Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the samajwadi party has given an accidental impetus to goondaism in uttar pradesh..

bandra bazar always forgotten soon after the elections

Nowroze Mubarak From The Shakir Family of Bandra

My wife comes from an Iranian ancestry her forefathers were Qazilbash who settled in India on the plains of the Ganges they have their entire shajra.. birth records in order.. so we celebrated Nowroze with offerings of fruits and prayer yesterday at 10 am the actual Nowroze time instead of March 21.

And I shot this yesterday, Marziya will play color at home with her relative Muskan and new clothes fun and frivolity.

For us adults life goes on as usual..

In India If You Die Accidentally On The Road They Wont Even Bother To Give You a Second Look

we were
once human
very kind
considerate good
but now thanks
to modern life
we are corrupted
beyond redemption
time tearful on
the soul of fucked
humanity stood
we give gold
silver diamonds
to a dead god
dont blame us
if we are fucked

The Silhouette of the Hijra

His eyes tell you the story of his life his faith his pain his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality and the path he has chosen to tread with the blessings of his Guru.

He needs a divinty to encourage him in his faith he chose Haji Malang Baba.

He is a devoted Muslim namazi etc.. but he is a hijra.. victim of his cosmic fate.

Its his world I chose to showcase as a poet photographer and as a photo blogger.

My stories are my own they wont ever be published in newspapers or foreign magazines but than even TV18 In .Com steal my pictures you can easily download and distribute all over the net such is the fate of a blogger , I could understand if they bought me a camera and than took my pictures but than such is attitude of people in high places.

I have no other vice but yes I am passionate about blogging , it is my high and every day about 22000 people view my pictures at is my only notoriety to fame.

And I am indebted to Flickr it has given me a large viewership.. from Flickr I cross blog some of my post to Blogspot Twitter or my Hijras of India at Wordpress.

My Flickr set on the Hijras of India holds over 17000 images shot in a gap of about 4 years.

All the hijra pictures poems shot every year are housed in a collection at

And it is 4.45 am sleep comes and goes..

They Got This Child Through The Blessings of Haji Malang Baba

On Sundays I Become a Beggar Poet and a Dam Madar Malang

I move about barefeet like I did when I worked for myself now I have mortgaged my soul and my testicles .. only on weekdays I am a high end corporate fashion whore.. I spread my legs to fate that fucks and flips me over ..killing me softly with my own song.

I miss Thursdays going to Mahim Dargah sitting with the beggars sharing their food and understanding the fucke poetry of their miserable life... I know a beggar who is now a millionaire he has his own landed property and comes in white clothes to feed the same beggars he sat with.. such is my world of poetic illusions.

I know young kids who begged at Ajmer and are now hijra prostitutes .. and why blame the system that even makes politicians into crooks why envy a beggar becoming a millionaire.. but as Indians we are always envious of the others who make it big in life, we will complain about them file a fictitous PIL in court simply because God made him Sharukh Khan and so lets trouble him some more this is the Truth of the Indian Way of Life.. as I see it in my opinionated poets mind..

We breed our success on hate envy and distrust /

And honestly I hate life I would welcome Death gladly without batting an eyelid..

Though I will miss my grand kids is not the only reason to live I live because I am forced to live in a penitentiary do my time and than I shall Fuck Off from this planet of no returns ..

To Give Or Not To Give..Fuck I Wont Give

The Achievers Beggar Kids of Linking Road Bandra

Born To Beg.. And Achieve a Daily Target or Get Beaten or Burnt

Most of the earlier kids I shot were branded on their faces but mostly on the buttocks they told me and they had to bring in money or get severely punished ,sometimes beaten by drunk parents hands broken, and so the kids sought shelter with adult kids were used abused and if they got pregnant it wa a blessing in disguise as the new born child is a bonus more money than the bigger kids.. these are hardened kids they have lost all sense of touch or love .. some take to gambling stealing or move to other towns ..

The parents fuck, grumble and gamble fully drunk.. once this community stayed on a Mound near Rang Shards Hotel close to where I live in the open ground..

