Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The One Bedroom Hall Kitchen Toilet on the Street In Mumbai

The Bhangarwala Bhaiyas of Mumbai Will Go To UP To Buy Statues in Scrap

The Bhangarwala Bhaiyas of Mumbai Will Go To UP to Buy White Elephants In Scrap

Roses Waiting For The Newly Elected Thorns For Those Hastily Rejected

The Marathi Man Will His Future Change After Election.. The New Corporator Will Become a Crorepati Anyway

Grand Pa Come Home Soon

My grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir drops me to the door when I leave for work, telling me to take care come back soon...we both are Malangs in our family..

The Beggr Poet at NaraCamicie

the beggar poet
took a detour
the beggar bowl
weeps in the sewer
for a change
i thought
i will shoot
the rich mans
world million light
years away from
the poor a camera
in hand a memorable
tour to be or not to be
i am not sure ..
sometimes prevention
is more harmful
than cure

shot by joseph

I Complete My 225115 Blog At

The Beggr Poet at NaraCamicie



2nd Floor, Palladium, Next to The Collective, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

City: Mumbai
Phone: 24942600
Description: Open Mon-Sun from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. Caters to both, men and women. Credit Cards accepted. Trial Room available. Parking not an issue.

Love is Saying it With Roses

The Man With The Midas Touch...

Man Can Live Without Fashion But Not Without Style

A Word in the Hand is Better Than Few In The Bush

NaraCamicie We Have Designs On You

NaraCamicie At Palladium

NaraCamicie At Palladium

NaraCamicie At Palladium

NaraCamicie At Palladium

NaraCamicie At Palladium

NaraCamicie At Palladium

Europe’s most beloved brand NARACAMICIE is now at Palladium, High Street Phoenix!

Work wear or Black Tie, beautiful Shirts or Blouses touted in European fashion - this brand has a lot to offer! NARACAMICIE at Palladium offers a wide variety of exclusively designed blouses and shirts that exude style and luxury.

NARACAMICIE is synonymous of unmistakable Italian style, promising high end quality, luxury and long wear, all at an affordable style! NARACAMICIE creates for men and women genuine collections incorporating each season’s new items, a range of fabric, patterns and designs all of them in accordance to fashion but without schemes that classify too much.

Come, give your wardrobe an Italian touch! Explore NARACAMICIE only at Palladium!

I have copied the text from a Facebook page of NaraCamicie but being part of the group that is promoting Nara Camicie I thought of saying it with pictures , this is a trendy store , fabulous ambiance congenial friendly staff, and value for money.. this is a store that is worthy of a visit down memory lane ..

I was accompanied by Brand Manager Joseph Jacob..and thought of sharing the beauty of this sartorial quest online with all of you..

This is my new set at
Viva NaraCamicie..

A Fashion folio by the beggar poet of Mumbai.