Monday, December 31, 2012

I Found Peace here at Fakhruddin Shah Babas Dargah Mahim..

this is woman used abused .. and robbed off her light forever

the dog has seen better days than man..

hunger is a manifestation of hope

the missing soul of a street goddess .. raped brutalized murdered to appease the soul of mankind

as a street photographer i shoot the waves of time as they hit the shores of humanity

will women ever be safe in indian society based on killing the girl child in the womb

oh fuck the old year let me get good sleep before they put crackers and light up my tail

The Chancawalli Rafaees at Makhdhoom Shah Baba Dhuni Mahim

I visited the Chancawalli rafaees today with my friend Sakib he shot the picture too, I was not dressed as a Malang as I had come from a meeting at Prabhadevi.

The rope is to keep people from entering the dhuni the holy fire..I had kept my cloth shoes outside and walked barefeet .. met all my old friends and later shot their pictures .

Once many years back I shot the Rafaees passionately and documented their rituals piercings but now I have no time and I did not come here on the first day of the Urus because of Moharam.

i know the fire is burning in your insides .. we are the charred living dead

My Great Grand Children Please Forgive Me I Am Dead But Leave You The Poetry of Life As My Wasted Heritage

Happy New Year To All My Friends .. May 2013 Bring You More Bullshit

We Killed The Sparrow The Vultures With Our Chemical Romance

garbage dumps
are graveyards
as we sink day
by day in our
values in our stand
we destroy humanity
leaving bleeding foetus
as imprints on the sands
we rape we mutilate
we brutalize what we
cant understand
we have evil minds
that cant be castrated
even if we cut of testicles
or raping hands
mother india
weeps as another
blow lands another
girl raped dented
painted ..and ...
rape is our national
sorrow our national
equity brand
our leaders safe
protected guarded
security well planned

this poem was inspired by a fellow poet from new orleans anthony posey

these are the children of the god of the streets .. you cant erase or delete

Now Fucked 2011 0r Fucked 2012 Cannot Be More Fucked Than 2013 ..

And I am talking about street dwellers ... only their homes get demolished year after year ..

life moves very fast ..happy new year from street dwellers ..

The Chakra of Life Has Gone Rusty

Before I Leave For Work I Pay My Tribute To The Lord Of Garbage

And my ass is covered by garbage dumps at both ends where I stay , this is the smaller temple , while going to town or the highway ..

The larger one the tourist attraction next to the Bandra Bazar is the Larger Temple , now Nerjis my 17 month old grand daughter is honing her photographic skills learning to shoot it , Marziya my 5 year old grand daughter is an expert .. she is the only child who has shot hijras since she was 2 year old.

And your children will learn those skills that you teach them I have taught them photography, to see the world through a peep hole , we are all born voyeurs so God created photographers , but photographers turned greedy conceited so from the rib of the photographer God created humility and the blogger I dont know what came first Man or Garbage or God..

Going To Film City .. And A Ricksha Drivers Tale

His name is Aleem he is a rickshawala and he I have taken him to few places with me as I know him, however when I cried out Film City all the Bandra ricksha guys wanted to go but I chose Aleem who was standing along with them at the Bandra Reclamation chai shop. he was the guy who had help me bring the new bird cage home with my grand kids from the pet shop at SV road Bandra.

When I sat in his ricksha he was sad , it turned out while he was sleep miscreants robbed him off his belongings , and also stole his mobile phone his license , and that of the other ricksha guys who sleep in their rickshas ..

I tried to get him out of his bad mood but told him he must lodge a complaint with the Bandra Police .. he had not done that as I was his first passenger of the morning and it was a lamba bhada.

As I was early I took him to Santosh Nagar , made him wait I climbed the hillock to meet my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj I made sure he was sent while I was at the Aashram..

After I had met my Guru I reached Whistling Woods , I was told I was to meet the director for a brief,, so I told Aleem he could leave , as I was not sure how much time it would take , but however when I finished my work Aleem was waiting for me , than we proceeded to Mr Shatrughan Sinhas house I had to deliver some stuff to his son Kush, and now headed to Bandra on reaching Gazdar Bandh I got a call to come back to Shatruji house some other work so I told Aleem to reverse and finally came home at 12noon

I had rested for a minute I got a call from Mr Prem Chopra so again I rushed out to meet him at Nibbhana at Nibhana I got a call from another client at Khar I finished that too and so I am my own boss .. I take orders from my self If a work suits me I take it or let it go. I should also be destined for that work..

So this was a lot of pictures shot before reaching Film City which has changed , I was going there after many years.

I paid Aleem over Rs 700 for the return trip,,,Rs 100 on top of his meter reading.

The Job of a Street Photographer Is To Steal Souls And Share Their Happiness Pain With Others

the naga babas - hope and hindutva a documentary by a beggar poet

the naga babas of juna akhada

my next upload at flickr is ling kriya of my naga guru shri vijay giri maharaj which only flickr members can see as i will have to moderate it ..not for public view

The Dam Madar Malang And The Naga Sadhu Two Parallel Lines of Faith

The Dam Madar Malang And The Naga Sadhu at Kali Temple