Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hardcore Street Photography of Pain

The Ultimate Art of Cheek Piercing With a 18 Feet Rod

The Blank Slate Of The Mind

That gives birth
to my poetry
combustible chaotic
setting words free
blackness beyond
only a few minds
can see some
locks open
a key

Piercing Hooks on the Back

Piercing Hooks on the Back

The Color That Identifies My Pain

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i say it silently
or softly
it reverberates
on my spiritual
as hussain
on my soul
my heart
my brain

the color that identifies my pain

The Hooks of Faith

With the hooks pierced in his back this devotee will pull a tempo, he also has 18 feet rod in his cheeks pieced from one cheek to the other.

Shooting the Darkness of the Human Soul

searching for a diamond
hidden in coal
for photography's sake
is not my goal i shoot a part
you see it whole i shoot
the streets of pain
populated by
convicted souls
two parallel lines
two different poles
a thirst seeking
a watering hole
each one playing
another mans role

The Hook Is Attached To The Back

Piercing Hooks on the Back

The Rod Goes Through Both The Cheeks

A Child Pierces His Cheeks

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Before the rod enters the cheek it is very important the head be held firmly by another person one wrong move the entire jaw will be torn apart.

For his part the child holds the guy who is holding his head .

First the ah marks are put on both cheeks by Raja the piercer , I have seen kids faint , but they come around and carry the rod in the mouth till the final destination of the Maryamma temple.

A kid that I liked and shot for two years Sairam had not come for this event and he is one person who wont miss this event for his life.

And most of the guys who pierce their cheeks are not Tamils but Maharashtrian lads from Macchimar Colony Mahim.

Raj piercer charges for inserting the rod and for removing it too also there is a rental charge for the rod.

A Child Pierces His Cheeks

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This guy was very chirpy in the morning but as the time draws near for having the rod entering his cheek, his face his body language becomes totally serious a bit afraid too.

He is watching Raja piercer mark his cheeks , as the rod has to align well or it will be lopsided and the child will lose his balance , the child carries the inserted rod for several hours , at about midnight the rods are removed from the mouth at the Mahim Maryamma Temple Macchimar colony.

I have never waited that long as I am a diabetic and I dont eat anything while shooting this event , I am on my feet I removed my top as the Mumbai heat is blistering and scorches the soul and the body.

This is one ritual I cant give up shooting , and as pain is the core of my study through photography .

Pain and overcoming pain.