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Man born as a Cry

Man born as a Cry
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 when he is born
his new world
drowned in a cry
as he grows
his tears will dry
his life a see saw
sometimes low
sometimes high
his freckled fate
he will defy
marry have children
relearn to cry
every moment
hidden in the folds of a sigh
when his last time comes
he will say goodbye
time to leave time to die
those around the grave
black clothes
widows weed
all unlearning to cry
this is one path
they too will cross
before they pass by
a wind a whisper
that wont say why
you came you lived
you saw you died
shy bashful your body
hidden in the folds of the earth
with you
you take your
vanity and your pride
humility as your tombstone
by your new bedsite

We Shias are a Crazy Lot !

We Shias are a Crazy Lot !
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 we cut our selves
we scourge ourselves
to remind
the Islamic World
what they forgot
yes blood
on the sands of Karbala
where a battle for truth was fought
the Holy Prophets blood stream
dismembered bodies that dot
decapitated heads on spears
that was not their lot
all part of a conspiracy
a yazidi plot
impotency eunuched silence
on Islamic history a black spot
may the enemies the killers of Hussain
in the fires of hell yell and rot
lanat on all of them
in a gunshot
ya hussain
ya hussain
forgive them not

Oh ! God ! Death is better than Despair

Oh ! God ! Death is better than Despair
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 a family wife mother and child
nowhere to go ..
no work no dreams
just despair
living life as an eyesore
death to has shut her door
man and a deaf mute god at the core
get it over with once and for
all i swore
no adonai i can take it no more
after my death my wife
will walk the streets become a whore
my son begging at someone elses door
my mother motherless furthermore
my life a restless sea and no seashore
i am drenched with despair
in this downpour

This man had lost everything in the floods I was told at has hometown, he was a daily labourer, all was lost with just an ounce of faith left he had come to the Holy Shrines
to ask for somemore...god who was locked within a trembling door.

The Braveheart Lady of Rajkot

The Braveheart Lady of Rajkot
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 photo article courtesy Times of India

Rajkot woman stages semi-nude protest against dowry demand
5 Jul 2007, 0219 hrs IST,TNN
RAJKOT: Conservative Rajkot went into convulsions on Wednesday when alleged mental and physical abuse by her husband's family drove a 22-year-old woman to strip to her underwear and walk through the city in protest.

Pooja Chauhan said she had taken to this unique protest after being constantly harassed for not bringing dowry and bearing a girl-child.

The effect was immediate. The police arrested her husband Pratapsinh Chauhan, parents-in-law and neighbours Veji Bharwad and Vinu Dalit on Wednesday, after she threatened to scale up her protest and march nude to the police commissioner's office if she did not get justice.

"The arrests were made on the basis of Pooja Chauhan's complaint. We are also planning to take action against Pooja for indecent behaviour in a publi…

The New Muslim Women in Islam

The New Muslim Women in Islam
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 photo courtesy AFP

earlier they were
mothers sisters
our women of Islam
today they are warriors
soldiers misplaced martyrs of Islam
mujhaidas strong winds
rising out of a calm
led by a ghazi
truth love of humanity
tortured murdered and enbalmed
gun toting defenders of misguided faith
women in hijab all heavily armed
their leader a eunuched soul
also in high heels rotund belly
hiding his religiosity in a burkha
was caught unalarmed
anti islam
using children as shield
these new defenders of Islam
safe passage rs 5000 bakshish
to let the children go unharmed
muslims love killimg muslims
sectarian silence sectarian violence in Islam

Profile: Islamabad's Red Mosque
By Syed Shoaib Hasan
BBC News
The controversial Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) that is the focus of a bloody confrontation between Pakistani security forces and radical clerics and students is located near the centre of the capital, Islamabad.

A r…

The Story of Man!

The Story of Man!
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 If there was a god
he would not do this to man
if god was human and man was man
man born of woman and of man
man enslaved to coins and to man
life a wheel barrow carrying the corpse of man
would it have been better if he was culled this man
when he was born defective demeaning man
begging for a living from man to man
not born an animal cannibal man
highly explosive inflammable man
a hijda a eunuch transgendered man
a coward a fighter a dream defying man
a nightmare that does not get over
the unending story of inhuman man

I had a severe pain in the chest Iclosed shop with great difficulty, came home took a disprin slept awhile , just had few morsels completed this poem...