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Monster Hog is not a Racist

Monster Hog is not a Racist
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Monster Hog is not a Racist
This is what he says goodness gracious
With malice to none and no grief
That he hates an Indian poet
Who did not crash votes nor poems thief
His only fault he exposed racism
At poem hunter forum
To their disbelief
They who complained
About him to the forum
Commander in chief
Is all I can tell you
Poetically as much in brief
Monster Hog he is friendly
With those who clobber Indian heads
A few awesome dick head denizens
Off the Barrier Reef
He supports an English Racist Poet
Who is concerned that this Indian poet
Should write in his own language
And turn a new leaf
Banning me was to get me out
Of the race an ace up
Their sleeve
Now at the poem hunter forum fief
They can finally take a sigh of relief
A dead Indian is more edible than
English or Australian beef

Memories and Dying Hope

Memories and Dying Hope
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the human flesh leprous
rotting putrid decaying
a tiny grain
gives shelter to the soul
shelterless pain
begging on the
shores of human sorrow
tear stains
nothing after death nothing
just memories and a dying hope remains

Betty Strangles

Betty Strangles
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Betsy Stangle (12/12/2007 7:33:00 PM) Post reply

And jim, besides calling someones [more than one truth be told] a whore, he wrote more than one poem here in public in new poem list that Andrew Wilkinson slept with his Mum as well as peoples wives.

Hope you're correct about being deleted BUT under the hateful poems 'Love Poetry Hate Racism' he is number 7 on the IP list, ahead of Trade, you, Jim, so many excellent poets and he's number 21 as himself Firoze Shakir.

Doesn't say much for readers here I guess and perhaps is the reason why many have stopped posting.
Just for him to wish that PH was a photo porno site was the real Fizore, the proof of his lack of character and respect for himself or any of us on here. I'm sure there are plenty of porno sites for those so inclined but to attempt to make this site such is enough to make t…

White Mans Justice in a White Man's Court

White Mans Justice in a White Man's Court
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Thanks for your support said an
English racist poet Ian Bowel
To other white racist poets
With whose support
Very radically this
Indian poet a pain
In their sides
To the poem hunter administration
Did report
Racism exists in Poetry land
With its own special USB Port
His poetic flight
Without ratings
Into the blue skies of poetic freedom
They did cut short
And finally
From Poem Hunter to ban
And deport
The justice system
Of white men
And the victim
A brown man
In the Poem hunter
White Mans
Kangaroo Court
In to the wilderness
Bare feet bare headed
Bleeding poetry
From his open forehead
They did escort
No one dare breach
The walls and foundations
Of a White Mans Poetry Fort
White man poem hunter
Shooting down colored poets
A killing sport
No one can ever rise
Against this racist coterie
Or their hateful agenda ever thwart
The hogs the swine the bovines
The Reynolds and their
White goddess of hate
As their co…


Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Emily T wrote:

You are banned from


I abide by your decision, but what hurts those that I exposed who have been harassing me with vile remarks, those who want to sleep with my wife and my daughter like mark andrew wilkinson carry on with their racial attacks, and one must not attack them I think you should be fair in you justice..
Any body can attack you , and as a colored poet you take it in your stride
I have never provoked or attacked any poet till somebody went after me like Mr. Allen James Saywell .And though at that I bought this to your notice you did nothing about it..
Thank You
It was great till it lasted
And also I realized nobody likes a brown skin reaching the skies.
Firoze Shakir.

In the end its a White Mans World
unfearful of storms and squall
you cant fight them
racism in poetry '
is worse than a street brawl
but on the souls of racists
and the all white poem hunter forum
a me…

A Scottish Horses Ass

A Scottish Horses Ass
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a racist scottish horses ass
bare without a kilt
balls made of brass
a mouth shaped
like a hog or a swine
eating shards of hate filled glass
a racist revival
that is a poetic time pass
better than you
is the humility
of a brazilian poet
called aldo krass
yes you can copulate
with an albino snake in the grass
lousy louisiana lass

Hubcap Shithead