Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Poets Vision Incomplete

as she sat silently
on her seat
i could hear
her palpitating
heart beat
the movement
of the bus
the trinkets
on her feet
her soul
a thought
of a poets vision
on the crossroads
of life
on another bus
we did meet
i shot
her innocence
cute and sweet
her beauty
a spectral light
her fate line
my mound
of Venus
my love seat
of passion
placed at
her dainty feet
what we want
we dont get
however hard
we try or cheat
soggy moist
of love
stolen moments
we cant delete
from surat
to mumbai
a kindred spirit
to a back seat
on my body
i could feel
her body heat
the mind of man
his struggling
coupled with her
his wingless soul
his bedroom suite

The Girl in the Rajashani Veil

The Con men at Surat Bus Depot

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Once the bus reached Surat Bus Depot , the night mare begins , there is no connecting to Mumbai from the dept the buses leave at 8 pm and I had reached Surat at 2 pm.

Enter the Bhaiyya migrant touts who con fleece the devotees left right and center , they are ricksha drivers who will take you a distance of 12 km they say and put you in a Mumbai for rs 400 you have to give them 150 for the ricksha ride.

I was lucky the guy did not charged me for the ricksha ride but would take Rs 350 to put me in a a car sharing.

I agreed but on reaching the highway and waiting for about an hour there was no car he charged me Rs 250 and put me on a bus to Thana.

The bus belonged to a private company , they pay the driver 100 and pocket the Rs 150 as net profit.

And I met guys in the new bus who were badly conned a couple they had paid Rs 1500.. to reach Mumbai but they had an emergency and were not complaining.

This is the corruption level in Surat by these touts towards the devotees of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. on entering the bus depot at Surat..for buses arriving from Ajmer .

Ajmer To Surat By Bus ...

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My last uploads of my Ajmer trip and return to Mumbai by bus via Surat .

131 Files bring this chapter to a close finally.

My 135011 Photo Blog at Flickr

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement love and support.

Thank you Dr Glenn Losack MD for the two year Pro membership , without you this task would have not seen the light of day.

This post is dedicated to you cousin.

Two Friends

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one is called hope
the other harmony
on natures sweet carpet
both are free
walking together
from here to eternity
of the same
human family
sharing love warmth
peace under
the shade
of a banyan tree

to my good friend fred miller
keeping pune alive in the soul of a virtual blog

Temple of Hope

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To Sukhi Hontu
who sees my pictures
with her feet placed
in my shoes
she is there
i am here
we fuse
a path
of peace
we both

My Ajmer Journey Comes To An End

After I reached Peersaabs house from Taragadh, I had to leave to catch my bus from a highway on Ajmer .

I said goodbye to all of them..Peesrsaab had bought my ticket for the return journey home by bus , the first time I was traveling by bus to Mumbai from Ajmer via Surat.

I was barefeet throughout my stay at Ajmer and Taragadh.

But now that I was walking towards the Bus Station I decided to wear my slippers and continued shooting humanity as my salute to the Holy City of Ajmer.

Javed the loyal Murid of Peersaab carried my bag on his shoulders.

From the main road I took a rickshah to the highway at Ajmer to catch the bus heading to Surat.

Luckily I had a sleeper seat in the bus and I shot a lot of stuff thus killing time and my boredom.

At Surat I was taken 12 km again to another highway to catch another bus to Vasai.. and local train from Vasai to Bandra.

End of Ajmer trip 2010

June 21 2010.

I had shot about 4193 photos and my return journey pictures I have placed in another set at Flickr shot from the bus at Ajmer and Surat till I reached Mumbai.

In the arms of Marziya my grand daughter.

She Thinks I Am From Outer Space

She Thinks I Am From Outer Space

I Meet Hijras Wherever I Go

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some treat me as friend
some treat me as foe
shooting the hijra angst
i smoothly flow
hijras are humanity
perhaps you dont know
neither man nor woman
human although
pouted demeanor
red hot lipstick
raised eyebrow
swinging their ass
from head to toe
tumescent trumpets
they love to blow
making love
to eternity
as they flow
hijra happiness
hijra woe
through my
their androgynous world
in a glass bottle
of emotion
i faithfully show
you ask for less
i give you more
the hijra dancer
the hijra bawa
the hijra beggar
the hijra whore
a roofless world
without any doors

Once They Were Loving Called 3 Idiots

Producer Director and The Actor ...Kind Courtesy the Audience

The Reptilian Beggar at Ajmer

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prostrating form
of man caught
in a vicious snare
snake like movements
scaly skin
the reptilian
beggar of ajmer
kissing mother earth
his agony
with her
he shares
at shoes
he stares
a barefeet
his pain
as he gulps
for air
on the emulsion
of a poem
on the soul
of a cameras
bald headed blogger
where angels
fear to dare
on flickr facebook
his privations
his trials

The Hazards of Adding a Contact at Flickr

I had a friend request at Flickr I checked his pictures totally tame about a dozen, simple things, I was about to add him , when all of a sudden I checked his favorites, and his favorite had almost all the porn you could ask for , blow jobs , fucking, and he was member of all the porn groups on Flickr.

Call me outdated , conservative but I will not add such a contact at all, this is what I mean by one sided contact , they add you without your permission and they add your pictures as favorites so my pictures become a part of the already fucked pictures they have collected from other fucked porn loving members.

This is my dilemma and unending grouse with Flickr Management, per se.

And why must I police for Flickr report abuse or flag their pictures , thy like porn fine but I dont want it shoved up my deep throat.

I am not interest in genitalia micro shots that make mountain of a molehill and a water pistol into a canon.

I am not ready to be food for their fodder.

So I have to block these weirdos in order to remove myself from their contact list and blocking removes my pictures they have favorited from their list.

So I fail to understand Flickr goes for page upgrade , which is good and neat and nice but issues that heckle members should be taken into consideration.

I follow Flickr Facebook twitter rues and guidelines , I have perhaps one of the largest photo streams with about 1000000 views in three years , my suggestion should be considered even if I am a lone voice so what.

I entertain people with my pictures , my pictures are street education of human life customs rituals religiosity.I give all I have free and thanks to Dr Glenn Losack MD you see all my stuff at Flickr as he is my benefactor who bought me a two yea Pro account here at Flickr.

I introduced him to Flickr.

If I did not have a Pro account here at Flickr given to me gratis I would be posting all my stuff at Blogspot.

I dont much care for Word Press now too confusing and without the simplicity that it started with a few years back.

Flickr is my all time favorite..and one day if Yahoo buys Facebook than I would not need to upload my pictures to Facebook.. at all..and if Facebook buys off Flickr than I will give up Photography altogether.

And Fred Miller and Randy Der are both chuckling away..

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