Sunday, May 3, 2009

God Cut Off My Electric Supply

evergreen darkness
no light
thank you god
in a world
of crime and corruption
who needs sight
that you cut off
my electric supply
a candle in the wind
is alright
a human soul
in perpetual flight
floating in the sky
a threadless kite

On Her Blindness

these are real scenes
of pedestrian pain that will
never be shot by the press
these are common scenes
the indian newspapers
dont need to address
it is salman khan
sharukh khan
amir khan
caught in their
political newness
each one sitting
on a financial fence
dont think
they do free canvassing
for a political party
or for Times media
do you think
we are really dense
35% to40%voter turnout
now wait for the results
in suspense
an American
reincarnated photographer
sees this through the viewfinder
the pain and sorrow
weeping agony of a camera lens
washing the linen
of splattered pain
a stain that on the soul of humanity
will never cleanse
an image as socketless
as this poem
miltonesque morbidity
apologetic apprehensions
on her blindness

The Curse of the Flickr Comment Box

I have removed the comment box from my Shia sets, my Hijra sets , though I had kept my privacy option for comments for family and friends , yet this fragile wall gets breached time and again, by Flickr free members and Pro alike .

I am inundated with hate comments that border on extreme Shia hate , now if one reads my profile one will know that I shoot all religiosity, I dont promote or glorify Shiasm, but I do condemn Terrorism and Muslims killing Muslims.

On the other hand my Hijra images are visited by all kinds of Flickr voyeurs and there is nothing sensational in my Hijra pictures , no nudity , no porn , yet I my Hijra posts have become an ideal toilet set for urinating ones acidic thoughts or profaning my photostream with a diarrhea like defecation .. that was not within my control.
I cant go on blocking or deleting comments..I give up..
I type with a single finger of a permanently damaged right hand so posting 74600 blogs in 24 months has not been an easy task either.

I have finally decided to keep the comment option to myself till the Flickr degenerate matures ..and accepts the fact that rituals , traditions and ethnicity are as old as may not like it but wont disappear ..they are are there to stay through the pictures we shoot to show this to the world...without the perks or salary of a National Geographic Photographer .

We spend money to visit the places we shoot , we give it all free my case I dont sell pictures , and photography does not earn me any revenue...

I may not like a lot of porn one sees here at Flickr, but it does not attack me by its presence, I am mature enough to accept it as is where is basis, , as sexuality is a fact of life in the garbage bin of mans morality..

I dont pass lascivious comments on other peoples posts, I dont condemn thoughts on other peoples posts.. so I expect others to respect my views as a photographer though they may not adhere to those beliefs and customs.

I am a lone voice in the Flickerverse demanding the introduction of Comment Moderation, I have nothing against comments , I am against racism , racial profiling and hitting below the belt , constructive comments we all need to change and improve our bias, our viewpoint..but I am not going to change my religion or the color of my skin because you dont like it..

Earlier I confess I was defiant I hit back hard, but I sobered down in this Flickr community as it means a lot to me , Flickr is my second home among my contacts and friends .I dont want to alienate myself.. but because of a bigot I have to do away with the comment box at Flickr.And the somnolence and deafness of a robotic Flickr management.

I will not whine or cry at the Flickr Help Forum, I am a blogger and through the Blog I reach out to all of you..all over the cyberspace , and Cheru Jackson of Alpha Inventions carries my voice a thousand times over at the click of a mouse.

So my religious posts , my hijra posts the poems pertaining to that genre will be devoid of the comment box.

Hope you all understand.. I bleed but nothing personal..its my blood flowing through the consciousness of my thought..

"Make Voting Compulsory"-Shree Balasaheb Thackeray

photo courtesy

This mornings Times of India 3 May 2009 has a write up by senior journalist Ambrish Mishra , a very interesting one giving the sage view point of Shree Bala Saheb Thackeray..its a pity no one else ever thought of this ..
"Make Voting compulsory..."
An excerpt from the article..
"Not casting vote should be declared an offense .How can 35 %to 40% people determine the country's future?''

I wont copy further but these are strong words of wisdom, as the long weekend saw most of the Mumbai denizens doing the vanishing act..
The attitude of some Mumbaikars was really disheartening , I shot a pictures of the various political party counters at Bandra Bazar Road , and it was really dismal.
A person told me she would not vote as corrupt people came in either way, whether she voted or she did not vote..this was a young educated girl..

Reforms need to be bought in and Shree Balasaheb Thackeray has uttered the words of the common man , who suffers under the burden of a government that does not get a full mandate and politics of appeasement and convenience come to play.

Politics is about Money and Money changes hands votes en bloc are bought by politicians from touts and the mafia that has muscled in this lucrative trade ..and it happens under the nose of those who will lead us in Parliament.

If people can bet on which government is going to come to power you can imagine the rest of the scenario.. And I write this with a pain of being a Mumbaikar blogger and a pedestrian poet of photography.

26/11 was conveniently forgotten for the beaches of Alibagh , Murud Janjira..Goa and Ratnagiri.

Happy faced, tanned , the hordes who let us down , our country down will return on Monday morning ..cursing a sucked system that they have created through their apathy and lack of civil and social awareness.

God Bless You Balasaheb.. this from all of us concerned Mumbaikars..