Sunday, October 7, 2012

The GPO Fort Ganpati Pandal.. shot by Bharat Jadhav

The GPO Fort Ganpati Pandal.. shot by Bharat Jadhav

I Shoot Marriammen Feast In Mumbai Every Year ...

The Maryamma Temple Chennai

He Read My Future ...And Said She Wont Return

she who had
flown the coop
a beggar poet
burning feet
inwardly burnt
a lesson learnt
stalking a prey
out on a hunt
a thoughtless
stunt ..deleted
on the run

Sometimes The Church Lets You In Without Your Legs

Trade Martin Remembers Howling Dervesh John Dixon

Firoze...., I'm very saddened over Howlin's loss. We had a lot of great times & laughs on PoemHunter. Please send his family my condolences.
Keep in touch.

Warmest regards, trade.

Trade Martin
I have lots of these silly poems Firoze...., about our buddy.

“HOWLIN' ENTERS...........,


Dateline, PoemHunter….! ! !
(Breaking wind news)

After an enormous amount of terrorist threats….,
From various chocolate religious sects…..,
Along with candy statues of British pirates,
The Iranian leader, Bill Clinton, Kim Jung Il,
Al Sharpton, seven Kentucky Fried Chickens,
Aldo Kraas, Trade Martin, & Howlin’ Dervish,
Who was spotted actually licking the sexy, nude, pant suit image,
Of Her Holiness, Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Jackie Mason made an immediate executive decision,
To place Howlin’ Dervish in the Poemhunter Protection Program.
Then after discarding a liquorish Rosie O’donnell,
Mason stated, “All of the above SCHMUCKS*** should be thrown….,
Into this stupid program anyway…, to shut them the hell up….! ! !

(***New book by Jackie)

….Trade Martin, 2007.

Politics Destroyed The Uncommon Soul Of The Common Man

The Day I Missed My Tryst with Lalbagh Chya Raja ..

Ek Gadi Manzil Na Rasta ..Ek Bhuli Hui Dastan

David Hazell ..At John Dixons Grave Aka Howling Dervesh

hazell david
9:53 PM (11 minutes ago)

to me
John's funeral was on Wednesday and I read the following version of Mary Elizabeth Frye's poem 'do not stand at my grave and weep.I am sure that our mischevious fun loving friend would have favoured this parody.

You can dance on my grave and cheer,
Dance away, I’ll still be here.
I’ll be the swimmer against the stream
Doing things, of which some only dream.
I’ll be the heckler in the crowd,
My booming voice will ring out loud.
Where things run smooth and complacency lurks,
I’ll be a spanner in the works.
I’ll let no misery hold sway.
I’ll blaze a rainbow, when skies are grey.
And I will be there when you turn off the light
To send you laughing, into the night.

Also, here is a poem which reflects discussions John and I had about your own work.

Firoze Shakir, is a healer of souls.
Capturing light in a style that enthrals.
Blazes of colour, gleaming and grand
Reflecting the majesty of his land.
Beauty and horror mingle as brothers
As claret and gold entwine like lovers.
He seizes the sadness in a smile.
He beautifies, what others revile.
Images that amaze the sight,
Dragging despair into glorious delight.
His heart is his lens, it shines as a Sun.
The gifted photographer,
Number One!

PS I tried to post this on your blog and flickerpage.
Many blessings