They make good money on holidays feast days and the best time is the Mount Mary fair selling flowers or begging in torn tattered clothes .. some kids are purposely made to beg nude as than people give them clothes to cover their shame , that again are sold off ..

And I am not an activist I shoot pictures that society hates too see .. and the only way they are kept at bay is charging them a fine of Rs 1200 , and they find ways to pay it and continue some of them during the Mount Mary fair make as much as 1000 a day.. a good amount by any standards.

These kids have watched the eunuchs hijras and now some of them , the women dress up as hijras and collect more loot.

Catching Up With Moving Cars For a Few Fucked Coins ..on the Soul of Her Innocence

From the day she was born she was baptized as a beggar and she cannot will not be allowed to escape her fate , a few days old and she is on the street held drugged on the waist of another child , she mans the traffic signal that I shoot from the ricksha as I move to work..

They work all days , they are searched for hidden coins and in their clothing there is no place to hide the is accounted for by their guardians parents or the beggar mafia that controls them.

It goes without saying I am hated by the adults in their beggar society and I shot these beggar kids many years backs at the Turner Road Traffic signal my shop was on 29 th Road off Waterfield Road than I moved away and after almost 5 years I am back on the same road as my karmic destiny..the kids have vanished moved to Linking Road , grown up now with their own kids doing the same duties cores they did ..

I shoot from the ricksha and the Canon EOS 7 D is heavy but takes excellent swift shots and this is my poetic pastime..both my grand daughter Marziya Shakr 4 year old intrepid street photographer and me are getting used to Canon as we used the Nikon D 8O for a very long time.

The Muslim Woman in No Mans Land.

walking on quicksand
in no mans land
his fotprints embedded
on sand a corner
of his world hands tied
mouth gagged
she stands
much before
she was born
an early marriage
her destiny planned
looming on her head
triple talaq , unquestionable
diktats her soul scanned
born fragile vulnerable
without a magic wand
the silhouette of the hijab
as pathos poetry i panned
her garb of modesty in other
lands criminalized considered
offensive exploitative
unconditionally banned
a pain as an imagery i expand

If Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Was Alive ..

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he would not allow
india to be carved
by a hateful knife
into regions
into states
the ethos
of our birthright

if dr balasaheb ambedkar was alive

he would not build parks his own statue
or burden the exchequer with elephants
that are an eyesore megalomaniac queens
mockery of the poor man no respite

if dr balasaheb ambedkar was alive

he would not divide his country as
rich or dalit or downtrodden but
only as true indians no hindus muslims
black or white would see that as indians
among ourselves for petty arguements
we dont fight a world full of
darkness we spread light..

if dr balasaheb ambedkar was alive

seeing the scams corruption political misery
the degradation of the constitution
he would be baffled sad a freedom struggle
in vain hope gone to seed.. understand
my poetic silent lips stitched tight

गुढीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

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मराठी अस्मिता, मराठी मान, मराठी परंपरेची मराठी शान,
सोन्याचा दिवस घेवून येईल तुमच्या जीवनात चैतन्याची खाण,
तुम्हा सर्वांना व सर्व नागरिकांना नववर्षाच्या व मराठी अस्मिता, मराठी मान, मराठी परंपरेची मराठी शान,
सोन्याचा दिवस घेवून येईल तुमच्या जीवनात चैतन्याची खाण,
तुम्हा सर्वांना व सर्व नागरिकांना नववर्षाच्या व गुढीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

the khada parsi lets out a cry..oh dont let his beloved city die

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neglect apathy
by the city
on the soul
of mumbai

Mourning for Imam Hussain Martyred Grandson of the Holy Prophet

Shot By Dr Glenn Losack MD Manhattan New York.. My Best Friend and Family

since ages
for our imam
our savior
our hope
our salvation
we weep
we cut
our heads
fathomless deep
doing tandav
on the soul
of shimr
we leap
with tears
from our eyes
a pledge
to a mother
from birth
to death
we keep
the land of
our freedom
comes alive
in our sleep