Thursday, July 23, 2009

Face To Face

the maker and the human race
for an eclipsed second face to face
within his bounty and his grace
his tenanted lodge they have
disfigured and displaced
a garden of evil
they have replaced
dreams they chased
war embraced
peace lying in the gutters
ancestry debased
man a ticking bomb
within the soul of mankind

to elisa da vinca a crusader of peace ..hope and humanity

In The Waters of the Mind

floating like jetsam
the fate of mankind
searching for a god
they will never find
god untranslated hope
man a unique creature
one of its kind
in the waters of the mind
his past following him
from behind

Zonal Zenitude

the soul
of the human specie
in front of the maker
totally nude
nothing to conceal
just humanity imbued
yet man versus man
an unending feud
the flesh was willing
the spirit screwed
hopes aspirations
in a cauldron of hate
peace gang raped
by war
dead bodies
unmarked graves
man is mans
greatest enemy
I humbly conclude
zonal zenitude
laid to rest
what say you dude?

to my dearest friend jeff and roland w luthi..both inspired this poem through their pictures..

A New Dawn

A New Dawn, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

a new hope a new dawn
is all we will leave behind
once we are gone
man born human
but a political pawn
a product of a tired race
totally outworn
in the womb of misfortune
only hate to spawn
the curse of his generation
his fate withdrawn

dedicated to yorrik.. the wizard of oz

The Angels Eye

This is a poem inspired by a friend , it was written as a most of my poems do..

the eye
hiding a lie
like you and me
representing an I
that is why
god chose tears
to make us cry
an eye that never runs dry
says this shia born blogger
from the city of mumbai
parting is sweet sorrow
when we say goodbye
born as an accident of destiny
a grave waiting for us
when we die
monsoonal melancholy
hitting my cheek
as it passes by
23 of July
cutting open our scalp
cutting open our backs
against the forces of evil
we defy
embers of fires kissing our soles
as we walk by
hussain is humanity
our peaceful cry

The Google Wave Poem


Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal. ~Ingrid Newkirk

Google Wave

the google wave
a master
searching for a slave
from twittering tweets
this world will save
bring the cyberman
into light
from the darkness of a cave
google wave a trance
almost a rave
a narrow shave
for the rich the poor and the brave
what google got
mindbogglingly gave
a life time opportunity
called google wave
the more you ask
the more you crave
on your parched
thirsty soul
to engrave
the beginning of a new era
the google wave
an internet messiah
he came he saw
man depraved
sins of omission and commission
he forgave