Friday, October 9, 2015

Nazma 3 Year Old Muslim Beggar Bandra

Does she know me ..I have been shooting her pictures since  she was a tiny baby in her mothers lap, begging on the lane at Bandra Bazar close to where I stay ,, and she has grown into a young lady she has survived the vagaries of life as a street beggar.

Perhaps this is the only thing she knows , stretch her tiny hands and beg.. will she go to school , will she be able to play with a doll ,will she draw paint or learn ABC Ba Ba Black Sheep  I doubt very much..not even Alif Bey Pe Te

These are the children of the Lost tribe of Allah ,, Muslim beggars born in the wilderness of remorse and despair.. I was with my wife when I shot both mother and daughter , I asked my wife to give them money and told the lady we will give her some children s clothes  later.

I feel sorry for these beggar souls in search of elusive hope , some succor , some love not just a few coins given to them in oxymoron haste ,, rushing towards the mosque ,,

The hypocrisy among Muslims is highly sanctimonious ,, they give coins and expect a mansion in paradise ,, at least a one room kitchen with attached bath.. it amazes me and this morning I met a bunch of Madrsa kids in a park.. damaging the gym equipment and I wondered what Hafiz ji was really teaching them..I  asked the few Madrsa kids what would they like to be in the future they looked at me clueless ,, they thought I was more stupid than Hafizji who was teaching them Arabic..

I am blessed my parents though poor did not send me to a Madrsa ,,,and I am blessed that my parents were not myopic and finally made me what I am they made me feel pain humanly and poetically too ,

And I am blessed that my parent did not keep brainwashing me that I was only a Muslim .. they made sure I was a Hindu Christian Parsi Buddhist too along with my friends from those communities ,,and it was friends that shared their faith beliefs with me and made me what I am...not just a Muslim but a humanbeing too..

Ali Sha Bhai ,, Farewell ,,,

This Moharam ..
a void on the streets of Mumbai
in our hearts you will dwell you kept
the covenant of Hussain alive when
you scourged you were possessed of
a titanic strength ..a magical spell
Hussain Hussain you shouted you
yelled ..breaking open a 1400 year
old pain lying buried in a shell,.
blood sweat tears the fragrance of
rose water the ambiance the smell
through the poetry of my pictures there
is so much i could tell ..i wish you well
now among the martyrs you go to dwell
against the yazids you revolted rebelled
children who saw you when they become
grandparents your story to their children
they will tell.. lanatul yazid may he rot in hell

RIP Alisha Bhai The Streets of JJ Will Never Be The Same This Moharam Or Other Moharams To Come ,, You Will Be Terribly Missed

I Am A Hardcore Fan Of Ali Shah Greatest Matamdar of Mumbai...

Ali Shah is famous all over the Shia world for his Zanjir matam ..everyone in the Shia community wants to emulate his expression of bleeding Faith...his piety his devotion his love for Ahle Bayt.

In my entire life I am 62 years old and the man who instilled in me the feelings of love piety dedication of Imam Hussain is Ali Shah Bhai .. he was the only Shia in Mumbai whose love was pure , pristine and with no restrictions .
And there are Shia kids he has inspired with his humility ,and he inspired me too I wish more Shias in Mumbai were like him but the few I met were no less than bully's racists and with no respect for a persons age or seniority ..they take Hussains name on one side and abuse people of their community on the other side and sadly for them their Moharam lasts till Moharam my case Moharam will perhaps end the day I die and my body given to Medicine .. I do not wish to be buried in a Shia cemetery I want to give my body parts to those who I shot the blind the cripple and the diseased and I certainly dont want 72 vestal virgins here or in the hereafter .

Ali Shah Bhai I have not met for many years now I stopped taking part or shooting Moharam in Mumbai .completely as there is rabid lot that think they are custodians of Shiasm and representatives of Imam Hussain on earth and want to call the shots ,, I have seen a lot

So the only thing I really miss about Mumbai Moharam is Ali Shah Bhai and Jalal Mamu.. I remember I could not get a ticket to go to Chehlum in Hyderabad ..I had to stay back in Mumbai ,, I went up to my terrace using my dagger I began cutting my head ,..this was my Chehlum.,,, alone me and my inner self ..
I try to find out about Ali Shah Sabs health .. he has been the finest role model to all of us ..and seeing him doing Zanjir matam at Hussain Tekri I too took a Kashmiri mans dagger and cut myself..and wherever I go out of Mumbai everyone asks me about this great matamdar Ali Shah Bhai..once he begins scourging himself even 30 people cannot stop him..

Yes today we need more Ali Shahs .. than the so called Shias who are Shias only in name and terrorizing people that cannot and will not be like them..
This is my humble tribute to Ali Shah Bhai..may he live long and may he always prosper and be a role model for every Shia ..

I remember when my Danish friend Kim saw Ali Shah bhai scourging he was filled with tears ,,, and asked me do such people exist..
Moharam for us is protest against the killers of Imam Hussain .. and the progeny of Yazid is much alive call them what you want the ISIS is the product of a Yazidi seminal seed we protest we bleed ..peace hope humanity is what we need ..luckily we are not part of yazids breed ,,the butcher of karbala lust and greed even in death all diseased.

Kaise Kahoon Main Tujh ko Naya Saal Mubarak.. Zainab (sa) Mana Rahi hai Chehlum Hussain (as) Ka

I am a diabetic ..earlier I was on insulin but I cut myself twice a year in memory of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain grandson of the Holy Prophet son of Imam Ali and Princess Fatima the Prophets only daughter ..Moharam is a 1400 year old protest against the oppressors and terrorists in Islam and there are many past and present ,, this is our red badge of revolt ,,we are in mourning we wear black clothes for two month 8 days ,, all forms of entertainment are avoided completely among Shias ,.. this entire period can be summed up as Ghame Hussain