Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lucknow Water Woes

Ari Zardozi Work Old Lucknow

Ankhiyaan Barasen Koi Na Jaane Dil Ki Lagi Ko Dil Hi Jaane

Meri Ankhiyon Ke Noor Mere Dil Ke Suroor Chaahe Raho Dur-Dur Tumhen Paana Hai Zuroor

Teri Rahon Main Pade Hain Dil Tham Ke ..

Pakistan Is A Shia Persecuting State ...Promoting Sunni Radical Islam

My Father In Law Abbas Qassim Qazilbash Nakhas Lucknow

Madness Is Gods Gift To Humanity...

Madness Is Gods Gift To Humanity...

I Leave Mumbai To Shoot Urus of Sultan Shah Baba Vijapur Gujrat ..

I have just returned this morning shoot Sultan Shah Babas Urus at Vijapur Gujrat in Mehsana district , I was invited by Amin Malang Dam Madar, this Vijapur Takiya seat belongs to the Dewangan Malang order , and Amin Malang Baba who is the Gaddi Nashin has done a great job, he is building a huge mosque at Vijapur Gujrat.

Highly respected and held in high esteem is Amin Baba.

Sadly Masoom Baba And Rafiq bab could not make it to the Vijapur Urus , so I cut short my stay, took a bus to Unjha a rickshah to Unnava and shot the famoous Dargah Of Hazrat Syed Ali Meera Datar.. I shot this Dargah thanks to Khadim Syed Samad elder brother of Khadim Atik Miya.

I shall post all this after I complete my backlog of Lucknow pictures and trip..