Friday, October 19, 2012

Barberism Is My Tribute To Barbers At

Meri Thokar Main Hai Sara Zamana

Sir I Am The Present ..My Future Is In My Beggars Bowl

Sorry ..

children of a lesser god .. the larger god has aligned forces with corrupt leaders of our nation

I Die a Million Deaths For Every Frame I Shoot ..

I Die a Million Deaths For Every Frame I Shoot .. by firoze shakir photographerno1

half eaten 
thrown on the street 
not a forbidden fruit 
lost childhood 
lost illusions 
cruel time 
will loot 
her silence 
wont refute 
her anguish 
her cries 
aye waqt 
aa gala 
ake ghut 

zindagi madarchod kamini zindagi ki ma ki chut

Humne Apne Kal Ko Bhikari Bana Diya ..Jo Kuch Bhi Tha Hath Main Sab Kuch Gawa Diya

Hindustani Mithai.. Aman Ki Parchaie .. Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai

The Barber Waiting For a Girhak on Pitru Paksh

I had shot 740 images and these are the last ones about 125 , on the Flickr old uploader I dont use the new uploader ..guess I am not used to sudden changes ,,,

I have always been fascinated by barbers perhaps because of the scissors that run in my family my Dad Mohomed Shakir known as Shakir Master was a gents suit trouser cutter, my dad would not cut shirts kurta pajamas .

He cut safaris as that is what the Dons hoodlums of Nagpada wore , my dad made clothes for all the top dons in the 60s Karim Lala , Basu Bhai, Hashu Bhai., Khaliq Bhai, Maxie , Rashid Bawazir now a Bawa ,,,and so many of them that visited our house at Khatau Bhuvan now Jony Castle at Wodehouse Road.. till we shifted to 3 Mohini Mansions Strand Cinema.

I began shooting barbers recently and shot the religious tonsure at Haji Malang of a couple from Andhra , I know that barber and subsequent visits never got to shoot religious tonsure there.

Than I shot my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakirs akika , her head being shaved 5 day after her birth..

Even small cities I visit I search for the local barber ,,most of the barbers come from Uttar Pradesh and the barbers in Latur I met were predominantly Maharashtrians ..

At Banganga on Pitru Paksh if you really come early at 4 am you can see hordes of barbers doing religious tonsure I reached late 7 am so most of them had left and once I returned from shooting the Banganga tank there were just a few clusters and this is my last lot before I headed home. on my injured leg that later I found had a hairline fracture .. a very minor one .

I have taken almost 5 days to upload these pictures .. and I will shoot the Bengali Durga Puja from Sunday onwards ..

the journey of life is always incomplete

You Just Could Not Take His Happiness Away From Him..

Some People I Know Hate Beggars More Than Politicians

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time

And She Looked Deep Into My Guilty Eyes .. She Knew I Was A Father Of A Girl Child

She Is A Very Young Mother ,,,Need I Say More .. You Wont See My Pictures In Newspapers

He Told Me .. You Are A Malang . I Nodded And Moved Away

Shooting Beggars Is Not Fine Art Photography It Is Not Even Photo Journalism

She Is 10 Year Old And Wont Be Going To Any Wedding ..She Might Be Married Next Time I Come To Shoot Here

I Shoot Beggars ..So You Know There Is Something In Life More Sinister Than Bollywood Weddings

Naye daur mein likhenge milkar nayi kahaani Hum hindustani, hum hindustani

Aaj puraani zanjeeron ko tod chuke hain
Kya dekhe us manzil ko jo chhod chuke hain
Chaand ke dar pe jaa pahuncha hai aaj zamaana
Naye jagat se hum bhi naata jod chuke hain
Naya khoon hai, nayi umangein, ab hai nayi jawaani
Hum hindustani

God Forgive Me For Shooting Your Lost Tribe On Earth ..Beggars Till Death Do Them Apart Beggars Since Birth

700 Pictures and the story is still incomplete ...

In The Early Days Of Blogging Media Treated Bloggers as Suicidal, Failed Writers And Fucked Photographers ..

My Last Batch of Pitru Paksh Pictures ,,,2012

This Ends One Part of My Pitru Paksha Banganga Series

Going Home After Pitru Paksh..

I have my first snacks of the day.. I share it with a North Indian In The Train

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2012