Monday, March 5, 2012

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

r j peter pandemic says
the brad pit of Mumbai

dear randall
i am not brad pit

i am a beggar poet
street wisdom as wit
in my own life time
i am digging
my grave
in a snake pit
deleted doomed
the woman
i loved lost
called me
a dickhead
also a dim wit
she shot
me below
the belt
i got hit
on my grave
she has vowed
she will squat
she will spit
she hates me
this woman
child kid
for all i did
pretty damsel
from madrid
a warrior goddess
if the cap fits

the poor bhaiyya ekes a living in mumbai and she builds their future in statues

from hindustan times

on operation cover up
in lucknow

9 mayawati statues
156 elephant statues

in noida

2 mayawati staues
30 sone stautues
22 bronze statuues

in greater noida
2 mayawati statues

36 elephant statues

I Sold My Freedom For A Few Coins of Silver

i was going
through bad times
i sold all my silver
all my silver things
i sold my camera
stock lock and barrel
i shut my shop
i mortgaged my wings
i gave up my freedom
besides other things
a thought in a teardrop
a memory that clings
my fingers are lucky
they still wear my rings
holes in my ears
my chunky ear rings
a spear half jutting
out from my neck
oh death where
is thy sting
held captive
in a gilded cage
an old song
he sings
but not a
on a string

The Dhobi of Mumbai

of all the jobs
this one job
the marathi
wont choose
he will give any excuse
washing linen in public
is a politicians job
beaten battered bhaiyya
in the recent news
being indian
in india
hate spews
jai hind
jai maharashtra
unstoppable abuse

Because I Carry a Cross Too I Could Feel His Cross on my Shoulders

Appu My Friend

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Appu My Friend, a set on Flickr.

Firoze Shakir Kumbh Mela

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Firoze Shakir Kumbh Mela, a set on Flickr.