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Nerjis Shoots ,,,Misplaced Womanhood

her days are bad
once perhaps
they may have
been good
for food
the only
on this


International Womans Day 2015 Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 3 Year Old

This was shot by Nerjis late in the afternoon and this beggar lady was lying alone outside a closed shop.. and will her life ever change ,people will give her a few coins move on.. what is her story we will never know ..and while a 3 year old girl shoots her as her contribution to the nameless woman on International Womans Day.

Womens International Day At Mumbai Cages Peela House

Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko, mardo ne use bajar diya
 Jab jee chaha masla kuchla, jab jee chaaha dutkar diya
 Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko.....

 Tultee hai kahee dinaro me, bikatee hai kahee bajaaro me
 Nangee nachvaayee jaatee hai, aiyyasho ke darbaaro me
 Yeh woh beijjat chij hai jo, bant jaatee hai ijjatdaaro me
 Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko.....

 Mardo ke liye har julm raavan, aurat ke liye rona bhee khata
 Mardo ke liye laakho seje, aurat ke liye bas ek chita
 Mardo ke liye har aish kaa hak, aurat ke liye jina bhee saja
 Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko.....

 Jin hotho ne inako pyaar kiya, unn hotho kaa vyopaar kiya
 Jis kokh me inaka jism dhala, uss kokh kaa karobaar kiya
 Jis tan se uge kopal ban kar, uss tan ko jalilo khar kiya
 Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko.....

 Mardo ne banayee jo rasme, unako hak kaa farmaan kaha
 Aurat ke jinda jalane ko, kurbaanee aur balidaan kaha
 Kismat ke badle rotee dee, aur usako bhee ehsaan kaha
 Aurat ne janam diya mardo ko.....

 Sansaar kee har ik …

The Muslim Man Is Grim While Reading The News

it is only muslim crimes
muslim rapists molesters
that paid media loves
to accuse much before
the accused is proven
guilty he is judged
by the media press
painted black also
abused ..beef ban
to appease the hindu
votebanks laws badly
misused will the muslim
man ever get justice from
the blindfolded lady ..
who watches them
amused ..and another
one and another one
near the clock tower
hangs by the noose
motormouths footloose

The Marathi Manoos At The MET Cricket Grounds

I began walking since 10 Feb 2015  and I have seriously adhered to my routine I missed two days as I was part of a Bollywood shoot of my favorite actor Mr Danny Denzongpa.

I have changed my routine earlier I walked to the end of Bandra Reclamation I have discontinued this part of my road walk instead I walk at the MET Grounds take about 20 to 25 rounds each round is about 280 mtrs.

Than I walk to the next door Gen Arun Vaidya Childrens park do some free hand exercises I call it our local gym..I have made a few friends here and lean some new exercise or other .
Today after almost a month I saw the face of the security guard, I was totally surprised as this park is the haunt of drunkards and drug addicts and sadly our local representatives have not yet visited this park to see it going to seed ..this park could be revitalized and made intoone of the best parks of Bandra ,The will of the people of this BJP Shivsena vote bank is missing.. and they hardly care ..

The outer space of this c…