Monday, November 12, 2018

Being on Facebook does not pay

A regressive platform
the poetry of my heart says
for posting a picture of a madman
lying nude on the street no frontal
nudity no sexual implications no
perversion I a man who does not
post Porn was banned for 3 days
I contested the ban but they showed
me no grace I have decided to move
out of Facebook.. give up the chase
only Flickr and Twitter as my base
almost 10 years at Facebook..
as a photographer are street poet
a story teller my humility attacked
instead of praise..
dear Mr Marc Zuckerberg..
it was not like this always..
I followed Facebook terms
your rules of the book
I embraced.

But I have decided to retreat from FB
without any trace..

Good bye my Facebook friends fans

My Facebook page..
I finally stand erased
embalmed in oblivion
as I present my pain
my remorse my angst
unfortunate case

Thanking you all for
mentoring me guiding me
helping me I have no other
phrase.. soul made of iron
but humans feet made of clay.