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This Is Bandra Reclamation In The Rains

The only feeling of sadness I had is for the abandoned toilet , highly symbolic as this long stretch from Lal Mitti till the end of Bandra Reclamation has no toilets , no ladies toilets  , all the migrants , mostly rickshawalas use the open mound near Rang Sharda to defecate , the smell here is so bad that in the rains it is a heady concoction,,

I have sent pictures via Twitter to our local representatives but it hardly matters and I am a photographer and not a social activist at all.

I Go To Lilavati Hospital Endocrinology Dept ,, To Meet Dr Shashank R Joshi

I had taken an appointment at Lilavati Hospital to get my self checked up for my diabetes and my high blood sugar ,,so this morning I paid Rs 1500 for the check up.. there was a huge rush , patients waiting for Dr Shashank R Joshi.. The nurse took my medical history , my blood sugar reports latest and the older ones since 2014 including the details and scans of my gall bladder stones ..

I met Dr Shashank Joshi gave him details of my case history my rigorous walking of about 6 km every day...

My blood sugar on 30 May 2015
Fasting was 232
Post Prandial  was 352

My Glyscosylated hemoglobin was 10.6

MPG Mean Plasma Glucose ,,257 MG /DL.

Last evening I took my blood sugar again  18 June 2015

Fasting 186
Post prandial  281 ,

My glyscosylated hemoglobin was 10.6
MPG Mean Plasma Glucose ,,257 MG /DL.

My last diabetes Dr SD Jain had prescribed ,,Glyree  2 .
Morning One Tablet before breakfast and one after breakfast

Janumet 500 mg ,, One before Dinner and one After Dinner I took for two month…

The East Indians Of Bandra

We smile when we meet on the road , that is our remarkable attitude of living in peace .. She knows I am a Muslim who shoots people on the streets and I know she is a humble East Indian , the original inhabitants of Bandra ,, the beauty charm of Bandra came from their heritage and the rich legacy of their forefathers .

They owned large tracts of lands in Bandra , fields fishing villages called Gaothan , but then came this crooked conniving  politician builder nexus that usurped their legacy duping these simple folks and sadly allegedly even their own Christian lawyers , pushed them to the brink by conniving wit this evil nexus , the gaothan peace hope harmony their beautiful ambiance bought in the migrants, migrants with blinkers  that wanted to make the gaothan into a ghetto, and you can see this glaring disparity today at Bandra Bazar Road Chimbai Chium and in some sections of Pali Village .

Than came the repair permission scams where old East Indian ladies were conned with sweet f…

The East Indians of Bandra Bazar Road

Ever since I came to Bandra about 30 years back from Strand Colaba I have been influenced by the East Indians to a large extent , after the 93 riots when we had to leave our own home at Khar Danda , we took shelter at several places thanks to friends , we stayed on rent at Pali Village and than at Veronica Street with Agnes Pereira , she took good care of us , including her sons Basil Bosco Brian ..even as Muslims we never felt different , we shared meals sorrow happiness and than good things come to an end Agnes got a new tenant actor Preity Zinta who took our room and we got our own place again among East Indians at 21 De Monte Street .. so I blog about the East Indians of Bandra and have some great friends ,too this is my tribute to them in humility and gratitude ..

East Indians or East Indian Catholics are a Marathi-speaking, Roman Catholic ethnic group, based in and around the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in the state of Maharashtra [2]. These people are of the original Mara…

God Save Mumbai From The BMC

BMC Has destroyed the Soul of Mumbai,, they have no balls to demolish rich powerful peoples illegal extensions or illegal buildings but yes they go after the poor in the rains demolishing huts shanties stalls ,, the municipality should have been privatized many years back , bur for the politicians this the only duck that lays golden eggs for those who hold it in their grip for 20 years .. what do you expect ,, will they let it go .. never ,, first it was us wading in waters going to school, than they made our children wade to school now it is the turn of our grankids and the union leaders backed by their political godfathers push us against the wall time and again , because they know we cant do anything .. we are far too impotent to re act , we have lost our balls we have lost our voice we have lost the drive so they drive all over us

They demolish our heritage our crosses ...