja
remover of obstacles
you can depend

shree ashtavinayaka
shree siddhi vinayaka
a tribute in all humility
a muslim barefeet blogger
has penned

Goodbye Friends Foes and Relatives

when i was alive
you made my life
my fate
i could not outlive
in a world full of hate
i was held captive
now i am free
heading home
a new life to relive
no i am in no mood
to forgive
my detractors
my worst enemies
only curses
nothing else to give
my last testimony
this poetic missive

I Complete 93000 Photo Blogs at Flickr

I am using two uploaders to get my stuff posted at Flickr..I have completed 93000 photo blogs ..I joined Flickr in June 2007.

Chehlum Majlis of Yusuf Bhaijaan - Yusuf Ajani

I was invited to the 40 Chehlum Majlis of late Yusuf Bhaijaan or Yusuf Ajani by his son my dear friend Raju Shresta also popular as Master Raju.

The Majlis was on 19 August the Shia Khoja Mosque Bandra Bazar Road.

The majlis was well attended and after the majlis was Niyaz - the most delicious Kichda that I have ever tasted.

The majlis was recited by Maulana Hussain Mehndi Hussain a very powerful orator and well versed Shia scholar...

I had to keep these pictures on hold and am posting them today ..

Yusuf Ajani was endearingly known as Yusuf Bhaijan was a very humble human being liked by everyone who met him, his kindness , his concern touched everybody,he was a a humble servant of Ahle Bayt..

He was always there serving people , he would be the last one to eat the Niyaz and here Niyaz was being served in his memory by his son Raju Shresta.

Yusuf Bhaijan liked me a lot, goes without saying, he always searched me out in the crowd, and would inquire about my sons and family.

And I loved shooting him , there was nobility in the lines of his wrinkled face a nobility that came from his unconditional love of Imam Hussain.

Nobility and humility were the two cornerstones of Yusuf Bhais life.

He was deeply hurt by the infighting among the Shia factions of Syeds and Khojas at the Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque..he felt betrayed and would speak to me about sorting things out and adding congeniality and amity in the House of God..

I feel these lines are important to the stature of Yusuf Bhaijaan..

Marziya my grand daughter loved him too much always running into his open arms , I know she will search for him, when she visits the Mosque next Moharam.

I pray to God for the deliverance of his Soul and may he have eternal rest..

My Hand

My Hand, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Good Old Mrs Darukhanawalla is Dead

I have shot Mrs Darukhanawalla several times but somehow the pictures got badly underexposed on film , this time I shot them on digital.
I have a very strong liking for the Parsis, one of the finest race, highly educated, well mannered and a stickler for cleanliness.
Parsi owned second hand items are almot like branded items, and trustworthy in their autheticity too.
I have a childhood friend Rayomand Framroze, whom I call Bawa.
Than their is Mr Dinyar Jamshedjee owner of Noble Paints and his two kids Ashdeen and Shorveer..
I had a lot of friends from Cusrow Baugh at Colaba Causeway..Cyrus was one of them.
Keith Kanga who passed away was a half Bawa too..
My other dependable friend Khada Parsi of Byculla .

On Pateti Day this year I came to know she had passed away , she was a very nice lady who sold sandal wood next to the Tata Agiary.,.

Pateti at Tata Agiary

This was taken on Parsi New Year Day , I had gone to the Tata Agiary to wish the head priest Mr Vazifdar a Happy Pateti but I was told he was in hospital, so I met this gentleman wished him and took a few shots outside the Agiary.

But I was saddened as Mrs Darukhanwala my friend who sold sandal wood next to the Agiary had passed away I offered condolence to her daughter Shahnaz and her family

She Is Beyond My Reach

a bloggers life
came to a halt
with a screech
some good things
on pain of death
she did teach
poisoning my soul
from the pulpit
of her emotions
she did preach
her citadel of virtuosity
and honor
i tried to breach
stuck to her
already married soul
like a leech
her silence
was golden
to my molten
today tempestuous
a tidal wave
she is beyond
my reach

Life Going Down The Drain

92,912 items / 562,810 views

at bandra bazar road
in a filthy back lane
a bloggers life
going down the drain
pedestrian verse of pain
only blood sweats tears
that keep showing up
again and again
karma bound to dharma
in a rusty chain
cutting open his scalp
to show a room
with a view
to a depressed brain
with every blow
rises a cry
ya hussain
ya hussain
on the day of ashura
see karbala
the window pane
need we explain
the soul
of a blood stain
shah ast hussain
in every grain

Barefeet in the Park

92,902 items / 562,792 views

ignorance is bliss
hit and miss
my birthmark
barefeet in the park
despair delusion depravity
all hooked in
as bookmarkl
bollywooods most wanted
a bleeding blog
beneath a trademark
going round and round
the mulberry bush
searching for a
spiritual land mark
where there is fire
there is a bright spark
pictures shot
on the soul of humanity
with a missing
its the toilet seat
of wisdom
that binds
a poor man
to the monarch
is when your
soul is sodomized
in the dark
a clever demon
who stepped
of the noahs ark
into a world
of nothingness

to rajiv ranjan bhatnagar..

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Feet

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I walk barefeet on the filthy streets of Bandra Bazar Road..